Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Vacation

We used the second link hoping that we could avoid the jam but it turned out that both links were jammed! It was a two kilometer traffic suicide! We waited for hours. There were so many Singaporean cars at the petrol station and I got the impression that I was still in Singapore. It's like the causeway, petrol station and the public toilet, mostly filled with Singaporeans! Thank God I brought my entertainment gadgets like a book, newspapers, and music to survive the traffic jam. I'm not sure if I'm being a bookworm or what but, I like to read these days. I slept only for four hours the night before, played with computer and felt excited about the trip.

I was sleeping on the journey and I woke up after hearing that we're stopping by for a toilet break. I took off my blindfold and saw that it was raining outside and I was so happy! After the break, my dad drove and I looked out and saw mother nature at its best. It was flooding almost at the low land. To me, the flood is so bad that it reaches to the neck of the trees! Don't they have a drainage system or something? What a trip! The jam, the people, and mother nature.

It was so frustrating to drive through the expressway, with traffic jam not once but several times. Congestion in the highway and guess what caused the jam? Road repairs and some patching caused thousands of cars stranded in the highway and the way they work was ultimately ridiculous. I thought it was a vehicle accident, so bad that it caused a mega-congestion. They're trying to fix a hyper long distance up to three kilometer of road at one go - at day time? I'd say it's totally ridiculous. This didn't happen once. After certain distance then there will be the same problem from the same cause. We paid the toll and we get road congestions as a freebie? Thanks for nothing.

I slept almost throughout the entire journey until we reached our destination because I was so tired. We arrived at Vistana Hotel at 6.30pm. I loved the Christmas decoration. The check-in took ages! My cousin came to me and told me that the receptionist is a Singaporean and when I came near to him, he spoke to us as though we're that dumb.

We went to Masjid India's street where they sell fabrics and souvenirs Honestly, it's kinda boring at Masjid India's street because there's not much of teenage stuffs and you can't bargain much.

I looked forward to the next day because the plan was to shop in several malls and go to Putrajaya and I thought I could take some photographs there. After rounding Masjid India's street, we went for late dinner. The fish, prawns, rice, and spicy meat soup and seafood tom yam. Gosh, now it's making me hungry again! After which we headed back to the hotel and my dad thought he could take a shortcut, so, we entered a small street between two buildings. It was pitch dark and in the car, I looked out and saw loads of rubbish and it's like a dumping ground already.

I'm not surprised why there were no drag queens or prostitutes around. The car drove over a huge pile of trash and it's disgusting. There was a dead end. So we need to make a u-turn and my dad did it but my uncle Khairi couldn't because there was no space for him to do so. Therefore, he had to reverse all the way back to the main road. There's only one lane and a few cars parked there that made it worse. So, another hell of wriggling to the pile of trash and roaming rats and half a dozen of dogs barking terrifying us. Thank God they are behind the fence. We safely reached the hotel thankfully! After which, 'Bam!' I'm on my bed for the next day.

Oh, I love the Petronas twin towers. It is so beautiful at night.

My mum woke me up and then we checked out. It was so cold that I used a shower cap to shower and people thought I didn't take my shower! I washed my hair the night before if that makes you feel better! Then we went to Sogo shopping mall and we ate at Secret Recipe and the food is so delicious! I ate pan-grilled dory with lobster sauce and cheesecake and juice. After which we rounded the mall and I went to the men's department and there were loads of nice clothes and the sales were terrific! Some offered discounts up to 70% and they were of some good brands. Not too branded and not too lousy. Most of my items bought were from Diesel. Mostly were cheap after converting it back to our currency. After shopping, nature called me so I went to the public toilet and guess what? In one of the cubicles, I heard two people moaning in one cubicles. No joke.

We checked in Concorde Hotel later then and asked for a spare bed and we got a free complimentary breakfast and I think it's better than Vistana Hotel with a little crappy service. We went out again for dinner and the lobby has turned into a Christmas 'carnival'. There's Christmas carol, and some balloons free for grabs. Not to forget it's beautiful Christmas tree and lightings. After dinner, we went to Petaling Street for a while to see what's there. We spent so much time in Sogo and since my parents saw their long-lost friend and chatted for a while, we had little time for Petaling street.

The next day shopping trip was boring. We went Berjaya Time Square but it was tad too big. They have so many sales! Ranging from 20-70%. It is so irresistible that I ccouldn't make up my mind on what to buy! In the end, I bought only one t-shirt and we didn't even go to Sungei Wang and Bukit Bintang and Midvalley as we spent a lot of time in Alamanda Mall, at Putrajaya.

It has been a long time that I've visit Kuala Lumpur and I thought, they have changed a little. Not much haze, and now, I can see police cars patroling the roads and streets. But what stays the same, is the bumpy roads! It's like shaking me up in the car like a milkshake!

The next day is the day when we went home and time flies so fast. It's like "Eh? We're in Johor Bahru already?" We planned to go bowling and watch movie in Johor but it turned out that my brother and my cousin got sick, we went straight home. Goodbye Malaysia, and hello Singapore.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Deck The Hall and Counting Down

My relatives and I went to VivoCity catch a movie. We went out at 3pm and when we reached there, the queue for the tickets were freaking long. So long that you can't see the "Now Showing" plasma screen at the counter. So, one of us have had to wait in the queue while I went to the front and check out what's available. We ended up watching "Deck The Hall" which is at 7.05pm. Once we bought our tickets, we went out of the mall to have some fresh air outside facing the sea. It's a sunny day. So sunny that I had to frown and the scorching heat is burning my enough-tanned skin! I think I will get darker next year. I think I must start bringing whitening lotion when going out.

We're so hungry and we went to Long John Silver and someone wants Long John Gold! That's lame. There were no seats there - we had to wait.

Great for those who wants to have an eyewash, VivoCity is the place to be. I'm proud to be a Singaporean. VivoCity, upcoming Casino, and the Esplanade. I'm not gonna gamble but I'll be attending events there! I'm almost full and it's time to be in the theater. So, I bought Nachos Combo and I can't finish it so it end up in the hands of these two sisters. They finished up my nachos! I miss the cheese. Whooo!

Deck The Hall was good. It's about two neighbours. Each of them have two kids. The husbands, quarelled about something which I'm not going to tell, but the reasons were lame. One wants their house to be seen from space while the other is sick of his idea of making his house seen from space. But the wives were the friendly people who try to make their husbands cool down. What I learnt? I learnt to laugh because it's funny, funny and funny. So, it end at about 9pm and then we took some night photographs. Most of my pictures there were blur by night! It always happens. After that we went home since we got nothing to do there. Feel like doing some shopping but I have not enough cash with me and the mall is too big. I really enjoyed this day!

