Monday, December 29, 2008

Pictures: Pulai Springs Resort (2008)

I just got back from Pulai Springs Resort in Johor yesterday at 10pm and it was fun. I really like it very much!

I want to be a more active member of the resort now! Especially now that I have a new swimwear! Oh God, my cousin just reminded me about the pool in Bali. Big mistake! Terribly regret! Anyway, I saw one of the news in Yahoo! that in Milan, branded items are having a 40% sale. Is that good or what? Maybe we should go for a trip to Milan now! Prays hard.

Anyway, today's the first day of school. Having to go through the rough journey of withstanding the cold in the lecture room (it's so dramatic but true!) and got to watch a local movie, which I and some other rarely do, I'm quite pleased-but-can't-be-so-pleased with my Project Management results.

I must say I love school! I love school! I love school! Because I can take a 40 minutes flight everyday! (Okay, that's too dramatic) but that's how I motivate myself each day and I always wonder which level of motivation I am at now?

Went to Beach Road for dinner with my family just now with Syaz and we're so bored that we talked crap about some dream of mine which is too extravagant. Like having to take a private jet, and having a circle of body guards around me in a 10m radius thinking how popular I am while not. Just kidding!

Oh my God, I owe pictures to a lot of people. I have to list them down now and get it over and done with so their faces won't jam up my disk space! Okay, that was mean. I was joking. They're in my hard drive people. Will be sent soon!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Shopping, Gua Tempurung and Go-Kart

My three weeks school holiday is rather short but I guess it's another best holidays of the year. Sleeping in hotel rooms has indeed dried my skin terribly and it really itches my leg and it's burning up. Almost everyday I'm out, ever since the end of the last paper. Going out preparing for the party we had, and slumbers, and trip to KL, Perak, Genting, Malacca and now I'm in Singapore since Christmas and Saturday I'm going to Pulai Springs Resort for another one night stay. Seriously, thank God there's not much assignments. Except a headache for AVS slides and Autocad mayhem.
I went to school today to do the Autocad. I know, even straight A student won't do this but since I have to repair my laptop because Windows XP is not showing up, I have no choice but to go back to school. Otherwise when? Anyway, the staff isn't much of a help. I'm like so clueless on what to do! I learnt my lesson. I copied some of the notes left in the service center so that when the problem occurs again, don't even think of going back there! (Unless I have no choice...)

And then I stayed to finish up Autocad. It's so annoying. The bench has got no backrest and I have to sit from like 3pm plus until 8pm plus trying to meddle with that thing. At times I felt like going crazy by throwing away that laptop and scream out loud. But again, I'm composed enough.

Anyway, back to my awaited holiday trip, in KL, I went out with Syaz to Berjaya Times Square, The Pavillion (it's huge, I got lost), Sogo by taking their train. I love their train: It has a lot of seats but I hate it: You have to get a new card to transit. Thanks to Touch-And-Go, I can just treat it like Singapore's ez-link card.

I love the hotel because it's a suite that has got three bedrooms and I have my own room in which everything goes the way I wanted it to be. Better yet, I have my own toilet! I even slept like a sleeping Buddha! I love the view because at the 32nd floor, you can see KLCC and the KL tower.

After that we drove up to Perak where the adventure begins. We went to this cave called Gua Tempurung. I should have worn jeans or something more protective like seriously! Now I have those abrasions on my legs and because the water in the cave was cold and we have to crawl because some parts of the cave is pretty low and they have like sharp edges that can pierce through your head just like a dagger through a watermelon. Explicit, I know. But that's what I thought there and took extra precaution. They should have given us a helmet or something. I like the hotel for the fact that it has wireless. Then at least my laptop wouldn't go to waste with only movies and shows and I was still anticipating for important e-mails then!

Then we went to Genting. I hate the hotel but I like the weather. It's cold. The people there are quite impolite. I should have put back the samples I've taken or vomit them out. But then again, I don't really bother because I know they are tired working as salesgirls, having to go up Genting Higlands everyday. Can imagine.

