Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sleepover Computer

Thank God Shangri-La Horizon Club has got a computer, a working one and a fast one. Overseas, computers either lag, or just can't be connected. In which, this fast access has made me dare to update my blog! Okay, short updates now.
  1. My phone is spoilt again! I watched Wall-E last night and it was super cute! When I got back after my shower at home, the phone rebooted itself and keep on rebooting itself. I gave up and I sent it for repair. Mind you, I have to start searching for a new phone and a new camera.
  2. Exams are over yesterday! I know it was sort of yesterday but so what! I must celebrate after a hectic days of studying for Law, Construction and Event Materials, which really made my heart pounding because there are so many to memorize!
  3. Today was Teacher's Celebration and I would like to take this opportunity to wish all teachers a Happy Teachers Day!
  4. At the same time, today is my youngest brother's birthday and I would like to wish him a big Happy Birthday! May God shower you with his blessings!
  5. I went to Mustafa Centre today to accompany Khai get her Diadora soccer bag and in the end I'm the one buying stuffs! I bought a shoe bag for myself and another shoe bag for my youngest brother as his birthday present. Seriously, I'm not really sure on what to buy but I think it's a good idea because he plays soccer and floorball and all the balls you can think off. (Don't get your mind dirty!)
  6. Went to IMM and ate Burger King to spend up the voucher and I thought I wanted to go to Daiso to get a spectacle box but it's all so small. I need a big one for my RayBan because the casing was lost.
  7. Now I'm in Shangri-La with one of my best buddies for a sleepover.
  8. Tomorrow my parents are going to fetch me for my youngest brother's birthday celebration.
  9. I've written down all my holiday plans and I believe I am going to be satisfied emotionally this month. These are some of my plans:
  • Paint my room. Now I want white room so that it looks spacious.
  • Replace old shelves to longer and bigger one so I can "collect more dust"
  • Sell away all my old books and give away some as a charity during fasting month.
  • Help paint the house because I've learnt some painting techniques through Event Materials module!
  • One of the most important, plan the Reunion Party and start sending proposal letters. It's going to be a hard work, so I really hope I get good response!
Now I'm feeling sleepy and I really need my beauty sleep. I will update pictures soon. Unfortunately I can't use that 5 Megapixel camera phone! Why it has to spoil on the best day of the week? Totally pissed!

Have a great weekend everybody and have a great holiday to all my mates! =)