Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kuala Lumpur (2008)

Last week my family and I went to Malaysia and we saw this Japanese peeps while buying the Ramly burger. It was an impromptu thing. The guy (Tatsu-san) started talking to me which I forgot what really, but I did converse with him in Japanese althought not much of it! They were so impressed somehow. I'm not showing off but it's cute to see the other two Japanese girls go "Kawaii!" when I mentioned Hana Yori Dango and their beloved Matsumoto Jun. Heh! Chatted with them about Mareshia and Shingaporu. "Mareshia iidesuka?" and Tatsu-san was like "Iidesu! Iidesu!" So weird but fun because at least then I can make full use of my Japanese knowledge right... Nevertheless, "Dozo yoroshiku!"

Anyway, as you guys have heard in Friendster about the poll in my blog, I'm planning a Reunion Party Class of 2007. I hope a lot of people is looking forward to it and relive the old times and all. I have to tell you it's a hell of trouble trying to get a venue that could at least hold hundreds of people at this point of time because most venues booked in December are expensive, or even if it is not, it will be unavailable. Besides, it's a little tad too late for grand one because it's targeted to run in December. Therefore, I believe our venue might be in school itself and even so, I have not contacted anyone yet. I need to know who's coming and who's not first so that I can make it just nice for everybody. It's a hard work and you guys better able make it okay! Nevertheless, I should say, do not be surprised if this event cannot even go on. No proper venue, no event.

I've got breakouts past few days and it's annoying me terribly. I read in Wikipedia (it's so useful but can't take wholly though) about sleep and all and I was surprised how sleep really, really, affects your hormones and your digestive system and even your skin! I mean I do know that sleep helps in digesting and all but not the detailed info! So, I've came out with my own regime.

  1. Sleep early. Need my 8-hours a day.
  2. Eat an apple a day or any fruit a day because it contains fibre and vitamins that can help get rid of your toxins in your body and prevent constipation. Apple also help to reduce the risk of prostate cancer in males. It contains antioxidant compounds which slows down aging and of course it contains Vitamin C, good for a healthy skin.
  3. Drink loads of water. Study shows that you don't need 8 glass of water but drink whenever you feel thirsty!
  4. Exercise at least once a week so as to regulate your blood flow and all. Besides, it's good to have a toned body. In addition, exercise produces endorphins which is responsible to make you feel happy.
  5. Use moisturizer at night before sleep because during sleep time is the time the cream reacts actively with your skin.
  6. Minimize spicy food, and carbonated/soda drinks because it makes one have zits easily.
You may choose to either follow it or not.

P/S: I've not make any detailed plans on my holiday yet and I must do it this coming Friday.