And then dropped by Malacca for a few rounds of go-kart, I slept in the car because I was tired and we ate at Umbai. All-time favorite and we headed home. I guess if you really read this thoroughly, even you would feel breathless.

Oh my God, things just spilt now. Hope it isn't too late. Clearly, it's all facade.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Coralite: Prom Night for Class of 2008

This week after the reunion party for me was fun except that I still have some unaccomplished tasks like making a shopping list and stuffs. I think I would eat more than what I will be shopping for. Anyway, really look forward to having a day out with my bestie, Syaz!
Last night I went to Coral's Class of 2008 dinner and dance because I was The VIP, Very Important Photographer. Practically, I enjoyed myself because I've never been to a prom night before, and secondly, this is like my post-graduation prom although I have to take photos, third, I get to do what I have not been doing ever since I left secondary school: taking pictures for events and of course, the best part is to catch up a whole lot of gossips and jokes with my Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) mates turned-to-be good friends. You guys rock my world!

We were told to report early like around in the afternoon because the one of the organizers was Rubez, who is ever enthusiastic, unlike me who'll be like dilly-dally. So three of us, Faz, Nat and I went to the southernmost point of Singapore - Pulau Sentosa and enjoy the wind and snapped some shots. It was funny being sarcastic to a bunch of campers who had nowhere else to play water.

Anyway, I love the fact that some people do remember me because I am that popular. Only kidding!

The food was awesome because it's a buffet, we have to like self-serve and I like the chicken and the salmon and the cedar cheese soup and the cheese stick is just marvelous. It's so mouth-watering! The cheesecakes and fruits, indescribable. And the fact that we are VIP's, again, Very Important Photographers, we don't have table for ourselves in the ballroom so we have to bring them out and we are served by kind bartenders by serving us drinks and fork and spoon and even talk to us for a while before getting back in. Then come out again to attend to the food. It was marvelous.

Thank God this week has been great. Reunion party, SRH, RPH, Coral's Prom Night (I'm not surprised there are no teachers), KL. In one week!

The prom ended like around 11pm plus and I went for a slumber at Royal Plaza on Scotts! And I'm off Singapore for a few days. No doubt prom night is better than my own party. Oh yeah, and thanks to Daniel's friends for sending us out of Sentosa to get a cab. Otherwise...

This is hilarious (inside joke): "New clothes, new muscle, new me."

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Reunion Party (2007)

Thanks to all who are involved with the party and those who attended it! Hope you guys had fun as much as I did!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Anti-Smoking Event, Breathe! (2008)

Yesterday's Breathe! event was fun and exhilarating. I was the 5-on-5 soccer scheduler and was entertained by teachers who makes a fuss about not getting a time slot in the game. Face the facts: You are not the only one who's facing the same problem. You tell me to ask them to get back to you otherwise you will lodge a complain about the organizer. Who am I to interfere or even feel scared about? Well absolutely not my fault for not having a place for you because you came late because that's what I'm told to do. I don't know why you make a fuss about 5-on-5 soccer match. If you think you've wasted your time traveling, ]please make use what the event has got to offer to compensate that. They have lots of side events. They have Wii, and some car racing games and performances that ended late at night, why didn't you think of that? And better yet, they are all for free!

Anyway, I had fun because by around 9pm plus, there were not many people and the field is free for the soccer-holics to play. There's this game where you were attached to the spring and to run forward to put at ball in the net and then you were pulled back by the spring. Sounds easy but hell no! I was like rolling back, what's more I'm very light!

Then they have the rock climbing on balloons, it was fun despite the fact that it's very slippery that I have to climb by holding on to the rope instead. After that we went around playing the basketball thingy like what you find in the arcade, and they have this big ball where you can go in and roll in it. I rode on this mechanical bull which I've forgotten it's name and it's darn painful! It was so vigorous. There's this guy who rode on it for a minute without falling off and when he got down, he was like so dizzy!

