Saturday, November 8, 2008

Anti-Smoking Event, Breathe! (2008)

Yesterday's Breathe! event was fun and exhilarating. I was the 5-on-5 soccer scheduler and was entertained by teachers who makes a fuss about not getting a time slot in the game. Face the facts: You are not the only one who's facing the same problem. You tell me to ask them to get back to you otherwise you will lodge a complain about the organizer. Who am I to interfere or even feel scared about? Well absolutely not my fault for not having a place for you because you came late because that's what I'm told to do. I don't know why you make a fuss about 5-on-5 soccer match. If you think you've wasted your time traveling, ]please make use what the event has got to offer to compensate that. They have lots of side events. They have Wii, and some car racing games and performances that ended late at night, why didn't you think of that? And better yet, they are all for free!

Anyway, I had fun because by around 9pm plus, there were not many people and the field is free for the soccer-holics to play. There's this game where you were attached to the spring and to run forward to put at ball in the net and then you were pulled back by the spring. Sounds easy but hell no! I was like rolling back, what's more I'm very light!

Then they have the rock climbing on balloons, it was fun despite the fact that it's very slippery that I have to climb by holding on to the rope instead. After that we went around playing the basketball thingy like what you find in the arcade, and they have this big ball where you can go in and roll in it. I rode on this mechanical bull which I've forgotten it's name and it's darn painful! It was so vigorous. There's this guy who rode on it for a minute without falling off and when he got down, he was like so dizzy!

It was late and I thought I wanted to go home but since we've not been debriefed, I can't go off. Once debriefed, we took a group photo of our own class, and then I called the cab. It was so annoying that the operator doesn't know how to spell The Padang even thought it isn't in their database. And I was late for like a minute or two because I was carrying a heavy load when the cab driver called asking where am I in an inappropriate tone. If I was really in bad mood, I would just shut my phone or call for other cab but whatever. He was fast anyway.

I'm glad that I'm halfway through Jodi Picoult's Tenth Circle in like what, two weeks? I bought that book like ages ago and never read it before. So it's time to read and broaden your mind! Have a great weekend everybody!