Monday, December 28, 2009

Back in Town

Road trip to Thailand
Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah I am back safe from my road trip from Singapore to Thailand. Thanks to family and friends who accompanied and had a good time. The trip started as early as 4am and the journey took approximately 18 hours. It's a torture sitting for long hours just like in flight but it was fun having to see the great view of padi fields and mounting limestone. The activites itself were fun which includes elephant ride, snorkelling, and trying to communicate with someone who knows only Thai and only Thai. It's like chicken and duck talking. It was all amusing and everybody were in high spirits. Now that I am back, I realise how much I missed home. Apologies if messages are not replied during my absence.

Back to school
In a weeks time we will be back to school, going through our final term before entering into a new school year. I am quite excited to know what the next school year has to offer. I hope I am given strength and health to face any challenges next year. Now that I am back, all strength will be given to any assignments due when school reopens.

2009 in pictures
In a few days time, we will be welcoming new year 2010. Hopefully that 2010 will bring us healthy challenges, and face adversities together. I have yet to list down what I want for 2010. Looking back, 2009 was in fact one of the happiest year that I've experienced, from school to holidays trips, and even outings. I enjoyed every moment of it, and probably will not regret on anything. Let's have a look in my 2009 in pictures! Some are not included but that doesn't mean it is forgotten. As 2010 comes closer, I hope to open a new chapter in life for the new year. I want to be someone who I aspire to be.

Friday, December 11, 2009

One Down, Another Up

Tests are over!
Finally my tests are over! It's not that I am too excited about it or sad about it an inch but whenever test comes all these nervous breakdown will start to occur and you can feel that adrenaline rush. It's like if you don't feel that gush on your face, you will not feel like you can make and if you feel it, you will feel it.

Movie Marathon
Anyway now that I am on school vacation (officially), I have to update my portfolio because it has been like a year (almost) and today I have to have a good rest because tomorrow, Saturday I will be having my movie marathon with Lina and Irah. This will be so exciting because this was planned before my test and I have a bunch of DVD's that I've rented to watch with them.

Spring Cleaning!
The week after this I will have to spring clean my bedroom because of test season aftermath. Dust are all over the shelves and my laptop need some cleaning and my notes are all over the place, not that because I am so hard working but I just need to take out the notes I need and there are in tidy but fragmented places now. I even have unwanted stationeries to be thrown from my stationery drawer.

School Assignments
After which I need to complete all my assignments before leaving Singapore again this month, I hope it will be all possible with the co-operation with all my team members. I also need to clean up my wardrobe because there are a lot of old clothes which I'm no longer using (no longer fit, or discolouration) and I need to make space for new ones.

Happy Holidays!
I guess that's all for an update, for now, till we meet again in the next post. Take care, and enjoy your holidays, and hope that I can utilise all the energy vested in me to face my December onwards.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Short Getaway

I am back from my short impromptu getaway after taking off after Hari Raya Haji. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my Muslim friends Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha. I hope it's not too late.

Thank you to my parents, my relatives and family friend for the wonderful trip. I hope my uncle was surprised enough about the trip. It was fun and a fruitful one although I must say I could not enjoy my first day there because I was on a dose of flu tablet and live by the room service, my activities were restricted.

The next day however was more fun because of so called "tour". Now that I am back, I need to focus on my tutorials and December. As most of you would have known, mostly in Facebook and Twitter that my December has been filled. I bet not only mine because when it comes to 2009's curtain close, everybody must have planned what they want to do.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

SP Photogenic Award 2009 and Kavity by Wardah

Dear fellow friends, vote for Zulfadli for Singapore Polytechnic's Most Photogenic Award 2009! Every vote counts and it is appreciated very, very much. Applies to SP students only. Don't waste what you had done to make Zulfadli one of the the finalist.Thank you to those who had voted.

Click image to see the finalists.

Weird, scary and yet artistic work is one of my favourites. The idea is so modern and minimal yet purposeful. Presenting the world Kavity by Wardah, where her art fills in the cavity in the artistic world.

Click image to visit site.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Weekend Night

Guitar's Tale
Last night I went to Republic Polytechnic's Cultural Centre and was awed by the immense architecture. It was quite breathtaking and somehow it made me attracted to that college. Anyway, I was there to support my cousin's performance in Guitar's Tale and today then I realise since I was told by Cassie that one of my classmates Nad will be performing tonight. I wish her all the best and have fun performing! Thanks to Irah and Lina for accompanying me last night, and thanks to my cousin Az for supporting and helping me all these while too. Plus, thanks to Hafiz for driving us back.