It was late and I thought I wanted to go home but since we've not been debriefed, I can't go off. Once debriefed, we took a group photo of our own class, and then I called the cab. It was so annoying that the operator doesn't know how to spell The Padang even thought it isn't in their database. And I was late for like a minute or two because I was carrying a heavy load when the cab driver called asking where am I in an inappropriate tone. If I was really in bad mood, I would just shut my phone or call for other cab but whatever. He was fast anyway.

I'm glad that I'm halfway through Jodi Picoult's Tenth Circle in like what, two weeks? I bought that book like ages ago and never read it before. So it's time to read and broaden your mind! Have a great weekend everybody!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Meet The Nico Rosberg

I hope you guys are having a great weekend ahead and as for my Muslim friends I believe all of you are busy in the midst of upcoming Eid. If you read upon this, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my Muslim friends and relatives,

 "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, maaf zahir dan batin. Kalau tersalah kata dan tersilap langkah, maafkan dari hujung rambut hingga ke hujung kaki."

My Eid preparations has been fine and tight since this will be the third year we're celebrating without my late grandmother. Otherwise by now, a lot of things has been done except those minor details and cooking of some dishes. I hope this year I know how to weave the ketupat!

I believe this year a lot of things has changed. As we get to know more people, the lesser time we have for the people that we've known and even if you try to compromise it with the things you had prioritize, you will not have the time still. So I guess it is fair to keep my foot on the ground, do what I want and suppose to do, and I believe as time goes by, you're done with socializing. You might not understand this but who cares as long as I do

I saw my dad reading past issues of Men's Health magazine he borrowed from his friend because he wanted to learn some new recipes and I'm hooked to them because they have a lot of health facts which I'm so curious to know! They tell you about prostate cancer which occurs on male and how condoms are made (I didn't know they have it in glow-in-the-dark version until I read them!) and of course 3/4 of the article talks about muscles and workout routines which I don't bother to read except about butt lifting in which I forgot about it by now. Seriously, Men's Health is not really my cup of tea. Maybe not now. They even have sex articles on how make sex better. But I skipped that. No matter what, reading broadens your mind.

For the past few weeks, I have been involved with Lenovo as they are sponsoring for the ATT Williams F1 Team. Nico Rosberg came down on the 24th. Truthfully I wasn't interested about this whole thing until my friend Ward told me how she likes Nico Rosberg so I tried my best to make her jealous by telling her what I have to do for him! I did her a big favor by asking him for his autograph! I didn't doing this. I was reluctant to go for this but my parents told me to earn hard money so I went for it. It was a hard job indeed and God knows why! Besides, I thought it wouldn't clash with my tutoring classes as it was a scheduled one until they made it otherwise which really frustrated my planner.

Let me make this easy and this does not mean I'm holding any grudges but things should be scheduled before hand. I am just an organized person.

I have to wake up later on to hang those curtains, which really aches my hand! I can't stand those dust falling onto my face. My house is like a shipwreck now

Alright, I'm off eating my breakfast now. Have a great week people!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lucky Day

There's so much coincidence today. Well, lucky me! I was interviewed by Singapore's Tourism Board about the Singapore Grand Prix, and I made a new friend from Israel. She has got nice eyes! Even the interviewer said so. We exchanged contacts and all, and talking to her was so funny because she could not speak English that well so talking to her is almost like teaching a kid to speak. Thankfully her friend was able to be the translator for the day! They're very nice people.

Apparently, she was promoting a nail buffing set and some other cosmetic products, which my mum had bought from the same company but different place. So it kinda impressed her when I know what was the blue, grey and white buffer are used for and what are they made off. Anyway, I hope my interview will be broadcasted somewhere or something! Prays hard.

So somehow, these things killed my boredom at work. Thank God for that and I can't wait to finish this work and get my pay! Tuition classes are ending soon because students will be sitting for their Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). All the best to them! I'm left with my working adult students. Next year I'll be doing something else hopefully!

Thank God my room was done. New colour, and new arrangements. I just hope this new arrangement will collect lesser dust knowing how allergic I am to dust. Seeing a peck of dust from the direct sunlight can even make me sneeze!  If only dust can be converted into money! Fat hope!

