Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Vacation

We used the second link hoping that we could avoid the jam but it turned out that both links were jammed! It was a two kilometer traffic suicide! We waited for hours. There were so many Singaporean cars at the petrol station and I got the impression that I was still in Singapore. It's like the causeway, petrol station and the public toilet, mostly filled with Singaporeans! Thank God I brought my entertainment gadgets like a book, newspapers, and music to survive the traffic jam. I'm not sure if I'm being a bookworm or what but, I like to read these days. I slept only for four hours the night before, played with computer and felt excited about the trip.

I was sleeping on the journey and I woke up after hearing that we're stopping by for a toilet break. I took off my blindfold and saw that it was raining outside and I was so happy! After the break, my dad drove and I looked out and saw mother nature at its best. It was flooding almost at the low land. To me, the flood is so bad that it reaches to the neck of the trees! Don't they have a drainage system or something? What a trip! The jam, the people, and mother nature.

It was so frustrating to drive through the expressway, with traffic jam not once but several times. Congestion in the highway and guess what caused the jam? Road repairs and some patching caused thousands of cars stranded in the highway and the way they work was ultimately ridiculous. I thought it was a vehicle accident, so bad that it caused a mega-congestion. They're trying to fix a hyper long distance up to three kilometer of road at one go - at day time? I'd say it's totally ridiculous. This didn't happen once. After certain distance then there will be the same problem from the same cause. We paid the toll and we get road congestions as a freebie? Thanks for nothing.

I slept almost throughout the entire journey until we reached our destination because I was so tired. We arrived at Vistana Hotel at 6.30pm. I loved the Christmas decoration. The check-in took ages! My cousin came to me and told me that the receptionist is a Singaporean and when I came near to him, he spoke to us as though we're that dumb.

We went to Masjid India's street where they sell fabrics and souvenirs Honestly, it's kinda boring at Masjid India's street because there's not much of teenage stuffs and you can't bargain much.

I looked forward to the next day because the plan was to shop in several malls and go to Putrajaya and I thought I could take some photographs there. After rounding Masjid India's street, we went for late dinner. The fish, prawns, rice, and spicy meat soup and seafood tom yam. Gosh, now it's making me hungry again! After which we headed back to the hotel and my dad thought he could take a shortcut, so, we entered a small street between two buildings. It was pitch dark and in the car, I looked out and saw loads of rubbish and it's like a dumping ground already.

I'm not surprised why there were no drag queens or prostitutes around. The car drove over a huge pile of trash and it's disgusting. There was a dead end. So we need to make a u-turn and my dad did it but my uncle Khairi couldn't because there was no space for him to do so. Therefore, he had to reverse all the way back to the main road. There's only one lane and a few cars parked there that made it worse. So, another hell of wriggling to the pile of trash and roaming rats and half a dozen of dogs barking terrifying us. Thank God they are behind the fence. We safely reached the hotel thankfully! After which, 'Bam!' I'm on my bed for the next day.

Oh, I love the Petronas twin towers. It is so beautiful at night.

My mum woke me up and then we checked out. It was so cold that I used a shower cap to shower and people thought I didn't take my shower! I washed my hair the night before if that makes you feel better! Then we went to Sogo shopping mall and we ate at Secret Recipe and the food is so delicious! I ate pan-grilled dory with lobster sauce and cheesecake and juice. After which we rounded the mall and I went to the men's department and there were loads of nice clothes and the sales were terrific! Some offered discounts up to 70% and they were of some good brands. Not too branded and not too lousy. Most of my items bought were from Diesel. Mostly were cheap after converting it back to our currency. After shopping, nature called me so I went to the public toilet and guess what? In one of the cubicles, I heard two people moaning in one cubicles. No joke.

We checked in Concorde Hotel later then and asked for a spare bed and we got a free complimentary breakfast and I think it's better than Vistana Hotel with a little crappy service. We went out again for dinner and the lobby has turned into a Christmas 'carnival'. There's Christmas carol, and some balloons free for grabs. Not to forget it's beautiful Christmas tree and lightings. After dinner, we went to Petaling Street for a while to see what's there. We spent so much time in Sogo and since my parents saw their long-lost friend and chatted for a while, we had little time for Petaling street.

