Friday, June 30, 2006

Youth Day Celebration 2006

Today's Youth Day Celebratios was fun despite the lessons we had before recess. I personally think that it was fun. 98.7FM radio came to my school between 10-11am. It was not expected when I heard some songs playing and DJ talking about stuffs. I was so surprised when I entered the canteen.We had a chance to meet Daniel Ong or "Dan The Man". I didn't catch up with radio and TV, so I wasn't really surprised when I met him.

But I'm still surprised by the sentiment of having a radio station broadcasting live from Coral Secondary School. Then my friends dedicate some stuffs .And Daniel did talk to me. I just can't believe that my school was live on air.

During Assembly, we got another celebration. There were performances by our teachers. Most of them were cute and have the 'X-factor'. LOL!

The character of "The Phantom of The Opera" said "These students were so wonderful...I will blah blah blah and cancel all exams!" Everyone cheered! Which was so funny.

Well,today is the start of weekend, I've completed most of the homework.What's left are the difficult ones. Shall give a try soon.


Sunday, June 25, 2006

My Blue Bedroom

I'm gonna tell you why I love my bedroom. I've got nothing better to do so,as to commemorate the eve of the reopening of school, I'm showing you guys some of the pictures I took today...

The place where charisma is built.

I can sit here for the whole day in front of the computer.

All the way up the ladder to...

My nest! It's as though my bed has two stories now.

Have fun! :)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Gurmit Singh and I

My family and I went to Swensen's at SIN today to celebrate Father's Day. It's an important day to recognize the hard work of our father. It was crowded probably because everyone is there with the same intention.
After that, my mum saw Gurmit Singh and nudged me to take a photo with him and I did. Gurmit is really nice!

Thursday, June 8, 2006

Community Involvement Programme

Those who missed Detik on Suria Channel and missed what I said last night, check out the video below. I apologize or the compromised quality for there was a rush prior to recording. I really hope you enjoyed the insightful programme and be a part of the FIFA World Cup screening in  Al-Istighfar mosque. I am sure sports and religion can bring people together as one.

I am tired today because I was busy last night. Early in the morning, I had to wake up for the my Community Involvement Programme (CIP) which was really rewarding and fulfilling. We did our flag day at various locations.

Then in the afternoon I went back to school to select photos for the upcoming photography competition. I thought I arrive late. Turns out, everyone else was late too!

I am contented with the six photos that I will be submitting for the Singapore Young Photographer Award but too bad I can't follow you guys to submit them personally because I will be away for vacation!

Today's plan was to rest at home and pack up stuffs for holidays. But my grandfather passed away. What happened probably had to happen I guess. My God bless his soul.

Friday, June 2, 2006

First Time on TV!

Today, only Hafiz, Shanizam and I went for our Friday prayers. Friday is a sabbatical day for us. The rest of our friends are probably gone for their June vacation I guess.

After which, we went to Rudy's house and we sat outside and talk. Then his father came back and asked why were we outside. His father invited us in and delighted us with some food. Mr Borhan was really nice to us. We really appreciate it.

In the evening, my family and I went to the mosque to listen to a lecture. After our night prayer, my brother went to the second floor. I had no idea why were they up there. I followed. It turns out that the Suria Channel, came to cover on World Cup screening in Al-Istighfar which is around the corner. I was interviewed and do look forward to the next episode in the Detik on Suria next Wednesday,7 June 2006.

My legs were shaking when I was interviewed. They asked if I am a fan of football and the pros of screening it live in Al-Istighfar. Honestly, I thought it was a healthy and wholesome activity for everyone to be involved with. It was a really unique programme. Suria Channel is doing a great job in providing a window for the rest to understand the Malay-Muslim community here in Singapore.

Then, my family and I went to Spize for dinner and bump into Ms Suhaina, my Literature teacher.

Thanks to my skillful cousin who came by this afternoon to repair my computer. Now I can use the computer with ease.

Tomorrow I'll be at Ikea to get a new bed I think. Toodles!