I'm done updating. Below are some pictures of Neesh, Ward and I at the Eid bazaar.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Shangri-La Sleepover Sequel

As I said, Friday I went out with Khai, sent my phone, and was at Shangri-La for sleepover. Before that I met Siti and Fifi and we're so glad to meet each other after ages of not contacting! Just hanged out around E!Hub with Fifi and all, headed to Shagri-La, had a good night sleep because it's so cold. It's 18 degrees for goodness sake! I went out of the shower and it was super cold.

Saturday I went out with my family to have a birthday celebration at Kenny Roger's. Went to Jusco and ate there and then bought some frozen stuffs. It was fun and there I made up my mind to change my phone because my current one just sucks. I cannot imagine it after my one year warranty, what would happen to it. I need a new mobile phone!

I'm selected for Muzikarama, thankfully. Which means to say I have a lot of things to do, more than ever! Ouh well, my part wasn't that much though. So it should be easy for me! I can't reveal details because nothing is confirmed yet.

Okay, I'm off now. Have a great week ahead and have a great fasting month!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sleepover Computer

Thank God Shangri-La Horizon Club has got a computer, a working one and a fast one. Overseas, computers either lag, or just can't be connected. In which, this fast access has made me dare to update my blog! Okay, short updates now.
  1. My phone is spoilt again! I watched Wall-E last night and it was super cute! When I got back after my shower at home, the phone rebooted itself and keep on rebooting itself. I gave up and I sent it for repair. Mind you, I have to start searching for a new phone and a new camera.
  2. Exams are over yesterday! I know it was sort of yesterday but so what! I must celebrate after a hectic days of studying for Law, Construction and Event Materials, which really made my heart pounding because there are so many to memorize!
  3. Today was Teacher's Celebration and I would like to take this opportunity to wish all teachers a Happy Teachers Day!
  4. At the same time, today is my youngest brother's birthday and I would like to wish him a big Happy Birthday! May God shower you with his blessings!
  5. I went to Mustafa Centre today to accompany Khai get her Diadora soccer bag and in the end I'm the one buying stuffs! I bought a shoe bag for myself and another shoe bag for my youngest brother as his birthday present. Seriously, I'm not really sure on what to buy but I think it's a good idea because he plays soccer and floorball and all the balls you can think off. (Don't get your mind dirty!)
  6. Went to IMM and ate Burger King to spend up the voucher and I thought I wanted to go to Daiso to get a spectacle box but it's all so small. I need a big one for my RayBan because the casing was lost.
  7. Now I'm in Shangri-La with one of my best buddies for a sleepover.
  8. Tomorrow my parents are going to fetch me for my youngest brother's birthday celebration.
  9. I've written down all my holiday plans and I believe I am going to be satisfied emotionally this month. These are some of my plans:
  • Paint my room. Now I want white room so that it looks spacious.
  • Replace old shelves to longer and bigger one so I can "collect more dust"
  • Sell away all my old books and give away some as a charity during fasting month.
  • Help paint the house because I've learnt some painting techniques through Event Materials module!
  • One of the most important, plan the Reunion Party and start sending proposal letters. It's going to be a hard work, so I really hope I get good response!
Now I'm feeling sleepy and I really need my beauty sleep. I will update pictures soon. Unfortunately I can't use that 5 Megapixel camera phone! Why it has to spoil on the best day of the week? Totally pissed!

Have a great weekend everybody and have a great holiday to all my mates! =)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kuala Lumpur (2008)

Last week my family and I went to Malaysia and we saw this Japanese peeps while buying the Ramly burger. It was an impromptu thing. The guy (Tatsu-san) started talking to me which I forgot what really, but I did converse with him in Japanese althought not much of it! They were so impressed somehow. I'm not showing off but it's cute to see the other two Japanese girls go "Kawaii!" when I mentioned Hana Yori Dango and their beloved Matsumoto Jun. Heh! Chatted with them about Mareshia and Shingaporu. "Mareshia iidesuka?" and Tatsu-san was like "Iidesu! Iidesu!" So weird but fun because at least then I can make full use of my Japanese knowledge right... Nevertheless, "Dozo yoroshiku!"

