Saturday, December 27, 2008

Shopping, Gua Tempurung and Go-Kart

My three weeks school holiday is rather short but I guess it's another best holidays of the year. Sleeping in hotel rooms has indeed dried my skin terribly and it really itches my leg and it's burning up. Almost everyday I'm out, ever since the end of the last paper. Going out preparing for the party we had, and slumbers, and trip to KL, Perak, Genting, Malacca and now I'm in Singapore since Christmas and Saturday I'm going to Pulai Springs Resort for another one night stay. Seriously, thank God there's not much assignments. Except a headache for AVS slides and Autocad mayhem.
I went to school today to do the Autocad. I know, even straight A student won't do this but since I have to repair my laptop because Windows XP is not showing up, I have no choice but to go back to school. Otherwise when? Anyway, the staff isn't much of a help. I'm like so clueless on what to do! I learnt my lesson. I copied some of the notes left in the service center so that when the problem occurs again, don't even think of going back there! (Unless I have no choice...)

And then I stayed to finish up Autocad. It's so annoying. The bench has got no backrest and I have to sit from like 3pm plus until 8pm plus trying to meddle with that thing. At times I felt like going crazy by throwing away that laptop and scream out loud. But again, I'm composed enough.

Anyway, back to my awaited holiday trip, in KL, I went out with Syaz to Berjaya Times Square, The Pavillion (it's huge, I got lost), Sogo by taking their train. I love their train: It has a lot of seats but I hate it: You have to get a new card to transit. Thanks to Touch-And-Go, I can just treat it like Singapore's ez-link card.

I love the hotel because it's a suite that has got three bedrooms and I have my own room in which everything goes the way I wanted it to be. Better yet, I have my own toilet! I even slept like a sleeping Buddha! I love the view because at the 32nd floor, you can see KLCC and the KL tower.

After that we drove up to Perak where the adventure begins. We went to this cave called Gua Tempurung. I should have worn jeans or something more protective like seriously! Now I have those abrasions on my legs and because the water in the cave was cold and we have to crawl because some parts of the cave is pretty low and they have like sharp edges that can pierce through your head just like a dagger through a watermelon. Explicit, I know. But that's what I thought there and took extra precaution. They should have given us a helmet or something. I like the hotel for the fact that it has wireless. Then at least my laptop wouldn't go to waste with only movies and shows and I was still anticipating for important e-mails then!

Then we went to Genting. I hate the hotel but I like the weather. It's cold. The people there are quite impolite. I should have put back the samples I've taken or vomit them out. But then again, I don't really bother because I know they are tired working as salesgirls, having to go up Genting Higlands everyday. Can imagine.

And then dropped by Malacca for a few rounds of go-kart, I slept in the car because I was tired and we ate at Umbai. All-time favorite and we headed home. I guess if you really read this thoroughly, even you would feel breathless.

Oh my God, things just spilt now. Hope it isn't too late. Clearly, it's all facade.