Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Hilton Joke

I was pissed on Friday because I was served by a staff whom I thought doesn't know how to explain the current situation on why the warranty is not valid for my mobile problem and hoping by saying "It's not in the warranty." a thousand times will work.

Me: Hi, my keypad here, one of the buttons, it came off. (Then looked at her)
X: Yeah, what's the problem?
Me: (Re-explained every single thing.)
X: Ouh, but it's not in the warranty.
Me: Huh? How come?
X: Because the keypad is lost and it's not in the warranty.
Me: Errr what if I come back with the lost keypad will you be able to fix it? (Of course knowing that the keypad was lost already, there's no hope in getting found!)
X: No, because it's not in the warranty. (What?)

And the worse thing was, she didn't even had the courtesy to say thank you when I was about to walk out. Where's the initiative man? I honestly think one should never ever work in customer service if they can't make it. As they say, not everyone is suited for the job they like. Not a midget could be a Victoria Secret model aye? That's reality.

I am going to write to your supervisor for not making me feel better that the damage is not in the warranty or when your poor little customer here was feeling angry that his keypad was lost and he has to spend $80 should he wants to get it fixed. The least you could do was to start off your sentence with "Sorry, we can't accept the warranty because..." Then at least I will feel better even if it takes to carry a phone which has lost one keypad and looks ugly, worse still, can't be used.

Nevertheless, the start of the weekend wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Of course the starting was super bad because I have to take bus from Dover to the east this month due to my sheer carelessness and laziness to read the top-up screen properly! There was a screw up with the student concession. Anyway, I met Fiz at Starbucks after that incident. Checked my e-mails there and then headed to tuition after that as Hafiz needed to go to E!Hub for something else and I have to attend to something else. I am so sorry I couldn't attend DanceFest last minute! I'd love to though but I have something inevitable to do.

Met Fiz again, and we headed to Orchard and window shopped.

After getting bored not knowing where to go, mind you it was like 10pm plus already, Fiz booked a double single room at Hilton hotel and we had so much fun and so many things to talk about. I called my mum and she was quite surprised because it was an abrupt plan and she was having fun with her friends at Tampines and she said she wanted to visit us!

Once we checked in, we went to Mustafa Centre (lika a tourist!) and watched how people got their jet massage using this particular machine. Looks amazing but the price is amazing too. Went back to hotel once my mum said she's at the lobby already. Chatted in our room for a while and when my parents were gone, we're wrecky havoc. Okay, don't take the wrecky havoc for what it is. There's no alcohol or drugs invovled... We are not that type of people but we make a mess when we are being our crazy self.

Of course some will have that specualtion that we are some sort of gay couple. Let me be clear, we are not a gay couple! We are just two very close friends hanging out.

We ordered McDelivery to send us food and they really did sent to our doorstep! I thought we have to come down to take it at the lobby or something. How convenient it was! Okay and that was the part I couldn't stop laughing because...

We were wearing our bathrobe over because it was too cold, and we were laughing so loud at a particular dirty joke and we sounded so wrong while he was at the door. We were caught off guard when my phone rang because he is outside of our room. I bet he heard every single thing!

Me: Eh, hurry up the McRider called. Food's here! (I thought we had to come down) Damn, we look so... (At this time, I opened the door and McRider was there with our food!)

I felt like laughing out loud I controlled and at the same time embarrassed because I thought he heard what I said and will give us the impression that we're having some inappropriate fun. When he went off, I can't help it but to laugh. I really rolled on the floor. Breathless.

We chatted and ate and chatted on our own bed and me being myself who doesn't like to see mess ended up arranging stuffs for the next day's check out and make sure all my stuffs are with me. Around 3-4am, we went down to Orchard Road to window shop again and that's the only time where you see no one there and available taxis are everywhere. Everywhere. We went back to hotel and checked out to get the deposit first. We're suppose to check out at 12 noon. Fiz had to go off at 8am because he need to run some important errand so I'm left alone in the hotel room until 12 noon. Practically I did nothing but played my laptop since it was with me all this while. Thankfully my dad brought the modem for me otherwise I have to pay for the extra charges for wi-fi. It was fun in the hotel room alone and pretend that that's your own house for next four hours. Okay, thanks Fiz for the blissful and amazing Friday night! 

I woke up quite early today probably because I was afraid I might check out late and I might miss the wake up call. I even set an alarm from my phone which was then flat already! Hopeless! But I managed to get a good rest and wake up on time. Managed to get a shower and you know how long it took me to shower... However, since it was an impromptu one, I didn't bring extra clothes. Thankfully I didn't sweat badly that day!

I was half way home by taking the bus (again!) when my mum called me. I was fetched somewhere and we went to Arab Street to get fabrics for this year's Eid outfit. I can't wait to send it for tailoring because otherwise I have to get a ready made one which I don't really like because of the cutting. Tailored ones are the best because it will make you feel comfortable wearing them and you can choose the design yourself. I'm browsing some Club 21 Magazine for ideas! I need to get nice buttons for the outfit. Any ideas where can I get them?

Supposedly, I am suppose to sit at home on Saturday to do my assignments and even revise! However, it turns out that I don't remember any assignments I want to do. I even planned to do my assignment in the hotel knowing I can multi-task at times but I don't remember any individual assignments so I guess this week there are no assignments for me!

I must start exercising, not to get a bulky and beefy body but at least to be active and not lazy! I've been so lazy! I don't even want to walk from my school to the train station which is one stop away. I'd just take the bus. Some people even walk to the mosque for Friday prayers but I don't because it's so far like 3-4 stops away! Therefore, I should start sweating at least once a week or at least once a month!

P/S: Dreams + action + confidence + blessings = SUCCESS.