Anyway, as you guys have heard in Friendster about the poll in my blog, I'm planning a Reunion Party Class of 2007. I hope a lot of people is looking forward to it and relive the old times and all. I have to tell you it's a hell of trouble trying to get a venue that could at least hold hundreds of people at this point of time because most venues booked in December are expensive, or even if it is not, it will be unavailable. Besides, it's a little tad too late for grand one because it's targeted to run in December. Therefore, I believe our venue might be in school itself and even so, I have not contacted anyone yet. I need to know who's coming and who's not first so that I can make it just nice for everybody. It's a hard work and you guys better able make it okay! Nevertheless, I should say, do not be surprised if this event cannot even go on. No proper venue, no event.

I've got breakouts past few days and it's annoying me terribly. I read in Wikipedia (it's so useful but can't take wholly though) about sleep and all and I was surprised how sleep really, really, affects your hormones and your digestive system and even your skin! I mean I do know that sleep helps in digesting and all but not the detailed info! So, I've came out with my own regime.

  1. Sleep early. Need my 8-hours a day.
  2. Eat an apple a day or any fruit a day because it contains fibre and vitamins that can help get rid of your toxins in your body and prevent constipation. Apple also help to reduce the risk of prostate cancer in males. It contains antioxidant compounds which slows down aging and of course it contains Vitamin C, good for a healthy skin.
  3. Drink loads of water. Study shows that you don't need 8 glass of water but drink whenever you feel thirsty!
  4. Exercise at least once a week so as to regulate your blood flow and all. Besides, it's good to have a toned body. In addition, exercise produces endorphins which is responsible to make you feel happy.
  5. Use moisturizer at night before sleep because during sleep time is the time the cream reacts actively with your skin.
  6. Minimize spicy food, and carbonated/soda drinks because it makes one have zits easily.
You may choose to either follow it or not.

P/S: I've not make any detailed plans on my holiday yet and I must do it this coming Friday.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

SingFest 2008

Hello! Good day people! =)
I hope you guys had a nice weekend. Last Friday after school I went shopping with Fiz and repaired my phone again. At last, I got what I wanted. Anyway, my dad bought me new speakers for my television. At least I can hear more bass when I switch on the movies! At night Lina, Irah and I watched The Mummy. It was good and the animations was kind of cute. I have not watched The Dark Knight! And I'm not sure if it's still there! Or maybe I should just buy the DVD instead and watch them with my new speakers!

On Saturday I went to SingFest. Supposedly I have to go with Pat's date but I ended up going with Soffi. It was fun. Not so jam packed until you can't walk. Unfortunately I can't get my phone on Saturday so I can't take pictures! Fortunately, there was a photo booth where Nokia took the photos for us and we can get it printed in an hour. Basically I was there for most of the freebies and watch the Levis runway show which was quite boring because it wasn't a proper runway! I don't really know most of the artist there but some of their songs were good. Anyway, I am still thinking on what to buy with the Levis voucher which I got on that day!

The past one week had been an eventful one with Event Experience at Singapore Science Centre. They got too much manpower that my job was too simple or rather almost invisible. It was fun though especially the buffet. Heh! I went for two rounds. I know. I can be a piranha. And then in Construction we did practical. We had to fix a big frame and my group members vandalize them by writing our names. It was fun but unfortunately, we can't unfix them because it was too big to be stored in school!

I have so much to do this coming week and some are redundant stuffs that I wish to do
  1. Edit IT Tutorial! I want to add some effects to it otherwise it's gonna be too plain.
  2. Collect my phone! I've been missing it for like 2 days!
  3. I have to study for IT and Drawing test this coming 12th and 15th!
  4. Sorting out notes
Okay, I'm off now. Have a nice week!