Another Tale
Okay, so today is Friday, and tonight I went to one my teacher's house. It was fun, though I did not expect her to cook anything. I thought it would just us hanging at her house to catch up what have we been up to. Questions like love life, marriage, and even death was in the list. Undeniably, it was an open topic and we talked non-stop from say around eight till midnight. Though I was feeling quite guilty for staying up late at her house. I hope she had a great time with us as much as we do. So hopefully the next one would be at my house?

School, again.
School work has been piling up and thank you to my mobile organiser I am able to sort things little bit which includes room cleaning. So I guess now my weekend is full of wonderful activities ahead. That's all for an update now. Have a great weekend and enjoy reading my humble blog!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

SG Flyers

Singapore Flyers
Firstly, big thank you to Fiz, Nat, and Faz for making this evening fun and full of laughter. I got so tired that my cheekbones feel so numb laughing. Thank you to Singapore Flyers for the wonderful ride to see the skyline of our homeland and the developments that are coming up.

When we reached there, one of the personnel in the management greeted us, at first he was quite lost perhaps they thought we're suppose to be older or something, just like most other people we dealt with. Then on, he let us in, guided by another staff. Thanks to him once again, for making our entrance hassle free, without having to queue, or even wait for him (because he waited for us, how professional). Thankfully everything was arranged before hand because there was a long queue of people that time at the ticketing counter.

We were lucky not only because of above-mentioned, we witnessed lightning striking buildings and all. It was something that you don't witness everyday. So, despite not having the opportunity to see the sunset due to Act of God, we were kinda optimistic about it. I guess this is what they call a blessing in disguise.

At the lobby after the ride, I had this feeling I will bump into my classmates and true enough, Jo, JY, Becky and Meimei was there to call me out, and I was like "Oh my God! Here you are!" and they are true blue stalkers. Just kidding!

We then had a bus chasing sequel to end the day. It was epic.

BBQ - Photography Club
This evening I was suppose to be at the Photography's Club BBQ party, however, because of rain at the beach, it was called off. Sadly, I can't meet Mdm Riah, Ms Chiam, and Mdm Yuslina tonight. On the upside, Nat, Faz and I will be heading to Mdm Riah's place to make up for this. I look forward to this.

Subaru Challenge
I am suppose to volunteer for the upcoming Subaru Challenge tomorrow and the day after. I am pretty excited about it to see how these people really endure putting their hands on a car for several hours/days. Imagine putting my hand with my sweaty palms and you will see water dripping down the car body. Anyway, point is, due to some circumstances, I am not able to make it on both days (initially it was only for one day). Whoever who will be replacing me, have fun taking over my place.

I know some of you will ask, no matter what, "How's school?". Okay, sum up, busy, detailed wise, each day poses a challenge, which I like it very much, and what I mean here is in terms on time management. Exceptionally this semester involves a lot of calculation, which is not one of my many strengths.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Quick Update

First Week
First week of school is fun and I'm overloaded with information. Long lectures, complex calculations, and long winded statements that I bet I need to memorise a lot of them for exam. I miss all my classmates and seeing them makes me so happy, especially after 6 weeks of break and catching up on our attachment experience. Surely it's one of our many life experiences that we could share.

Fiz's Birthday
We know it was late for our friends birthday celebration, because that time one of us was hospitalised. Anyway, it was a surprise. It was planned quite a long time ago taking advantage of 'my situation'. I do hope he is well surprised with our plans. Anyway, we're planning something for ourselves next year. Hope it comes true!

Anyway, we had our cheap-thrill last night. It was hilarious, and looking at some photographs in Nat's Macbook and learning how to Tweet via SMS and laugh at some "act-cute" photographs as well was so fun.

This week's weekend is packed with outings and school work. I had a list of things to do in my phone which includes my laundry. Today I went to Johor to one of my relatives house, and played with firecracker at their house. It was fun (yet scary, in case it burns your face or something), the food was good, and we got to thank her for showing us around the town. Like tourist, I know! Enjoy the video posted to you!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Thank You

Today marks the last day of my attachment in the company I am working for. The past six weeks have been full of ups and downs, and for the past six weeks too, I learn more than what the objective of it has to offer.

Yes, what I have to learn I have learnt, that is to understand the working life, and probably understand that school is way more fun than work. Enough said.

I learn both what is good and bad, made decisions, and listen to not only one side of a story. And yes, the gift that was given to me which says "In our office there isn't much to see, but what you hear makes up for it". Indeed, you don't get to see the sun, nor rain, even if there's a riot out there, you wouldn't know, but you will hear people talking about the news, about what happened in the morning, so on and so forth. What's more, office gossips and politics.

