Sunday, August 3, 2008

SingFest 2008

Hello! Good day people! =)
I hope you guys had a nice weekend. Last Friday after school I went shopping with Fiz and repaired my phone again. At last, I got what I wanted. Anyway, my dad bought me new speakers for my television. At least I can hear more bass when I switch on the movies! At night Lina, Irah and I watched The Mummy. It was good and the animations was kind of cute. I have not watched The Dark Knight! And I'm not sure if it's still there! Or maybe I should just buy the DVD instead and watch them with my new speakers!

On Saturday I went to SingFest. Supposedly I have to go with Pat's date but I ended up going with Soffi. It was fun. Not so jam packed until you can't walk. Unfortunately I can't get my phone on Saturday so I can't take pictures! Fortunately, there was a photo booth where Nokia took the photos for us and we can get it printed in an hour. Basically I was there for most of the freebies and watch the Levis runway show which was quite boring because it wasn't a proper runway! I don't really know most of the artist there but some of their songs were good. Anyway, I am still thinking on what to buy with the Levis voucher which I got on that day!

The past one week had been an eventful one with Event Experience at Singapore Science Centre. They got too much manpower that my job was too simple or rather almost invisible. It was fun though especially the buffet. Heh! I went for two rounds. I know. I can be a piranha. And then in Construction we did practical. We had to fix a big frame and my group members vandalize them by writing our names. It was fun but unfortunately, we can't unfix them because it was too big to be stored in school!

I have so much to do this coming week and some are redundant stuffs that I wish to do
  1. Edit IT Tutorial! I want to add some effects to it otherwise it's gonna be too plain.
  2. Collect my phone! I've been missing it for like 2 days!
  3. I have to study for IT and Drawing test this coming 12th and 15th!
  4. Sorting out notes
Okay, I'm off now. Have a nice week!

I love school.