I love school.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Sony Creative Science Award 2008

Construction on Monday was fun because we did not do any tutorials but we did practical. We had to fix like a big frame and then undo it. The undo-ing part was a hassle but I didn't do it because I went back to class to complete my homework while the rest undo it. Anyway since our group finish doing it first because of our lecturer's help, we vandalized our groupwork with our names and played tic-tac-toe!

The following day was lecture and we revised for Construction. Law tutorial was so hard, as in hard to analyze but it's fun reading. I've been reading my law book but none of them sticks to my mind as in the cases that I have to remember. But I think I can manage it sooner or later.

Last Wednesday was the Sony Creative Science Award 2008. That's the last for Event Experience module. I have to update my portfolio and get it as soon as possible otherwise I'll be left behind. Anyway, the event wasn't as boring as I thought but I was bored because I did almost nothing except to wear formal outfit and dress up and walk around and wait for the time to carry table backstage and then look at the toys that won and awed at one of Sony's latest creation: dancing speakers. Awesome and I wanted to get one of those but they're not in Singapore's market yet. So we'll wait and see but I want to get my new camera and phone first where ever possible.

Supposedly I have to go to gym, using Pat's gym but thanks to Drawing make-up lesson, I can't. I've not run for ages or even carry some weights. Drawing lesson was not that bad at all, because we have to do venue planning and all at the swimming complex.

Today's Friday, and no way I will be home early today! I'm going to get my mobile because they called me and asked me to go down and see one of the staff - which can be annoying because they're wasting my time arguing over this case! After which I have to print notes and I don't know where is the nearest photocopy service. I don't want to go to my school's one although I know it's the nearest and the most convenient but I have to take out the staples myself and all. My school's printing ladies are not that friendly anyway. They even have a note telling us to take out the staples first before they photocopy for us! And they charge almost the same as out there. After that I have to head to meet my student and she better pass her test. For all what I've done she jolly well pass her test! Heh!

After that I might be heading to the movies at night. As I said, movie is just a stones throw away from my place. It's so convenient for socially deprived people!

I'm off now to gain knowledge and wisdom. See you!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Hilton Joke

I was pissed on Friday because I was served by a staff whom I thought doesn't know how to explain the current situation on why the warranty is not valid for my mobile problem and hoping by saying "It's not in the warranty." a thousand times will work.

Me: Hi, my keypad here, one of the buttons, it came off. (Then looked at her)
X: Yeah, what's the problem?
Me: (Re-explained every single thing.)
X: Ouh, but it's not in the warranty.
Me: Huh? How come?
X: Because the keypad is lost and it's not in the warranty.
Me: Errr what if I come back with the lost keypad will you be able to fix it? (Of course knowing that the keypad was lost already, there's no hope in getting found!)
X: No, because it's not in the warranty. (What?)

And the worse thing was, she didn't even had the courtesy to say thank you when I was about to walk out. Where's the initiative man? I honestly think one should never ever work in customer service if they can't make it. As they say, not everyone is suited for the job they like. Not a midget could be a Victoria Secret model aye? That's reality.

I am going to write to your supervisor for not making me feel better that the damage is not in the warranty or when your poor little customer here was feeling angry that his keypad was lost and he has to spend $80 should he wants to get it fixed. The least you could do was to start off your sentence with "Sorry, we can't accept the warranty because..." Then at least I will feel better even if it takes to carry a phone which has lost one keypad and looks ugly, worse still, can't be used.

Nevertheless, the start of the weekend wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Of course the starting was super bad because I have to take bus from Dover to the east this month due to my sheer carelessness and laziness to read the top-up screen properly! There was a screw up with the student concession. Anyway, I met Fiz at Starbucks after that incident. Checked my e-mails there and then headed to tuition after that as Hafiz needed to go to E!Hub for something else and I have to attend to something else. I am so sorry I couldn't attend DanceFest last minute! I'd love to though but I have something inevitable to do.

Met Fiz again, and we headed to Orchard and window shopped.

After getting bored not knowing where to go, mind you it was like 10pm plus already, Fiz booked a double single room at Hilton hotel and we had so much fun and so many things to talk about. I called my mum and she was quite surprised because it was an abrupt plan and she was having fun with her friends at Tampines and she said she wanted to visit us!

