Sunday, August 31, 2008

Shangri-La Sleepover Sequel

As I said, Friday I went out with Khai, sent my phone, and was at Shangri-La for sleepover. Before that I met Siti and Fifi and we're so glad to meet each other after ages of not contacting! Just hanged out around E!Hub with Fifi and all, headed to Shagri-La, had a good night sleep because it's so cold. It's 18 degrees for goodness sake! I went out of the shower and it was super cold.

Saturday I went out with my family to have a birthday celebration at Kenny Roger's. Went to Jusco and ate there and then bought some frozen stuffs. It was fun and there I made up my mind to change my phone because my current one just sucks. I cannot imagine it after my one year warranty, what would happen to it. I need a new mobile phone!

I'm selected for Muzikarama, thankfully. Which means to say I have a lot of things to do, more than ever! Ouh well, my part wasn't that much though. So it should be easy for me! I can't reveal details because nothing is confirmed yet.

Okay, I'm off now. Have a great week ahead and have a great fasting month!