Monday, December 29, 2008

Pictures: Pulai Springs Resort (2008)

I just got back from Pulai Springs Resort in Johor yesterday at 10pm and it was fun. I really like it very much!

I want to be a more active member of the resort now! Especially now that I have a new swimwear! Oh God, my cousin just reminded me about the pool in Bali. Big mistake! Terribly regret! Anyway, I saw one of the news in Yahoo! that in Milan, branded items are having a 40% sale. Is that good or what? Maybe we should go for a trip to Milan now! Prays hard.

Anyway, today's the first day of school. Having to go through the rough journey of withstanding the cold in the lecture room (it's so dramatic but true!) and got to watch a local movie, which I and some other rarely do, I'm quite pleased-but-can't-be-so-pleased with my Project Management results.

I must say I love school! I love school! I love school! Because I can take a 40 minutes flight everyday! (Okay, that's too dramatic) but that's how I motivate myself each day and I always wonder which level of motivation I am at now?

Went to Beach Road for dinner with my family just now with Syaz and we're so bored that we talked crap about some dream of mine which is too extravagant. Like having to take a private jet, and having a circle of body guards around me in a 10m radius thinking how popular I am while not. Just kidding!

Oh my God, I owe pictures to a lot of people. I have to list them down now and get it over and done with so their faces won't jam up my disk space! Okay, that was mean. I was joking. They're in my hard drive people. Will be sent soon!