Once we checked in, we went to Mustafa Centre (lika a tourist!) and watched how people got their jet massage using this particular machine. Looks amazing but the price is amazing too. Went back to hotel once my mum said she's at the lobby already. Chatted in our room for a while and when my parents were gone, we're wrecky havoc. Okay, don't take the wrecky havoc for what it is. There's no alcohol or drugs invovled... We are not that type of people but we make a mess when we are being our crazy self.

Of course some will have that specualtion that we are some sort of gay couple. Let me be clear, we are not a gay couple! We are just two very close friends hanging out.

We ordered McDelivery to send us food and they really did sent to our doorstep! I thought we have to come down to take it at the lobby or something. How convenient it was! Okay and that was the part I couldn't stop laughing because...

We were wearing our bathrobe over because it was too cold, and we were laughing so loud at a particular dirty joke and we sounded so wrong while he was at the door. We were caught off guard when my phone rang because he is outside of our room. I bet he heard every single thing!

Me: Eh, hurry up the McRider called. Food's here! (I thought we had to come down) Damn, we look so... (At this time, I opened the door and McRider was there with our food!)

I felt like laughing out loud I controlled and at the same time embarrassed because I thought he heard what I said and will give us the impression that we're having some inappropriate fun. When he went off, I can't help it but to laugh. I really rolled on the floor. Breathless.

We chatted and ate and chatted on our own bed and me being myself who doesn't like to see mess ended up arranging stuffs for the next day's check out and make sure all my stuffs are with me. Around 3-4am, we went down to Orchard Road to window shop again and that's the only time where you see no one there and available taxis are everywhere. Everywhere. We went back to hotel and checked out to get the deposit first. We're suppose to check out at 12 noon. Fiz had to go off at 8am because he need to run some important errand so I'm left alone in the hotel room until 12 noon. Practically I did nothing but played my laptop since it was with me all this while. Thankfully my dad brought the modem for me otherwise I have to pay for the extra charges for wi-fi. It was fun in the hotel room alone and pretend that that's your own house for next four hours. Okay, thanks Fiz for the blissful and amazing Friday night! 

I woke up quite early today probably because I was afraid I might check out late and I might miss the wake up call. I even set an alarm from my phone which was then flat already! Hopeless! But I managed to get a good rest and wake up on time. Managed to get a shower and you know how long it took me to shower... However, since it was an impromptu one, I didn't bring extra clothes. Thankfully I didn't sweat badly that day!

I was half way home by taking the bus (again!) when my mum called me. I was fetched somewhere and we went to Arab Street to get fabrics for this year's Eid outfit. I can't wait to send it for tailoring because otherwise I have to get a ready made one which I don't really like because of the cutting. Tailored ones are the best because it will make you feel comfortable wearing them and you can choose the design yourself. I'm browsing some Club 21 Magazine for ideas! I need to get nice buttons for the outfit. Any ideas where can I get them?

Supposedly, I am suppose to sit at home on Saturday to do my assignments and even revise! However, it turns out that I don't remember any assignments I want to do. I even planned to do my assignment in the hotel knowing I can multi-task at times but I don't remember any individual assignments so I guess this week there are no assignments for me!

I must start exercising, not to get a bulky and beefy body but at least to be active and not lazy! I've been so lazy! I don't even want to walk from my school to the train station which is one stop away. I'd just take the bus. Some people even walk to the mosque for Friday prayers but I don't because it's so far like 3-4 stops away! Therefore, I should start sweating at least once a week or at least once a month!

P/S: Dreams + action + confidence + blessings = SUCCESS.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Joint Tuition Awards Ceremony 2008

A very short update. Recently, I received an award in my campus, alongside with some other old friends. Congratulations to everyone and thank you for all the motivation and support! Your well wishes are indeed coming true and please, do keep them coming. Thank you!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Bandung, Jakarta, Bali (2008)

I am going to miss Bali very much! I won't get into details of a 9 day trip to Indonesia otherwise I will spending hours typing an essay which I don't think everyone will read because it will be too long! Anyway, I will straight away jump into the pool. And trust me, this entry will still be long no matter what. Pictures are not in chronological order by the way!

