Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lucky Day

There's so much coincidence today. Well, lucky me! I was interviewed by Singapore's Tourism Board about the Singapore Grand Prix, and I made a new friend from Israel. She has got nice eyes! Even the interviewer said so. We exchanged contacts and all, and talking to her was so funny because she could not speak English that well so talking to her is almost like teaching a kid to speak. Thankfully her friend was able to be the translator for the day! They're very nice people.

Apparently, she was promoting a nail buffing set and some other cosmetic products, which my mum had bought from the same company but different place. So it kinda impressed her when I know what was the blue, grey and white buffer are used for and what are they made off. Anyway, I hope my interview will be broadcasted somewhere or something! Prays hard.

So somehow, these things killed my boredom at work. Thank God for that and I can't wait to finish this work and get my pay! Tuition classes are ending soon because students will be sitting for their Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). All the best to them! I'm left with my working adult students. Next year I'll be doing something else hopefully!

Thank God my room was done. New colour, and new arrangements. I just hope this new arrangement will collect lesser dust knowing how allergic I am to dust. Seeing a peck of dust from the direct sunlight can even make me sneeze!  If only dust can be converted into money! Fat hope!

I'm done updating. Below are some pictures of Neesh, Ward and I at the Eid bazaar.