The next day shopping trip was boring. We went Berjaya Time Square but it was tad too big. They have so many sales! Ranging from 20-70%. It is so irresistible that I ccouldn't make up my mind on what to buy! In the end, I bought only one t-shirt and we didn't even go to Sungei Wang and Bukit Bintang and Midvalley as we spent a lot of time in Alamanda Mall, at Putrajaya.

It has been a long time that I've visit Kuala Lumpur and I thought, they have changed a little. Not much haze, and now, I can see police cars patroling the roads and streets. But what stays the same, is the bumpy roads! It's like shaking me up in the car like a milkshake!

The next day is the day when we went home and time flies so fast. It's like "Eh? We're in Johor Bahru already?" We planned to go bowling and watch movie in Johor but it turned out that my brother and my cousin got sick, we went straight home. Goodbye Malaysia, and hello Singapore.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Deck The Hall and Counting Down

My relatives and I went to VivoCity catch a movie. We went out at 3pm and when we reached there, the queue for the tickets were freaking long. So long that you can't see the "Now Showing" plasma screen at the counter. So, one of us have had to wait in the queue while I went to the front and check out what's available. We ended up watching "Deck The Hall" which is at 7.05pm. Once we bought our tickets, we went out of the mall to have some fresh air outside facing the sea. It's a sunny day. So sunny that I had to frown and the scorching heat is burning my enough-tanned skin! I think I will get darker next year. I think I must start bringing whitening lotion when going out.

We're so hungry and we went to Long John Silver and someone wants Long John Gold! That's lame. There were no seats there - we had to wait.

Great for those who wants to have an eyewash, VivoCity is the place to be. I'm proud to be a Singaporean. VivoCity, upcoming Casino, and the Esplanade. I'm not gonna gamble but I'll be attending events there! I'm almost full and it's time to be in the theater. So, I bought Nachos Combo and I can't finish it so it end up in the hands of these two sisters. They finished up my nachos! I miss the cheese. Whooo!

Deck The Hall was good. It's about two neighbours. Each of them have two kids. The husbands, quarelled about something which I'm not going to tell, but the reasons were lame. One wants their house to be seen from space while the other is sick of his idea of making his house seen from space. But the wives were the friendly people who try to make their husbands cool down. What I learnt? I learnt to laugh because it's funny, funny and funny. So, it end at about 9pm and then we took some night photographs. Most of my pictures there were blur by night! It always happens. After that we went home since we got nothing to do there. Feel like doing some shopping but I have not enough cash with me and the mall is too big. I really enjoyed this day!

On a random note, I'm sick of Friendster and MySpace already. Not that I'm sick of their services or whatever stuff they offered but I'm too tired to update them. I'm too tired to update my profile, my pictures. It's very distracting! I think my blog is the perfect place to communicate and catch up with each other. Testimonials, comments and pictures equivalently boring. I feel like deactivating them but I don't want to because that's a good place to make my announcements like parties and stuffs. People whom you don't know add you and you add them. It's getting pretty dull and lifeless. So, I think, while others says that they are now into MySpace and no longer Friendster, I shall say that, I'm not really into Friendster and MySpace anymore but I'm more into my blog. So, my updates can be found here. I won't quit them and I don't think I will for now but, I'll stop recieving invitations from unknown people. I've yet to delete them from my account but nevermind, they're too many of them.

I'm buying my books tomorrow and now I don't need stickers to label my book but I have name stamp. So I just stamp them onto my new books and previous books. It's better anyway. Today is the last week I'm going out with my friends because after which I'll be busy updating new year stuffs. I mean I want to go far this time and please don't get me wrong. It's my 'O' Levels next year and I think I have the right to do what I want, to do well in it. Everybody wants to do well am I right? I must start thinking positive. I can be really kiasu you see and next year I'll be having two tuition classes to attend. One would be lessons with my private tutor and the other is a group tuition. Ask me if I'll be stressed out? Well, I don't think so because I've done it when I was Primary Six and I know some of you have more tuition classes than me! Except that I'll get too tired till I have no time for my baby, which is my computer, blog and MSN! What I really hope now is that I have an open mind to absorb everything taught and get A1 for my MT 'O' level which I took in November. Or else, I'll to be dead. Sound's complicated but simple.