On a random note, I'm sick of Friendster and MySpace already. Not that I'm sick of their services or whatever stuff they offered but I'm too tired to update them. I'm too tired to update my profile, my pictures. It's very distracting! I think my blog is the perfect place to communicate and catch up with each other. Testimonials, comments and pictures equivalently boring. I feel like deactivating them but I don't want to because that's a good place to make my announcements like parties and stuffs. People whom you don't know add you and you add them. It's getting pretty dull and lifeless. So, I think, while others says that they are now into MySpace and no longer Friendster, I shall say that, I'm not really into Friendster and MySpace anymore but I'm more into my blog. So, my updates can be found here. I won't quit them and I don't think I will for now but, I'll stop recieving invitations from unknown people. I've yet to delete them from my account but nevermind, they're too many of them.

I'm buying my books tomorrow and now I don't need stickers to label my book but I have name stamp. So I just stamp them onto my new books and previous books. It's better anyway. Today is the last week I'm going out with my friends because after which I'll be busy updating new year stuffs. I mean I want to go far this time and please don't get me wrong. It's my 'O' Levels next year and I think I have the right to do what I want, to do well in it. Everybody wants to do well am I right? I must start thinking positive. I can be really kiasu you see and next year I'll be having two tuition classes to attend. One would be lessons with my private tutor and the other is a group tuition. Ask me if I'll be stressed out? Well, I don't think so because I've done it when I was Primary Six and I know some of you have more tuition classes than me! Except that I'll get too tired till I have no time for my baby, which is my computer, blog and MSN! What I really hope now is that I have an open mind to absorb everything taught and get A1 for my MT 'O' level which I took in November. Or else, I'll to be dead. Sound's complicated but simple.

Okay this entry is getting too long but these are the thoughts that's going on in my mind! At this point of time, I really think a lot. About my future and stuffs. Weird as it may sound but I am really into my future life. I want to get what I want. I want a life where I could spend my money on my parents and people and some good friends. I want to go far and I know I'll miss my school days.

About my blog, I'll not change my URL again, unless there's a URL that's as simple as zulfadli.blgospot.com. I tried to get it as my blog URL but to no avail. When I tried to visit the blog using that URL, the blog could not be found! But heck, "muhdzulfadli" sounds nice already. You asked me why I use my name as my URL? Not everybody uses their name as their blog URL. People think it's too formal but heck, I want it this way because you people remember my name, not complicated URL(s)! You call me using my name so you call my blog using my name too! It make sense. So if we lost contact, you know my name and you know where to go.

I even thought of changing my e-mail address but when to think about it, I've been too much. And changing my e-mail address would be a troublesome thing to do! I need to change it in other different accounts I'm in like Friendster, Blogger, and MySpace. Face, it. It's simple to remember my e-mail address. I love to sing and I sounded like a professional. Yeah right

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Fugro Family Day - Sentosa Island

My brother woke me up early at 7am in the morning and I was still in no mood for the family day, organized by the Fugro Company, which my mum works with. I took my shower and put on my clothes while waiting for my dad to reach home to fetch us.

Once my father got home, he took his shower and we headed to Sentosa Island. On the way there I slept, and listen to music. I think I am in my deep sleep that I didn't know what am I listening to and I have no energy to change songs or whatever. When I woke up I realize that I'm in Sentosa already and with my sleepy face, I got off the car and took some goodie bags and played some games at the games stall. Not really fun for me but I enjoy watching people play.

By then, it was 9am so I walked around, not knowing where to go and when I came back, I saw many people coming in to the tents. So, I was like "WOW!", there's about 200 people coming to the family day. There's some Telematch games and I'm involved with the team Ang Moh United. Majority of the members were Duthces. And my accent suddenly changed unknowingly and it was so hard to change it back to my local accent. It was really fun. I didn't play all the games because some of it requires you to take off your clothes and wet yourself. I happen not to bring any spare shirt! We won most of the games! So happens my mum bought the prize. Heh!

There was a stage game whereby kids get up to the stage and dance and once the music stops, they must freeze and the host for that day, distracted them by asking "Hey, what's your name?" And one of them replied "Ally." and she lost because she replied while the rule was that you need to stay freeze and not to be distracted! Most of the contestant were disqualified till the last four contestant. All of them won. And the host said " Ok! Here's your prize." They froze. "Really! Four of you won now. Everybody, give them a round of applause! Here's the prize! Take!" They froze. He meant it but they just didn't want to move! It was so funny! It took some time for them to un-freeze. Until one of the girl gave up, everybody gave up.

The food there were not bad. They got Indian food, Chinese fried noodle and some Western food. I like the chicken and the fish. They were really delicious!

After the family day event, we went home and I had my nap then went out again to have dinner at Breeks with my relatives. My uncle treated us, which is kind of him. May God bless him.The fish and chips was to die for!

After that, we went to the mall and bought my printer cartridge. I haven't bought it for such a long time because I didn't have time to go and buy and no way I'm gonna use my money! Shall use my dad's money for it. I bought a mobile pouch in replacement of the lost one. How can I lose it in Ikea? I'm still wondering. I was holding on to the pouch while taking some photographs and then I lose it the minute later.

Went to Changi beach near the Changi Airport because there's a barbecue there that we are suppose to attend and met my peeps there and we took photographs! As usual! And when I alighted from the car, I looked at the moon, it's not full neither half but more than half, and it was amazing. First, it is so bright! And secondly, you could see a hyper-gigantic ring around the moon

On a random note, I hate mixing my laundries with others. The clothes and underwear and pants would be mixed up and theirs would be mine and mine would be theirs. That's why I do my own laundry and it's always done during the weekends. I hate mix-ups. Now, I have a hard time searching for my long lost clothes and pants, and some underwear.

Really a good day today.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Mr. Bean - Life's Simple Pleasures

I was so tired last night. I'll tell you why. Yesterday wass my first day of my first ever part-time work with the Mr. Bean - food and beverage company. We were early and took took several rounds of the Light Rapid Transit (LRT) ride.

I'm not there to sell the food but instead, we toured shopping malls, asking people to vote Mr. Bean as the Singapore's Promising Brand Award. Once they have voted viaSMS, they will get a bag worth $8.80, and stand a chance to win lucky draw prizes worth $5,000.

Yesterday was a good one. We managed to empty the box of bags. Most of the voters wanted the blue bag. Once the bags were finished, we gave out coupons to subsequent voters worth $1.90. No big incidents happened except that before it really started I got a bad feeling about that, after sometime, it's gone.

Some of them are so-not-tech-savvy. Surprisingly, some of them don't even know how to SMS! So I felt really great teaching people on how to use the phone and some of their mobile were set in a native language that I don't understand so I had a hard time figuring out the whereabouts of the mobile. Some are English illiterate so, I has to pass them on to my colleague. Since then, my friend realized how important English is in this multi-racial society.

It feels like the mascot keeps on staring at us throughout the journey? The position of the mascot really made me feel watched and I felt awkward.

