Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Singapore Idol Talkshow

Last night was a long night because I went to Singapore Idol talkshow. It was fun but it was past my bedtime so my excitement faded off a little bit. The programme was suppose to end at 9pm but it ended up later so, my cousin and I went off at 10pm. I reached home around 11.30pm with my school uniform. I was informed kinda last minute, so I have no time to change. I was from my Higher Malay lesson. So, how was it you may ask.

Well, I daresay my language is good but lack of technique and ideas. It's kinda troublesome. I think you should know that I don't care about what people say but it doesn't mean if I don't care, I'm going keep quiet about it. Some things need to be done to like neutralizing the corrupted situation and I personally think most of you don't care but naturally react to it. So, it's kinda "for fun" reaction I made. I mean if I just keep quiet and let things happen just right there, there will no fun. Do you get my drift?

So, I hope you get my point. Keeping quiet will embarrass you I guess because people know me and when I keep quiet it means that you are left out. And when I said I am blogging about you, it doesn't mean I want to "hurt you online" or whatever crap. I know whatever I do, sure has its consequences. I hope you understand what I am trying to say here. Peace!

Today, was like a cool day because my table in the classroom is like an office setting which means I have another table by my side. It's so fun. If you know me, I like to work with big tables and comfy chair. A small table will never make me concentrate well. So, if the school were to read this, you people will have a specially-made chair just for me! I must me dreaming eh?

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Social Etiquette Course

It is alright to hurt/avoid the people you don't wish to speak to. Sometimes, these people approach us when they need us, When they don't, they leave us! For my case, whenever I don't feel like talking to them, I just reply a one word answer or just ignore them as if I don't get their nudges or messages. But don't misintepret this because sometimes I really didn't get your messages/nudges/calls. So sorry guys!
Today, I attended Business And Social Etiquette course via  one way bus. But, heck, we went to Macdonald's then on. It's kinda a hot day and I got running nose. So, it's not a good start of the day. The course ended earlier than the time we should end which is at 1pm but it ended at 12 noon? The course basically teaches men to be gentlemen. How to get up and down the escalator and how to open doors, and what to avoid when giving gifts, dress code and stuffs. At least I learnt something new today. I don't see myself doing all these at this age though.

After the course, I went to Macs with my friends! After eating, we hanged out there and browse the internet using my friend's PSP. It's so cool ! I visited my blog and Friendster. But I'm having trouble with the typing using PSP but I get use to it after sometime. Coolness! Then, we went home. I didn't expect I get this bored upon reaching home. If I know this is going to happen, I would have returned home later.

So today I'm dying of boredom so I think it is wise for us to do our piling homework! Alright, I've updated my profile. It's no longer a biography because I misunderstood the word. "Biography" means a written account of another person's life

So, I think I'll stop here. As you can see, my entry for today is short and simple. It shows I'm doing nothing much. So if you have any fun activities, don't forget me! Ok! Take care!

Saturday, September 2, 2006

Four Different Things In A Day

Four significant things happened in my world today. Death, party, rudeness, and photography.Let's start with death. First of all, death means die. Anytime, anywhere and it happens to everyone. So, my dad's cousin, 28 years old passed away due to lorry accident. Don't know how bad the impact was, the lorry only hit the road divider and the driver and the passenger, my dad's cousin, Shahizan if I'm not wrong, disfigured his face. My mum went to the funeral and from what I heard, his eyes went off and his face was disfigured. My mother obviously felt sad for this young gentleman. He died just because of an accident. In a blink of an eye just like that. It's such a tragedy for his parents. And the driver, an Indian, have a wive who is pregnant and he too died while on the way to the hospital. I don't know how bad the incident was to be in the newspaper. Condolences to them.

Secondly, party. Today,someone close to my parents got married. If I'm not wrong, it is my great-granmother's son, he got engaged today and the reception is tomorrow,Sunday, 2/9/2006 and today is the birthday of my late grandmother's cousin grandchildren's birthday party. Fuh! Anyway,congratulations to all of you! Seriously, I have issues with my family tree. It is just too complex and I am not kidding.

Thirdly, rudeness. I know everyone usually give way to cyclist who rang their annoying bicycle bell and you got to give way to them. Trust me, you are probably a noob if you give way to them. Cyclist shouldn't be on the walking pavement by nature so what happened today was when my family and I went to Aranda Country Club, and the carpark was full so we parked a little further and walked there. So, while walking a cyclist kept on ringing her bicycle bell. I gave way .My brothers gave way .My mother did not give way. My mother was annoyed in the first place because people parked their motorcycle and bicycle on the pavement so it was a bit of an obsruction.

My mum: This pavement are for pedestrians! Can you please be patient?
Cyclist: Hello ! You deaf is it? I ring my bell your sons excuse me.You as a mother why you cannot give way? (Her grammar...)
My mum: Yeah so? This pavement are for pedestrians. I have the right not to give way ! You want me to call the police?
Cyclist:Call ah !

So my mum really took out her phone and dialed for the police. She mean it when she said whe wanted to. But the cyclist went off then. I, on the other hand got pissed too shouted. "Why run away ? You said can call the police what!"

Lastly, photography. Lina,Irah and I took some photographs this evening. It was so funny. I am so sorry Irah for harsh words but I didn't mean it. Don't take it too hard. I can't get the photographs today because our pretty and kind photographer, Lina is tired and she needs to rest. Anyway thank you for helping me to take my pictures! I owe you! I will upload the photographs probably tomorrow.

Friday, September 1, 2006

Holiday Begins, Homework Reigns

I don't know where to start today ? Basically holiday had just started. I can enjoy, have fun and continue with my self-grooming. My nails and my hair is growing beyond control and I'm getting irritated by my fringe. Secondly, the pictures I took yesterday during the Teacher's Day in school is uploaded here so, I can let you see what I've been up to.

There's more shots which is kept, not shown yet. And the shots I took at home, one of them is on the frst page on my blog, which is before you enter here. And another one,below.

Ok. How's that? Heh! Ok. I don't know what to do today. I need to rest from studying for today. My brain wants to rest. And another thing that is irritating me is when I am so enthusiastic in doing my homework, I don't know how to do them. So, in the end, I leave them because it is so mind boggling. But I will attempt to do some though. Wow, now is the Term 3 break and one more term left to go and next year will be 'O' Levels. In the first place I don't feel like a Secondary 3 student. Except for the long-pants case. So, I think next year I will start weeping over my books because I'll be stressed out.

I don't know if you can understand what I am talking about today. Ahh! Now I remember! I need to check out my horoscope today. Ok. Yesterday it says: "You've been ready for success -- and finally, success is ready for you. This is thrilling -- but also just the teensiest bit scary. Everything's coming your way, and that means change -- big change -- is in the works." Today, my scope says "You have a brainteaser occupying most of your headspace right now, and it's no wonder. The usual methods won't work when it comes to getting a solution. Approach this from an unorthodox angle." Well, today's scope doesn't say anything about me today but yesterday it did! Ok. I'm going off. Keep tagging ,write a testimonial for me and please, leave comment(s) on my post. Ta!