Saturday, March 25, 2006

Anugerah Planet Muzik 2006, Singapore

It was thrilling to meet Taufik Batisah and have a photo with him. Too bad it was blur because everyone was in a rush to grab this golden opportunity. Or maybe my cousin was too excited meeting her idol.

Urgh! He's not looking here!

As for me, I was busy chasing celebrities to get their autographs. That time I can't really take photographs because I don't have a good camera and my digital camera was tad too bulky!

I got to meet Ariel's Peterpan, Siti Nurhaliza, Taufik Batisah, Mawi and some other. Rossa is so pretty. She gave me jitters when I meet her. Heh.

Before the show when Siti cam I shouted for her to get her autograph and photo with her., Then there was this Indonesian lady who pretended to cry and all just to get Siti's attention! So annoying! Siti told me she would give me after the show, which she really did. How awesome!

After the show I quickly went to the back entrance. There were so many people squeezing to meet Siti Nurhaliza. Knowing how 'kiasu' I am, I got to the front line and got her autograph! I even asked for two just in case... So now I have 3. I'm waiting for my chance to take photograph with her! I get to touch her hands and it was super soft and smooth! Better yet, the second time she hold my hand, she grabbed it! Maybe I shouldn't was my hands for the next few days. Kidding!

Thanks to my Uncle K for sponsoring us the tickets and this wonderful event experience! We had a great time!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Virgin Flight - Brunei

I had fun in Brunei despite being annoyed with some people. But heck, let bygones be bygones because this was my first flight in my life, ever! So I won't let anything that goes wrong affect me. I just want to be happy and excited to be on my first flight. I love those sight-seeing and mind the mosque dome that is made of gold! Brunei is one of the many countries that does not have debts from other international banks or other countries. It's a quiet country. It sounds boring! They don't really have night life since it's strictly governed by Islamic rule. Even as for shopping, there's nothing much interesting and their malls are somehow deserted I would say. Not many people patronising the mall makes more room for us shoppers. Enjoy the photos!

At the airport before taking off from Terminal 2.

Before jetting off by Royal Brunei Airline. Food was good!

This is the mosque with the golden dome - Jame'asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque

This mosque was made by the Sultan and mind you it is huge! This mosque is the largest and is one of the most magnificent looking mosques in Brunei. It was built to commemorate the 25th anniversary His majesty the Sultan reign. What's more, the interior is fully air-conditioned! So after your ablution, you will sure to feel cold because the air-con somehow blasted and the carpet was thick enough to sink your feet in.

Was in front of their Craft Museum (Muzium Seni).

Dinner at Empire Hotel.

We had this singing competition for fun and my table sent me to sing just because they thought I was the best singer on the table and I had my nervous breakdown because other people whom I don't know were watching me. I sang quite well at first until the high notes where my voice broke! I was like "What the hell!". I was so embarrassed!But it was fun, they had performance and all. They served their traditional food "Ambuyat" which tasted one of a kind and gave me that gag reflex. It tasted alright when I first took it until I swallowed it. Thank god I didn't barf!

Sekolah Terapung Awang Semaun.

Visited a school at their floating village and we took their water taxi, and was greeted like a royalty with their kompang and all. We felt so honored! There, we exchanged our school experiences and the activities we have in school. It was quite fun getting to see their school, their canteen and classroom and all. Apart from above mentioned, we visited their university and their examination hall was humongous! It's like 4 times bigger than our school hall! Okay, enough talk , there were more places that we went to but shan't say much. I need my break. Signing out!

Back in Singapore!

By the way, it's a pleasure to appear in one of Brunei's local newspaper after the day we visited Awang Semaun Secondary School.