Anyway, if you wish to vote Mr. Bean as the Singapore's Most Promising Brand Award SMS: SPBA17NRICFULL NAME and send to 77877.

I ended work at about 6pm and we took train from Sembawang to Yishun. Then we took bus 39 and my Dad called me to meet him at Tampines Mall's Pizza Hut. Dear friend told me the bus stops at Tampines Interchange and I believed that. So I continued the bus ride until the junction near Ngee Ann Secondary School, it didn't turn but went straight! I panicked! So I alighted and called her and then I called my parents. I probably won't take 39 in the next few years. Heh!

My parents fetched me in front of the Tampines Community Club and the bought pizza so I ate greedily because I was so hungry. I finished everything! Then we went straight to my Dad's friend's house followed by Uncle Mazlan's house. We had a family meeting down there and I was sure I fell asleep because I sat right in front of the fan. I fell asleep and I woke up about 3am? I was darn tired and my mobile battery was running low! Should have brought my charger so that I can watch Mean Girls.

I started work at 5pm today till 9pm. This time there's no mascot and everything else so it's on our own now. I miss those times! It was sure darn fun and an unforgettable experience!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Higher Malay Eid Visiting 2006

Don't even bother talking to me. You make me feel like your spare tyre. Used only when you are in boredom while the time before you had fun and after which you came to me and tell me that you are bored. Obviously, next time onwards, you will not be entertained. You don't bother anyway. 

Today I went out visiting with my Higher Malay friends. We have a few weeks left before Eid ends. So, grab this chance to collect as much as possible. I was late this afternoon. I entered the toilet to take my shower at 1.45pm and came out from the toilet about an hour later. Thanks to their patience and oh God, one of us arrives at 2pm. That early? Heh.

We started late in the afternoon and we went to each and every one of our houses. It was really fun and joyful. Despite the fatigue, we really had fun. I am sorry if I hit you too much A! So here's the highlight.

Taxi drivers, can they make up their mind whether three or four passengers are allowed at the rear sit because I am so confused. Or at least, make up your mind if you want to take in passengers or not. This was what happened this evening.

After visiting Amirah's house in Tampines, we planned to go to my house. So we thought we should hire a taxi to save time.  All these while, the taxis we took accept four passengers in the rear sit. Somehow the last cab we wanted to take didn't allow that to happen. I was so puzzled. One had sat in front and there were three of us at the back and because there were eight of us, so, I tried hailing another one and they are like thinking who's going in. So I thought maybe we could squeeze another one while waiting. Just a thought. I asked the driver, "Can we fit in one more person at the rear seat?"

So I assumed he knows what I am talking about and then he said "What one more? No more can go in." and my other friend being puzzled said "Eh? All these while they allow four people to sit at the back and why not now?" and I said "Nevermind, we can just go ahead with just the three of us at the back" Suddenly the cab driver said "Eh, go take another taxi la!" I was like "It's okay, you can just drive now." and his next reply really pulled my last nerve.

"Eh. Go take another taxi lah. I want to go home. Go, go away!"  I was the last person who went out of the taxi and I slammed the door and waited for his reaction. He wind down his window and scolded some vulgarity and me being me, I ain't keeping quiet. He showed me his middle finger. And I shall not go on after this. He drove away. But I was satisfied because I spat out the last word before he drove off.

My  mum cooked for us but everyone was full then but they can't escape from eating! They're forced to eat or else they can't go home. Heh, kidding! It was the second last house anyway so, might as well have your supper at my house and have your breakfast at the last house. We really spent the wee hours of the new day at the last house. For what it's worth, it was a memorable Eid outing!

Thursday, November 2, 2006

Reunion Party 2006

Our party did not go as well as planned but still, we had fun. Once we reached the chalet, we went in and the girls slacked around while some others decorated the stage for our performance which is the day's surprise and prepared drinks for the guests. We had our last full dress practice and then guests started flocking in but they had to wait outside for a moment because we got a little problem inside that was yet to be settled. Thank you everyone for waiting outside patiently. But, those circumstances we faced won't happen if everyone were to work fast and ready for show. Sometimes, I don't understand why do we like to do last minute work even after being rushed.

The show started at about three. During our performance, we can't avoid doing mistakes and we can't afford to show people that we made those mistakes and of course, being professional, we did not go around laughing on our make shift stage for the wrong moves we made. I think it was a wonderful performance even though with the half-dead microphone and my scratchy voice. After the performance, the meals and snacks were out. Supposedly, we got some indoor games to play but seeing that some of them were out cycling and the others went to the arcade there and the others were busily chatting, it was cancelled and we moved on to the BBQ right away.

Here comes the drama. I can't believe At and Wani confessed that they don't know how to start the BBQ fire while the day before they said they could. How disappointing ladies! It was so funny when one of them said "Oh, I don't know how to start the fire. In guides, I we just learn how to march." Fair enough. At this age, we don't really learn in depth on the skills we picked up in to co-curricular activities.

Gratefully, finally one out of the many girls volunteered to start the fire. God bless her. Some of us are pretty much useless and disappointing. That night could have been better if I have gotten help from the girls, rather than having them sitting in the room for I-don't-know-what-reason. I understand most who came were my friends, but I would really appreciate greatly if I got help from my co-hosts, and not being calculative whose are whose. After all, we are hosting this - together. Some of you would probably think that I am self-centered but don't you need help when your hands are tad too full of the things that you need to do? Say, refilling the cocktail, topping up of ice, refueling the fire, maintaining cleanliness simultaneously and ensuring there's sufficient food?

Here was the original plan. After the performance, there should be a snack time. So we only provide some fries and chicken pop-corn and the meals are to be kept in the kitchen until after the games - which was cancelled on the day itself.  There was supposed to be a best-dressed award (because we love to see people dressed nicely to our party) but the award was supposed to be given at night during the dance. Then on at night, we were suppose to have a movie marathon but it ended up differently.

After the performance, we gave out the best-dressed present and after that, the meals, snack and drinks were out and the BBQ started. Got to admit the music played was pretty lame because, I'm pretty much outdated when it comes to the latest music chart. Bored with the songs, someone switched on the radio and listen to Perfect10. Soon after, they switched on the television and watched movies. I got to let it happen because the rest (co-hosts) were missing in action. It was really unnerving when one of the co-host came back and asked why did I let them (the guests) watch the television.

I must say, this year's party is better than last year's. There are several lessons I learnt from this event: Buy extra food for the next party because this year's party, we ran out of food and in the end, thanks to my mother who was the saving grace to our shortage of food, she bought KFC. I am not going to feel sorry for what happened but it was really a great experience.