By experiencing this job and sideline, I now understand more how the system exactly works, and how hard it is to be rejected, but at the same time, sound happy and overcome fear the next moment in the name of professionalism.

I've done beyond what is expected, I did my best. As an intern, I do hope I do make a mark in everyone's working life there. Even if new interns are taking over my place, I hope my aura will still be there. I went beyond the line, not only me though, the decorations and all. Although to some it may sound pointless, but the effort that was put in, and the images pasted comes with a hope that I will be remembered.

I would like to thank those who helped me during my first few days at work, and thanks to Margaret for the wonderful support and knowledge. Thank you to the colleagues sitting close to me like Kak Dian, Banu, Riaz, Sudesh and the rest in "Little India" for helping me through and reminding me of my purpose being there.

Thank you to the "Geylang Serai" too which includes Reanne who was an intern leaving with me. Reanne did help me a lot when I first came in too, and the entertainment by people like Kak Azza, Shima, Sabrina, Jezz, Sarah, and people alike. You people never fail to wet my pants laughing. Yes, "Ketua Mesyuarat Tingkap" has left and I think you will find replacement soon.

The "Chinatown" people like Boon See and people around, thank you for updating me on my e-mails. Otherwise I would not have bothered to read them.

Thank you to Isaac who treated me lunch a day before my final day, and thanks to Suraya for being such a wonderful supervisor. Would not have made it without those motivating ingredients.

To those new interns who will be taking over my place, have fun working. Knowing you all for just two days has been great, and all the best!

"Kalau ada sumur di ladang, boleh kita menumpang mandi. Kalau ada umur yang panjang, boleh kita berjumpa lagi."

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Back to School

Raya Gathering
Last weekends gathering was memorable and I am glad that I could catch up with those who came. Thanks to those who came. God knows how much I appreciate it. For those who cannot make it, I understand. After which a few of my friends came over to my house for visiting.

Fiz's Birthday
I would like to take this opportunity to wish one of my best friends a wonderful and happy birthday. Knowing him since primary school was a pleasure and I remember vividly all those adventurous things we did when we were young. Despite growing with unforgiving time, we do keep in touch and find new adventures. He has been a wonderful friend of mine.

Start of school
Internship is ending soon! I am so excited to be back to school at the same time I will miss all my internship buddies and colleagues who had taught me a lot of things in working life, as well as personal tips which nowhere on earth could be found except in the office! I will miss all those fun and laughter, as well as daily challenges. Clearly this holiday is not as bad as I thought although I expect longer holidays to spend time with myself.

Exam Fest
Hari raya and Deepavali this year probably does not favour our schedule with primary and secondary school exams. I would like to wish all my Hindu friends a happy deepavali and to my students and those related, all the best for your exams!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Open House

Few days ago my house was filled with guest and I must admit I was overwhelmed with joy being entertained by their presence and attendance. Don't be deceived by the title because in fact this is not an open house. It was just a day my family and I were free at home and therefore we call upon our relatives and family friends to grace our crib with their laughter and voice.

For those who were not there, it is not that you were not thought of or uninvited. Do understand that during visits we wish to spend time with our guests and by having too many, some of you may not be entertained, which could spark misunderstanding. There are many other days that you can come. Just inform me in advance so I can make my plans which is critically critical knowing now I'm doing my attachment.

Several photographs were up in Facebook although not all were published. If you want your photographs to be sent, please send me your e-mail address via comment link below (it is not a public post as it is moderated) and I will send it to you as soon as possible.

Once again, thank you to those who came.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Let's Celebrate!

Green Packets Collection!
A week of Syawal had passed and we should have known by now how fast time flies especially when you are engrossed with work, social life, and family, and so on. It is as though you do not have a second for yourself to breath in and rethink what have we done to our lives so far.

Eid celebration has been great with visits to old relatives houses where we learn how things can change within a period of a year or probably in a matter of days and second, not knowing who will be next in line to go into the seven feet under.

If you ask about my green packet collection, I am grateful to the almighty and I have to thank for those who gave. I will make good use with it. Except the empty packets that will go into my mum's drawer so it can be reused for next year!

Nat's Birthday
In this post I would like to wish Nat a Happy Birthday! I hope she enjoyed the small surprise celebration we had at the restaurant and the part where we stalk her really freaked her out. Anyway she still does not know how I managed to stalk her. Thanks for being such a listener and yes, you should get the message about "The Cat". I know you will tell whoever who asked you about "The Cat", you will still tell. I predicted.