Okay this entry is getting too long but these are the thoughts that's going on in my mind! At this point of time, I really think a lot. About my future and stuffs. Weird as it may sound but I am really into my future life. I want to get what I want. I want a life where I could spend my money on my parents and people and some good friends. I want to go far and I know I'll miss my school days.

About my blog, I'll not change my URL again, unless there's a URL that's as simple as zulfadli.blgospot.com. I tried to get it as my blog URL but to no avail. When I tried to visit the blog using that URL, the blog could not be found! But heck, "muhdzulfadli" sounds nice already. You asked me why I use my name as my URL? Not everybody uses their name as their blog URL. People think it's too formal but heck, I want it this way because you people remember my name, not complicated URL(s)! You call me using my name so you call my blog using my name too! It make sense. So if we lost contact, you know my name and you know where to go.

I even thought of changing my e-mail address but when to think about it, I've been too much. And changing my e-mail address would be a troublesome thing to do! I need to change it in other different accounts I'm in like Friendster, Blogger, and MySpace. Face, it. It's simple to remember my e-mail address. I love to sing and I sounded like a professional. Yeah right

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Fugro Family Day - Sentosa Island

My brother woke me up early at 7am in the morning and I was still in no mood for the family day, organized by the Fugro Company, which my mum works with. I took my shower and put on my clothes while waiting for my dad to reach home to fetch us.

Once my father got home, he took his shower and we headed to Sentosa Island. On the way there I slept, and listen to music. I think I am in my deep sleep that I didn't know what am I listening to and I have no energy to change songs or whatever. When I woke up I realize that I'm in Sentosa already and with my sleepy face, I got off the car and took some goodie bags and played some games at the games stall. Not really fun for me but I enjoy watching people play.

By then, it was 9am so I walked around, not knowing where to go and when I came back, I saw many people coming in to the tents. So, I was like "WOW!", there's about 200 people coming to the family day. There's some Telematch games and I'm involved with the team Ang Moh United. Majority of the members were Duthces. And my accent suddenly changed unknowingly and it was so hard to change it back to my local accent. It was really fun. I didn't play all the games because some of it requires you to take off your clothes and wet yourself. I happen not to bring any spare shirt! We won most of the games! So happens my mum bought the prize. Heh!

There was a stage game whereby kids get up to the stage and dance and once the music stops, they must freeze and the host for that day, distracted them by asking "Hey, what's your name?" And one of them replied "Ally." and she lost because she replied while the rule was that you need to stay freeze and not to be distracted! Most of the contestant were disqualified till the last four contestant. All of them won. And the host said " Ok! Here's your prize." They froze. "Really! Four of you won now. Everybody, give them a round of applause! Here's the prize! Take!" They froze. He meant it but they just didn't want to move! It was so funny! It took some time for them to un-freeze. Until one of the girl gave up, everybody gave up.

The food there were not bad. They got Indian food, Chinese fried noodle and some Western food. I like the chicken and the fish. They were really delicious!

After the family day event, we went home and I had my nap then went out again to have dinner at Breeks with my relatives. My uncle treated us, which is kind of him. May God bless him.The fish and chips was to die for!

After that, we went to the mall and bought my printer cartridge. I haven't bought it for such a long time because I didn't have time to go and buy and no way I'm gonna use my money! Shall use my dad's money for it. I bought a mobile pouch in replacement of the lost one. How can I lose it in Ikea? I'm still wondering. I was holding on to the pouch while taking some photographs and then I lose it the minute later.

Went to Changi beach near the Changi Airport because there's a barbecue there that we are suppose to attend and met my peeps there and we took photographs! As usual! And when I alighted from the car, I looked at the moon, it's not full neither half but more than half, and it was amazing. First, it is so bright! And secondly, you could see a hyper-gigantic ring around the moon

On a random note, I hate mixing my laundries with others. The clothes and underwear and pants would be mixed up and theirs would be mine and mine would be theirs. That's why I do my own laundry and it's always done during the weekends. I hate mix-ups. Now, I have a hard time searching for my long lost clothes and pants, and some underwear.

Really a good day today.