Thanks those who contributed like my Higher Malay friends who called me to ask what help could they offer and what things should they buy. Thanks to the people who helped out with the BBQ, the ones who started the fire and the ones who kept the fire on. Thanks to those who helped out refilling the drinks and food, thanks to some of our parents who came and offered help. Thanks to those who brought stuffs initiatively, and thanks to everyone who came be it early or late, you people made it! I owe you people! Of course, thanks to the girls and Hafiz, you guys helped too! I appreciate it!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mother Tongue 'O' Level - 1132

Believe it or not my Mother Tongue 'O' Level paper was not that hard as I thought it would be and I hope I am not over confident for this paper. I checked the paper twice. Surprisingly, I had many ideas for Malay composition. I tried to avoid writing about romance which is so common in Malay essays but I ended up writing one. Just can't avoid it. I should read more next time so I that can avoid romance. It's a cliche but you have a lot of good vocabularies and phrases to put in it. Any I had too many ideas that I'm still not satisfied with what I've written. I have more to write! My essay story goes like this: It was about friendship and how is it important to the character once his so called girlfriend was having an affair with another guy. His business was not doing well because of his girlfriend, and one of the character met with an accident. However, I got so much to write, and I had no time but to cut short my story with some dialogue. No matter, I think I wrote a good essay. Then came the second paper. Was it there to insult my intelligence or sense of caution? They seemed to be so easy yet so difficult. I won't be surprised if I made a lot of careless mistake. Whatever it is, I know I did my best.

After the exam, I went to meet my cousin (Az) to compare answers and then I went to Tampines with other peeps to buy our party stuffs. We spent about $72? We exceed by $12. Clearly we were over budget. Shall implement better strategy next time. We have not bought any marshmallows and otak-otak. It is one of my favorites hence a must at our party. Those who are bringing marshmallows, please find the halal one. After those hectic shopping, we stopped over my house and unpacked some stuffs before heading to school.

I got back my report book. Don't ask details unless you're part of the Slumberians. Shall have a good laugh at my results and yes, I got what I deserve. I was reading the remarks and I don't think anyone in this world would get this type of remarks at this age.
"Zulfadli always models good behavior and conduct. As a class chairperson, he helps to rally the class together in class activities. He always exhibits sensitivity and maturity towards racial and religious issues while mixing with peers."
Where did them come from? Heh! But it sounds good. At least it can spruce up my report card a little bit. Shall let my parents attention focused onto the remarks instead of the results

I had a good chat with my Higher Malay friends in my blog chatroom just now. We were talking about outings, the paper we took and finally, I got to see the teacher entering my chatroom! If I were to drop Higher Malay, I bet you people will miss me so bad for all the jokes and mischief. Trust me.Just hope everyone got A1 for this paper!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

First Hypnotherapy

Argh... Butterflies in my stomach. I was looking through the calendar to see what's today's date and it is 28th October and the 'O' Level is on the edge of time. Anyway, today's outing was fun as usual. The gassy drinks, crackers and cookies. But the most fun part was when the bling comes in.

First house we visited was my uncle's house. We gathered there before the outing really started. My uncle who came back from Indonesia for Eid, tried to hypnotize me but somehow for lack of my concentration I just can't be hypnotized but my cousin really got hypnotised. My uncle is a hypnotherapist by the way. So proud to have a hypnotherapist in our family.

So here goes. My uncle offered me some help so that I could be more confident and motivated. So, I thought, why not? This would be fun or at least productive. He asked me, what do I want to achieve at the end of the therapy? So I said I wanted to be more motivated and confident because as a student who will be sitting for his 'O' Levels soon, the last thing he wants is a low morale. We went into my cousins room. My mum, cousins and my aunt came in to witness the hypnotherapy. I don't really mind but I think that's the reason I lost my concentration - with everyone looking at me. He started when I was ready.

"Stare into this ring... Close your eyes... Now imagine..." When the imaginary part came about, it's like nothing is working. So, when I woke up from the therapy, they asked me what's my mother's name and do I feel pain when being poked. So, I told the truth. I said my mother's name and I do feel a little pain when being poked. Clearly, it's not working on me because I was very, very concious. Here's what happened to my cousin.
My cousin went to try it. My uncle hypnotherapied him. And surprisingly, he came out of the room hypnotized. My uncle asked my cousin "That's your dad, what's his name?" and my cousin replied "Michael Jackson". And everybody laughed. "What colour is he wearing?" "Brown" he said while my uncle is in fact wearing yellow! So, the next test goes like this while he was sub-conscious "Now, forget number six." And when he counted one to ten, he was stuck at five. Somehow a shiver went down my spine. And when my uncle tried to return him back to the "real-world", he got a little problem but in the end he succeed. It is not as easy as I thought. I'll probably meet my uncle again soon to try that again. I'd love to see something positive coming out from hypnotherapy. I have a video of my cousin being hypnotized. So, wait for the next entry, I'll put up the video.

That's the highlight for today. I need to prepare for my exam. So, I cannot write a long entry today until the party ends. But, it will still be updated though.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I'm still in my Hari Raya mood. There's no haze and thank God for bringing down rain today! Today I went outing again. Yesterday was fun because I got a few shots and money! Get paid for visiting? Heh! Anyway, today was fun because my cousins came to my house. I think I'm starting a new habit: stop vulgarities. Haaha! It has been one month I've not been using vulgarities but it's good to stop it anyway.

Today is Wednesday, and today is the Fun, Fit and Fabulous day. And bravo me, I didn't even wake up in the morning. I think I was too tired by the outing last night. I slept around 2am? I set the alarm clock at 7.30am so that I could get ready for the fair. However, I'm still deep in my sleep and I don't even remember my phone or alarm clock ringing. I only remember my mother came into my room at 12.30pm waking me up. "Fadli! Wake up! Your uncle is coming later at 1.30pm..." Then I was like "Oh my god! I missed school!"

A few more days before the examination. Oh yes, I received a message and a call saying that I got Higher Malay lesson today and thank you people for informing me thirty minutes before the class really started. I didn't go. If they would have told me earlier, I would have told my parents that I'm going for the class or something. And thanks to that someone for reminding me that on Thursday, there's lesson and it is the last lesson! It was suppose to be a "must-go" lesson. That reminder does not only remind me that there's Higher Malay lesson but it also reminds me that the school is yet to close! I thought it's holiday already!

I learnt what I am losing. I learnt what I've not gained. I realized that I've been arrogant and heartless because I feel that some would step on me if I am too humble or too nice and I thought it was a good being mean. There's good being wicked. There's good being heartless because if you are not, I don't think I would survive in certain situation. But, being associated with these negative connotations, there are like pros and cons. You may lose someone, or you may lose your money. You may even lose your dignity if you make the wrong step! So, I think there's a degree of goodness in being bad. Afterall, being bad is a part of everybody. We cannot deny that.

But now, I ought to be humble and helpful. I must be tolerant and give way sometimes. This is a habit already for me to say no here and there. I fear backstabbers and liars. So, I'm getting more cautious and be more self-conscious. I've learnt bits of my past and repeating it will bring no meaning into my life. So, we ought to be careful. But being careful does not mean being mean or harsh!

