Monday, June 16, 2008

Bandung, Jakarta, Bali (2008)

I am going to miss Bali very much! I won't get into details of a 9 day trip to Indonesia otherwise I will spending hours typing an essay which I don't think everyone will read because it will be too long! Anyway, I will straight away jump into the pool. And trust me, this entry will still be long no matter what. Pictures are not in chronological order by the way!

First day: Checked out from home sweet home. My Uncle J's family sleptover at our house because they live in Bukit Batok and they can't possibly get a train or drive from there to Changi Airport. The next morning, the driver picked us up with our luggage. The van was huge just like the van my idol rode to Anugerah Planet Muzik! From then on, I felt like a superstar. In a blink of an eye, we were at the airport, checked in, met my relatives and that sums up three family going on a long trip in Indonesia.

We reached Jakarta and my mum's friends picked us up to Bandung. There, we did nothing much but more of sight seeing at the long dead volcano and some other beautiful places. The volcano smells like my fart (mainly sulphur smell) and it's worse! It's inactive but whatever happens beneath the volcano doesn't end. It emits some bloody smoke and smell. It's different from what you see in documentaries. It is a beautiful place though. We went to one of the lakes (Tasik Cinta) in Bandung and rode a boat there. Visited their tea plantation and admire the view around. The villa we stayed in is super nice with a spectacular view!

Second day: Before heading to Jakarta, we did some light shopping mainly of souvenirs and again, we went sight seeing. Once we reached Jakarta, we shopped, eat and went back to the hotel. Sounds boring but it's meant to be boring because the next day we're heading to Bali and we need to stay close to the airport otherwise we will then miss our flight due to their traffic congestion. Jakarta was like our transit stay.

Third day: We went to the airport early in the morning because it was a morning flight. We jetted to Bali, where the real fun began. We reached Bali, the driver fetched us and that time it was a new driver. Pak Wayan, the supir (driver in Bahasa Indonesia). We check in Puri Bagus (it's by the beach), stayed there for one night. We went to their Hindu temple which they call pura. There, there was a guide to guide us. My uncle and my brother stayed at the foot of the hill because he was sick and my uncle didn't feel like walking up that day. Anyway, that pura was 2 kilometers away and we have to ascend the hill by walking! Duh, everybody panted after that. When we got down, my brother and my uncle was playing chess with the people!

Fourth day: We checked out and checked in Puri Sagon (it's by the jungle and padi fields). Nothing much to say here but the atmosphere was very, very calming. We visited another temple but this time, there are shops around and since the place is super ulu (geologically deep inside) we can get those stuffs cheaply. I bought a new drawer for my home office desk to store all my stationeries, and some presents for my friends and relatives. Really, some of these places is an eye-opener for some of eyes. Guess what, most of them thought we were Malaysians just because the Malay slang we speak is different from theirs! And sometimes we're like saying "No, we live below Malaysia." and they were like clueless. They probably don't even know where Singapore is.

Fifth day: Indescribable happy day for us. The first two days in Bali we ventured the ulu-ulu areas. The fifth day onwards we headed to Hard Rock Hotel, Kuta, by the beach. It's super fun! Music lovers should stay there if they were to go to Bali. We walked down the streets. Apparently you can treat the roads there like yours. Only guessing! You can cross the roads freely without even looking left and right (not advisable though!) because the cars and motors will just stop for you! All you have to do is to raise your hand and tadda, the road is yours to cross. The people there are nice

There, you will die if you don't jaywalk because everywhere is jammed (not really but more of slow moving traffic). You can even play catching on the road! Only kidding! Anyway, the last day of the trip, my cousins, Farhan, my dad and I went to the club to see the live band performance. After which, we thought of going for karaoke but you have to book one day earlier and the next day we're going to check out. All the activities were closed at night and we got no where to go! We went out to see if any pubs or clubs were open but some of them were super boring. We ended up walking by the beach under moonlight, talking junks. I guess the only place that's still open was the hotel room which we dreaded to go because the last day we had to check out already. See, how much we're going to miss Bali.

Bandung, Jakarta and Bali is superb! A big thank you to my parents and everyone!

There's more to what I've written above but I guess it's better if I were to put it in pictures so you won't get bored. Enjoy!