First day: Checked out from home sweet home. My Uncle J's family sleptover at our house because they live in Bukit Batok and they can't possibly get a train or drive from there to Changi Airport. The next morning, the driver picked us up with our luggage. The van was huge just like the van my idol rode to Anugerah Planet Muzik! From then on, I felt like a superstar. In a blink of an eye, we were at the airport, checked in, met my relatives and that sums up three family going on a long trip in Indonesia.

We reached Jakarta and my mum's friends picked us up to Bandung. There, we did nothing much but more of sight seeing at the long dead volcano and some other beautiful places. The volcano smells like my fart (mainly sulphur smell) and it's worse! It's inactive but whatever happens beneath the volcano doesn't end. It emits some bloody smoke and smell. It's different from what you see in documentaries. It is a beautiful place though. We went to one of the lakes (Tasik Cinta) in Bandung and rode a boat there. Visited their tea plantation and admire the view around. The villa we stayed in is super nice with a spectacular view!

Second day: Before heading to Jakarta, we did some light shopping mainly of souvenirs and again, we went sight seeing. Once we reached Jakarta, we shopped, eat and went back to the hotel. Sounds boring but it's meant to be boring because the next day we're heading to Bali and we need to stay close to the airport otherwise we will then miss our flight due to their traffic congestion. Jakarta was like our transit stay.

Third day: We went to the airport early in the morning because it was a morning flight. We jetted to Bali, where the real fun began. We reached Bali, the driver fetched us and that time it was a new driver. Pak Wayan, the supir (driver in Bahasa Indonesia). We check in Puri Bagus (it's by the beach), stayed there for one night. We went to their Hindu temple which they call pura. There, there was a guide to guide us. My uncle and my brother stayed at the foot of the hill because he was sick and my uncle didn't feel like walking up that day. Anyway, that pura was 2 kilometers away and we have to ascend the hill by walking! Duh, everybody panted after that. When we got down, my brother and my uncle was playing chess with the people!

Fourth day: We checked out and checked in Puri Sagon (it's by the jungle and padi fields). Nothing much to say here but the atmosphere was very, very calming. We visited another temple but this time, there are shops around and since the place is super ulu (geologically deep inside) we can get those stuffs cheaply. I bought a new drawer for my home office desk to store all my stationeries, and some presents for my friends and relatives. Really, some of these places is an eye-opener for some of eyes. Guess what, most of them thought we were Malaysians just because the Malay slang we speak is different from theirs! And sometimes we're like saying "No, we live below Malaysia." and they were like clueless. They probably don't even know where Singapore is.

Fifth day: Indescribable happy day for us. The first two days in Bali we ventured the ulu-ulu areas. The fifth day onwards we headed to Hard Rock Hotel, Kuta, by the beach. It's super fun! Music lovers should stay there if they were to go to Bali. We walked down the streets. Apparently you can treat the roads there like yours. Only guessing! You can cross the roads freely without even looking left and right (not advisable though!) because the cars and motors will just stop for you! All you have to do is to raise your hand and tadda, the road is yours to cross. The people there are nice

There, you will die if you don't jaywalk because everywhere is jammed (not really but more of slow moving traffic). You can even play catching on the road! Only kidding! Anyway, the last day of the trip, my cousins, Farhan, my dad and I went to the club to see the live band performance. After which, we thought of going for karaoke but you have to book one day earlier and the next day we're going to check out. All the activities were closed at night and we got no where to go! We went out to see if any pubs or clubs were open but some of them were super boring. We ended up walking by the beach under moonlight, talking junks. I guess the only place that's still open was the hotel room which we dreaded to go because the last day we had to check out already. See, how much we're going to miss Bali.

Bandung, Jakarta and Bali is superb! A big thank you to my parents and everyone!

There's more to what I've written above but I guess it's better if I were to put it in pictures so you won't get bored. Enjoy!