The party's surprise is ready. Someone cursed my party! Someone said "Zul, I think your party is going to 'flop'. So I was like what you mean by flop? "Ouh. Flop is like not happening like that. Because not many people would come at that time." My answer is this, since when I force people to come at 4.30pm on the dot. Well, the surprise is going to start at 5pm and I said 4.30pm as a buffer time. Some would be late and some would be early. And doesn't mean everybody must come at 4.30pm! The party is until 11pm. You can come at 7pm or 8pm after 4.30pm for all you want. But what I want is that if possible, please come at 4.30pm because there's a surprise waiting for you people. Stop being negative. There's food, music and dance that's for sure. The rest is for me to know and for you to find out.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Party2006 Invitation

I am too busy for the past few days and I've been thinking too much I guess. Maybe that's the reason I feel that I got nothing to update you people while I have much to update actually. This is an important entry shall I say? To me it is at least. There are a few things I'd like to talk about here. Party2006, Class Party, Fun,Fit and Fabulous event and I shall include my Hari Raya preparations.

My Hari Raya preparation is alright so far. I have two pairs of Baju Kurung. It's perfectly tailored I'd say but the first pair is a little bit small for me and let's hope I will not gain weight for the next few days especially when this pair is to be worn on the first day! I cannot stretch much with this pair. While the other, it fits me well and thank God, it looks fitting with that pair. I must bring down the old curtains today and shall change with a new one. I can't stand the dust and maybe that's the reason I have my mood swings prior to the end of fasting month. Messy house. Dusty curtains and dirty toilets. Probably only my room is always prepared for any occasion! It's clean and tidy like forever.

Next, is about that Class Party. I've been missing from school for almost two weeks. Well, I think that when the exam ends means school ends too. I must protect myself from the haze and the sun anyway. It's time for me to rest for a while. And the class party, isn't it too late to have one? I don't mind. Shall I say that I am a professional party organizer? Heh! It's possible for me to do a last minute party but, have we booked the chalet or venue? Have we collected the money? I know I am the class chairperson. You appointed me to do the party. If I really could book that chalet, I'd be done the planning and collecting money ages ago. Besides, I think some of you are fickle minded. One wants Aloha and the other wants Aranda. I'd love to make the call but it wouldn't be wise and fair right? Then, tell me which one you people want. Majority wins. Simple  and yet you people depended on me? I'm not saying I'm mad but I hope you understand my situation situation here. Well, we haven't even pick a date yet too! How now? We will have a good talk on Monday I hope but you people need to co-operate. No monkey business! No-no-no-no, don't phunk with my heart!

Fun-fit and fabulous event. Again, I'm missing from the meetings. If I'm not wrong there's only one meeting and it coincides with the Prefect's meeting. It is held on Friday. I was so sick so I couldn't come. And some of you people think I'm kidding just because I've done that before? How could you people... Anyway, thanks to some friends who bothered to call and tell what's going on with their plan and thank God, they are not the extreme plans. People, come to our stall and support us. And thanks to me teacher for giving me the opportunity to lead this thing but I'm telling you, there are reasons why I rejected this in the first place. First, I know this is going to happen after exams, and I've done planning to my Party2006. So I know I would be tight. Secondly, I want a moment of silence for myself. Quiet from school commitments. Just for a moment. But nevermind, what's done is done. Shall thank you people. Truthfully, next year, I'm not going to be too committed. Thank God there'll no Photography commitments. Although they have it on Friday, 12.45pm that day, I was absent and if I weren't, I'll be off for my prayers.

Last big announcement that you've been hearing from me, is the Party2006. I've set up a website. It's navigated on your right.. Click on it and you'll know more what's the party is all about. Well, all of you are invited . You might want to come earlier because 5pm I'll be showing you a surprise. But you people are invited really. Just go to my party's website, navigated on your right of this page.

I've invited some of you people. Some of you, it's either I forgot to invite, or I don't have your contact. So, if you drop by here, it's like hitting a jackpot.

I think that's all I'm going to update. I'm done. See ya!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Facial Doctor: Me

I don't find the need to go to school since exam's have past and the haze is killing everyone. And the hotness outside the house, staying home is much safer, cleaner, and healthier. Sometimes, I feel like I'm in a safe tank. My house windows are all closed. My room was like all-day air-con, so it's safer rather than going out risking yourself. So before Higher Malay, I looked out, the haze is thick, so, I must minimize my time outside by going out late, and go home early.
I woke up in the afternoon, after a tiring day. As if I'm so tired. I didn't went to school for like Thursday and Friday. So tomorrow I'll not be going to school. Today, Thursday, I got Higher Malay lessons and I absolutely forgot about it. So, my friend messaged me to wait for her at the bus-stop at 2pm.. So when I looked at the time, it's only 12 noon. I did some laundry and played Sims. As usual, boring.

At Higher Malay class, I didn't know that it is a combined class with the Temasekians and it will be held in the AVA. So, if I were to know that it's going to be held there, I would have brought my jacket/sweater along. But thank god, I didn't freeze in that harsh temperature room. Most of the visiting schools students didn't come. Perhaps, they are satisfied with their exam results. For my case, I must be "kanchong" in this. For goodness sake. It's only two hours of your life! The ones who didn't came are in the state of losing I guess? Loads of practice papers and questions were distributed and dear teacher lend me six of the Malay composition magazine, which is not easy to get in bookstores. I learnt something from someone: there's a serpent under the flower, so be careful. It lingers around the class.

After that, my friend and I went to Guardian because she needed to buy something and I realize that for the past 24-hours, I've been giving away facial tips to around 3-4 people? I sounded like a consultant. And people start to envy my smooth hands, smooth legs and smooth facial-skin (despite the zits). Call me Dr Zul from now. Haha!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Blaze Makes Haze

First thing that came into my mind each day for the past few weeks is "What's today's PSI?" Why am I or everyone is so concerned? First, give it up to the irresposible and heartless farmers from our neighbouring country. The are probably the only country in this archipelago who burns the entire forest, the size bigger than Singapore! Believe it or not, their PSI may reach up to 900 ! Oh dear! If I were to be in that kind of situation, I'll be digging my own grave. Even here right his afternoon, I got some dry cough and non-stop sneezing. When these people who are poor both materially and academically, will they ever learn the repercussions of their action? I read a newspaper article that their government is doing nothing much even though they had signed an agreement to curb these "illegal burning". Well, besides the billions dollars we may lost from this haze, my health and life is much more important! This haze and the burning of forest got to stop somehow. How I wish I could stand on top of the world and ask for world peace and heal the world! Make it a better place for the entire human race.
After the joyful weekend, today we got back our exam results. Obviously I will not tell the whole world here. If you ask, I'll tell but if you don't, I'll keep it to myself. Just hope for the best. Anyway, I was about to cry this afternoon, I just feel that it is so unfair. I am the one who is much more hardworking than some other freak, they get higher than me. What is happening to this world? Is it going upside down?

Now I remember I did something really silly during the literature exam. I did the unseen poem and it says "The monks went into our house like a swarm of flies"... So, I interpreted that these monks are hardworking and work in a team. Well, I don't think that my interpretation was right! This is kinda lame but funny. The correct interpretation was that these monks were irritating to the writer and about the scorpion, oh my god, I am so clueless in that unseen! A lesson learnt: I must look at both sides of the poem next time !!

I think I learnt something new : once your are pro in it, you tend to forget the basics. I think it is happening to me right now.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Singapore Idol Talkshow

Last night was a long night because I went to Singapore Idol talkshow. It was fun but it was past my bedtime so my excitement faded off a little bit. The programme was suppose to end at 9pm but it ended up later so, my cousin and I went off at 10pm. I reached home around 11.30pm with my school uniform. I was informed kinda last minute, so I have no time to change. I was from my Higher Malay lesson. So, how was it you may ask.

Well, I daresay my language is good but lack of technique and ideas. It's kinda troublesome. I think you should know that I don't care about what people say but it doesn't mean if I don't care, I'm going keep quiet about it. Some things need to be done to like neutralizing the corrupted situation and I personally think most of you don't care but naturally react to it. So, it's kinda "for fun" reaction I made. I mean if I just keep quiet and let things happen just right there, there will no fun. Do you get my drift?

So, I hope you get my point. Keeping quiet will embarrass you I guess because people know me and when I keep quiet it means that you are left out. And when I said I am blogging about you, it doesn't mean I want to "hurt you online" or whatever crap. I know whatever I do, sure has its consequences. I hope you understand what I am trying to say here. Peace!

Today, was like a cool day because my table in the classroom is like an office setting which means I have another table by my side. It's so fun. If you know me, I like to work with big tables and comfy chair. A small table will never make me concentrate well. So, if the school were to read this, you people will have a specially-made chair just for me! I must me dreaming eh?

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Social Etiquette Course

It is alright to hurt/avoid the people you don't wish to speak to. Sometimes, these people approach us when they need us, When they don't, they leave us! For my case, whenever I don't feel like talking to them, I just reply a one word answer or just ignore them as if I don't get their nudges or messages. But don't misintepret this because sometimes I really didn't get your messages/nudges/calls. So sorry guys!
Today, I attended Business And Social Etiquette course via  one way bus. But, heck, we went to Macdonald's then on. It's kinda a hot day and I got running nose. So, it's not a good start of the day. The course ended earlier than the time we should end which is at 1pm but it ended at 12 noon? The course basically teaches men to be gentlemen. How to get up and down the escalator and how to open doors, and what to avoid when giving gifts, dress code and stuffs. At least I learnt something new today. I don't see myself doing all these at this age though.

After the course, I went to Macs with my friends! After eating, we hanged out there and browse the internet using my friend's PSP. It's so cool ! I visited my blog and Friendster. But I'm having trouble with the typing using PSP but I get use to it after sometime. Coolness! Then, we went home. I didn't expect I get this bored upon reaching home. If I know this is going to happen, I would have returned home later.

So today I'm dying of boredom so I think it is wise for us to do our piling homework! Alright, I've updated my profile. It's no longer a biography because I misunderstood the word. "Biography" means a written account of another person's life

So, I think I'll stop here. As you can see, my entry for today is short and simple. It shows I'm doing nothing much. So if you have any fun activities, don't forget me! Ok! Take care!

Saturday, September 2, 2006

Four Different Things In A Day

Four significant things happened in my world today. Death, party, rudeness, and photography.Let's start with death. First of all, death means die. Anytime, anywhere and it happens to everyone. So, my dad's cousin, 28 years old passed away due to lorry accident. Don't know how bad the impact was, the lorry only hit the road divider and the driver and the passenger, my dad's cousin, Shahizan if I'm not wrong, disfigured his face. My mum went to the funeral and from what I heard, his eyes went off and his face was disfigured. My mother obviously felt sad for this young gentleman. He died just because of an accident. In a blink of an eye just like that. It's such a tragedy for his parents. And the driver, an Indian, have a wive who is pregnant and he too died while on the way to the hospital. I don't know how bad the incident was to be in the newspaper. Condolences to them.

Secondly, party. Today,someone close to my parents got married. If I'm not wrong, it is my great-granmother's son, he got engaged today and the reception is tomorrow,Sunday, 2/9/2006 and today is the birthday of my late grandmother's cousin grandchildren's birthday party. Fuh! Anyway,congratulations to all of you! Seriously, I have issues with my family tree. It is just too complex and I am not kidding.

Thirdly, rudeness. I know everyone usually give way to cyclist who rang their annoying bicycle bell and you got to give way to them. Trust me, you are probably a noob if you give way to them. Cyclist shouldn't be on the walking pavement by nature so what happened today was when my family and I went to Aranda Country Club, and the carpark was full so we parked a little further and walked there. So, while walking a cyclist kept on ringing her bicycle bell. I gave way .My brothers gave way .My mother did not give way. My mother was annoyed in the first place because people parked their motorcycle and bicycle on the pavement so it was a bit of an obsruction.

My mum: This pavement are for pedestrians! Can you please be patient?
Cyclist: Hello ! You deaf is it? I ring my bell your sons excuse me.You as a mother why you cannot give way? (Her grammar...)
My mum: Yeah so? This pavement are for pedestrians. I have the right not to give way ! You want me to call the police?
Cyclist:Call ah !

So my mum really took out her phone and dialed for the police. She mean it when she said whe wanted to. But the cyclist went off then. I, on the other hand got pissed too shouted. "Why run away ? You said can call the police what!"

Lastly, photography. Lina,Irah and I took some photographs this evening. It was so funny. I am so sorry Irah for harsh words but I didn't mean it. Don't take it too hard. I can't get the photographs today because our pretty and kind photographer, Lina is tired and she needs to rest. Anyway thank you for helping me to take my pictures! I owe you! I will upload the photographs probably tomorrow.

Friday, September 1, 2006

Holiday Begins, Homework Reigns

I don't know where to start today ? Basically holiday had just started. I can enjoy, have fun and continue with my self-grooming. My nails and my hair is growing beyond control and I'm getting irritated by my fringe. Secondly, the pictures I took yesterday during the Teacher's Day in school is uploaded here so, I can let you see what I've been up to.

There's more shots which is kept, not shown yet. And the shots I took at home, one of them is on the frst page on my blog, which is before you enter here. And another one,below.

Ok. How's that? Heh! Ok. I don't know what to do today. I need to rest from studying for today. My brain wants to rest. And another thing that is irritating me is when I am so enthusiastic in doing my homework, I don't know how to do them. So, in the end, I leave them because it is so mind boggling. But I will attempt to do some though. Wow, now is the Term 3 break and one more term left to go and next year will be 'O' Levels. In the first place I don't feel like a Secondary 3 student. Except for the long-pants case. So, I think next year I will start weeping over my books because I'll be stressed out.

I don't know if you can understand what I am talking about today. Ahh! Now I remember! I need to check out my horoscope today. Ok. Yesterday it says: "You've been ready for success -- and finally, success is ready for you. This is thrilling -- but also just the teensiest bit scary. Everything's coming your way, and that means change -- big change -- is in the works." Today, my scope says "You have a brainteaser occupying most of your headspace right now, and it's no wonder. The usual methods won't work when it comes to getting a solution. Approach this from an unorthodox angle." Well, today's scope doesn't say anything about me today but yesterday it did! Ok. I'm going off. Keep tagging ,write a testimonial for me and please, leave comment(s) on my post. Ta!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Singapore Idol and Teachers Day 2006

I was so excited to update you people about the Singapore Idol that I went last night. However, I was too tired and I had to prepare for today's Teacher's day performance! So let's update about yesterday, Wednesday,30/08/06.

I got the ticket last minute. My friend was unable to attend so he gave it to his friend, Ras. So Ras told Ward that she got extra ticket. Ward was unable to attend too because her mother didn't allow her. So, me, upon hearing the news, asked if the ticket is available. Hehe! So, thanks, Ward, for helping me to call Ras and thanks Ken, for not being able to attend and thanks Ras once again for the ticket! Appreciate it so much!

I went there by taxi. It was cheap, about eleven dollars. When I reached there, some of my familiar schoolmates were there so I got company! So after some time, more people came. So then, we got in, I was the first to get in and the most enthusiastic one. Trust me, I was like screaming all the way and keep on fidgeting. Then I think I was partially "melted" not because of anything but I am just too excited. Last minute ticket, one hour fun. So, I watched what I watched. Except that I watched it LIVE on TV and I got Hady's autograph ! Haaha ! Ok. Let's stop about Singapore Idol, Joakim is out anyway. Awww...

Ok next thing is regarding my performace this morning in the school hall. I don't know why, but I don't fell nervous till now. Certain things I am immune already I think which is insults,scoldings, and nervousness. So, I am quite worried though if my voice will be like off-pitch. But this performace, I was so freaking confident to move. Haaha. So long as I am not over-confident, I'm fine am I right ? So I sang Sway by Michael Buble. I think everything was fine except for one part I went off-beat. I sang faster than the song. Which shouldn't be happening ! So, I was professional (riigghht) and continued singing. After school, when people were dismissed, the song Sway stucked in everyone's head. They go like "When marimba rythm starts to play.." whenever I walked pass them. So I was like "Heck uh."

After school, I went to my primary school, PRPS. I saw my long lost friends like Mas,Farhan and Haziq etc. I have not contacted them and I remembered their names. Coolness ! So we took a photograph.
So we talked, chat and stuffs.So after that I went home. Too tired. Exhausted. I slept.

Ok, I would like to wish the teacher's a Happy Teacher's Day. Have a nice week ahead !

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Being An Aquarian

Hello guys,
I hope you are in good conditions always.

Bits and pieces of an aquarian.

Aquarians are extremely talented in the arts. They have an innate talent for drawing, music, sewing. When it comes it comes to commitment they tend to shy away from it, that's why are considered the "detached lover" in the zodiac. On the bad note, Aquarians demand that everyone do everything for them, they usually don't ask someone for a favor, they just say they want something done. Aquarians are extremely blunt all the time, so they tend to say things to people, not realizing how mean they may sound or be. Also Aquarians like to put their best foot forward in front of people who don't matter when they are trying to make a good impression. But I must say that they are humanitarians by nature, and they love to help others in need.

Aquarius is the unpredictable force of nature who wakens us to new possibilities. He is the brief inspiration of lightning, who surprises even himself with his sudden insights. The only sure thing about Aquarius is his independence and unpredictability. He is drawn to novelty like a magnet, and loves reaching out to touch every person or thing that fascinates with its newness. He is famous for his spontaneity.

Aquarius sees everyone as his friend, and views each with complete impartiality and equality. This is because he sees the intrinsic value in everything, and appreciates all aspects of man and nature. To the Aquarius, all serves earth and mankind, and all is worthy of respect and reverence. Those closest to him may find it hard to feel they are special in his heart. Rest assured - romance may seem cool, but devotion to those who truly matter is not, and the electricity is a lover’s dream.

The Aquarius is often seen as a kind of mad scientist - aloof, scatter-brained and non-conformist. He is merely preoccupied. There is always some new thought, discovery, idea, plan or person to pursue, study, assess and put to good use in the world. The Aquarius is in tune with electricity, communication, invention, mechanics, friends, social groups, humanitarianism and politics.

The Aquarius loves humanity above all. His devotion to friends can be greater than his own sense of self preservation, and he rarely hesitates in risky situations. If the Aquarius lives on the edge, it is because of a deep inner knowledge that his life is but a speck in the face of so much that is amazing and wonderful.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Two Headed Snake

YEEPPEES! Now I can convert MPEG videos to 3gp format and can be viewed on my mobile. I'm so excited. Besides today's the start of the weekend. So, I can spend time on myself.
Sometimes I feel like a trash. Or shall I say used? I tried to hide those feelings away. I could say that 'I am being professional." and you'd say "I'm tired." when I told you I feel left out . You asked if I can help you with this and that. And you know what? I'm not your servant. You don't pretend to be tired or weak. Wait till one day, God will show you how does it feel to be one tired pathetic idiot who can't walk or breath and no one will help you, then you will know how it feels like to be 'tired'. You can talk to me nicely and politely as a saint whenever you reject me as a friend. I accept it with an open heart but do you think I am really happy?

Friends tell. I don't think you are that trustworthy. I know I am but you don't trust me ever since I made my small mistake. You hide from me. You talk directly behind my back. I'm embarrassed. I'm clueless. And you gave me that pathetic look after that. Do you know how terrible it feels like?

You are the one who's not professional. You don't know how to treat people the way they want. I wonder how will you treat your own guests if you ever have your own house. There's no sense of hospitality in you. Wherever you go, I think that's the most important thing to have in a person's mind when treating people. The person you are talking to is not an animal.

After you read this, you will know how sensitive I am. It is so hurtful that I feel like smashing your godforsaken face. You are the one who's turning into a self-centred twit who uses the word "I" a million times a day just for your own pleasure.

This message is not just for you. It is also for the several of you who tagged me as a friend but your foul heart leads you to treating me like this.

Wednesday, July 5, 2006


Let's talk about friendship.

It is something that everyone posses. It is like a treasure. I believe some of you guys wouldn't want to share their friendship with others but come on. It's a crappy thought.Get it out of your mind. It will only lead you to the wrong side.

No one loves a backstabber in a friendship. Just like a cruise or a ship. You don't want a pirate to be in the same cruise as you. It's very dangerous. Neither do I. But pirates will get in their way into you "cruise" somehow right? It is hard to judge a person just by one look. You will never know who they really are. Who knows, how bad a person looks may have a heart of an angel?

You may be deceived by their kindness and their laughter. But you will never know the serpent be in the flower. It has a poisonous venom that is set to kill.

You the victim, has to be patient. What goes around,comes around. This might be your "bad day" but trust me, whatever happens, has a meaning to it and all you need is to have faith in yourself.

Saturday, July 1, 2006

Translation Competition by Berita Harian

This afternoon I went to Toa Payoh Central Community Centre. A few of my friends and I went to the translation competition organised by Majlis Pusat and Berita Harian. It was fun. The words I needed to translate were easy but the obstacle is to translate all the 10 words from Malay to English and vice-versa 15 second so that really pressured me.
For my turn, I count myself lucky as I picked the right alphabet and the words came out turns our to be so easy. But too bad, the answer "struck" my head at a slower rate and time was running fast, so I could not manage to get it all right.

The thing that was funny about some of the participants is that they are too nervous that one of them said "Pos-pass!" to pass on to the next word. And the other one translated shark in Malay last minute to "buaya" (crocodile).

After the competition, I went to Tampines to buy food .I haven't eat since 11. Then I went home. It ended earlier than expected.

I really think this competition is a good move to make Malay students effectively bilingual. I wouldn't want to miss the chance to participate again if I have the chance to.


Friday, June 30, 2006

Youth Day Celebration 2006

Today's Youth Day Celebratios was fun despite the lessons we had before recess. I personally think that it was fun. 98.7FM radio came to my school between 10-11am. It was not expected when I heard some songs playing and DJ talking about stuffs. I was so surprised when I entered the canteen.We had a chance to meet Daniel Ong or "Dan The Man". I didn't catch up with radio and TV, so I wasn't really surprised when I met him.

But I'm still surprised by the sentiment of having a radio station broadcasting live from Coral Secondary School. Then my friends dedicate some stuffs .And Daniel did talk to me. I just can't believe that my school was live on air.

During Assembly, we got another celebration. There were performances by our teachers. Most of them were cute and have the 'X-factor'. LOL!

The character of "The Phantom of The Opera" said "These students were so wonderful...I will blah blah blah and cancel all exams!" Everyone cheered! Which was so funny.

Well,today is the start of weekend, I've completed most of the homework.What's left are the difficult ones. Shall give a try soon.


Sunday, June 25, 2006

My Blue Bedroom

I'm gonna tell you why I love my bedroom. I've got nothing better to do so,as to commemorate the eve of the reopening of school, I'm showing you guys some of the pictures I took today...

The place where charisma is built.

I can sit here for the whole day in front of the computer.

All the way up the ladder to...

My nest! It's as though my bed has two stories now.

Have fun! :)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Gurmit Singh and I

My family and I went to Swensen's at SIN today to celebrate Father's Day. It's an important day to recognize the hard work of our father. It was crowded probably because everyone is there with the same intention.
After that, my mum saw Gurmit Singh and nudged me to take a photo with him and I did. Gurmit is really nice!

Thursday, June 8, 2006

Community Involvement Programme

Those who missed Detik on Suria Channel and missed what I said last night, check out the video below. I apologize or the compromised quality for there was a rush prior to recording. I really hope you enjoyed the insightful programme and be a part of the FIFA World Cup screening in  Al-Istighfar mosque. I am sure sports and religion can bring people together as one.

I am tired today because I was busy last night. Early in the morning, I had to wake up for the my Community Involvement Programme (CIP) which was really rewarding and fulfilling. We did our flag day at various locations.

Then in the afternoon I went back to school to select photos for the upcoming photography competition. I thought I arrive late. Turns out, everyone else was late too!

I am contented with the six photos that I will be submitting for the Singapore Young Photographer Award but too bad I can't follow you guys to submit them personally because I will be away for vacation!

Today's plan was to rest at home and pack up stuffs for holidays. But my grandfather passed away. What happened probably had to happen I guess. My God bless his soul.

Friday, June 2, 2006

First Time on TV!

Today, only Hafiz, Shanizam and I went for our Friday prayers. Friday is a sabbatical day for us. The rest of our friends are probably gone for their June vacation I guess.

After which, we went to Rudy's house and we sat outside and talk. Then his father came back and asked why were we outside. His father invited us in and delighted us with some food. Mr Borhan was really nice to us. We really appreciate it.

In the evening, my family and I went to the mosque to listen to a lecture. After our night prayer, my brother went to the second floor. I had no idea why were they up there. I followed. It turns out that the Suria Channel, came to cover on World Cup screening in Al-Istighfar which is around the corner. I was interviewed and do look forward to the next episode in the Detik on Suria next Wednesday,7 June 2006.

My legs were shaking when I was interviewed. They asked if I am a fan of football and the pros of screening it live in Al-Istighfar. Honestly, I thought it was a healthy and wholesome activity for everyone to be involved with. It was a really unique programme. Suria Channel is doing a great job in providing a window for the rest to understand the Malay-Muslim community here in Singapore.

Then, my family and I went to Spize for dinner and bump into Ms Suhaina, my Literature teacher.

Thanks to my skillful cousin who came by this afternoon to repair my computer. Now I can use the computer with ease.

Tomorrow I'll be at Ikea to get a new bed I think. Toodles!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Anugerah Planet Muzik 2006, Singapore

It was thrilling to meet Taufik Batisah and have a photo with him. Too bad it was blur because everyone was in a rush to grab this golden opportunity. Or maybe my cousin was too excited meeting her idol.

Urgh! He's not looking here!

As for me, I was busy chasing celebrities to get their autographs. That time I can't really take photographs because I don't have a good camera and my digital camera was tad too bulky!

I got to meet Ariel's Peterpan, Siti Nurhaliza, Taufik Batisah, Mawi and some other. Rossa is so pretty. She gave me jitters when I meet her. Heh.

Before the show when Siti cam I shouted for her to get her autograph and photo with her., Then there was this Indonesian lady who pretended to cry and all just to get Siti's attention! So annoying! Siti told me she would give me after the show, which she really did. How awesome!

After the show I quickly went to the back entrance. There were so many people squeezing to meet Siti Nurhaliza. Knowing how 'kiasu' I am, I got to the front line and got her autograph! I even asked for two just in case... So now I have 3. I'm waiting for my chance to take photograph with her! I get to touch her hands and it was super soft and smooth! Better yet, the second time she hold my hand, she grabbed it! Maybe I shouldn't was my hands for the next few days. Kidding!

Thanks to my Uncle K for sponsoring us the tickets and this wonderful event experience! We had a great time!