Colleagues Visit
Not to forget a few days ago a few of my colleagues from the intern company came for Hari Raya visit. They are such a wonderful guests and I am touched especially knowing that two of them were from across borders. For those who asked, intern has been okay with new challenges everyday that never fail to test your ultimate patience and endurance. Just have to make sure you have an egg everyday to crack.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Syawal 2009

Alhamdulillah, syukur ke hadrat ilahi yang telah memberi kita peluang untuk bertemu dengan bulan yang barakah dengan sepenuhnya, dan kepada yang tidak, semoga mereka senantiasa diberkati tuhan.

Di hari yang mulia ini, saya ingin menyusun sepuluh jari, dengan iring keikhlasan hati, memohon ampun pemuda-pemudi, yang senantiasa ada di sisi.

Mana ada terlanjur kata, terkasar bahasa, sengketa, dan salah sangka, pohon maaf daripada anda. Kita sesama kaum, jantung sama berdegup, hati tetap redup, ayuh jangan ditutup.

Membuka lembaran di hari lebaran, di kertas putih yang lagi bersih, kita tuliskan azam yang padan, semoga dapat belaian tuhan.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, maaf zahir dan batin kepada saudara-mara dan teman-taulan. Semoga persahabatan kita berpanjangan lagi berkekalan.

To all my friends and relatives celebrating the very same day and celebration, I wish you a Happy Eid, minal aidil wal faizin.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I once heard this saying "One man's trash is another man's treasure" and I am so glad that most of it has become somebody else's treasure, not in insulting way, but for the hidden cause that becomes one of my agenda, to take the blessing of this Ramadhan, and at the same time, making some space for myself.

I would like to extend my great gratitude to my parents who had supported me in this cause and idea as well as their blessings and their visit, my brothers who helped me carrying my trunks, one of my best friends for being the wonderful companion and partner, his parents for sending us, those who visited me coincidentally and on purpose, and those around who had given me support and well wishes. I thank you.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Weekend Updates

Bro's Birthday
First and foremost, I felt guilty for forgetting to express it publicly but I think it is still not too late for this. Happy belated birthday to my youngest brother which falls in late August, a week back. He has been a good boy, listen and obey instructions. What's more, obedient. He practically makes the elder brothers of his look lazy and lazier. If you ever take literature, it means he's hard working with house chores and all but I'm not saying the rest are lazy except he's the more hard working one. I bet there are hidden agendas that he has been hiding, jokingly.

Faz's Birthday
Here too I would like to wish Faz happy birthday. We went out a day ago and made several surprises for her. I believe when she said she did not expect us. We too now know the true meaning of one of our friends name, which turned to be a big joke. We sang birthday song for Faz several times at several places, and please, do not post our videos singing, which is so embarrassing and guys, I can't find our new found Turkish friend, sadly.

Self-help paparazzi! =)

Enjoy the weekend!
Here's the weekend and I will be taking a full break from any school related stuffs, and fully recharge myself before heading for ITP. Have a great holiday and those who are taking their ITP, have fun too!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Vacation and Teachers Day

Thank God, finally all of us have gotten our internship postings which leaves some unsatisfied and the others satisfied. Personally, I am very grateful for what the school had chosen for me and I very much look forward for my first day. I've tried contacting one of my lecturers because I am suppose to but so far no answers despite me leaving a voice mail. We'll just have to wait.

To those out there who will be enjoying their one week September holiday, and those tertiary students (without internship) who will be spending their six weeks for God-knows-what, enjoy them while it last, and make full use of it. Most importantly, enjoy doing what you enjoy while you can!

Examination period is coming to an end by the end of this week and yes, some of us are ready to party and celebrate the end of one semester with confetti and fireworks (for a few days before work). Yes, it seems like we have been through a lot but come to think of it, we had just completed three semester, and probably about twenty-one modules within that period of time which leaves us another three semester to go. Time is just so weird and freaky!

Eid Celebration
Eid is coming soon in about three weeks time. Little that we know we've gone through a week of fasting. I think my celebration this year will be simple one, and I shall make full use of the public holiday and in-lieu to get the most out of it. I've not collected my outfit yet! On one of the days in Eid month, I'll be having a small gathering for secondary and primary school friends. I hope they can make it to the gathering after all these while being lost in the hustle and bustle of their busy life.

Teacher's Day
I would like to take this opportunity to wish all teachers Happy Teachers Day. I am grateful to have met a lot of great teachers who had guide me through thick and thin from my primary school days till the day I graduated from secondary school, not to exclude my lecturers who has given me gift of knowledge and skill set. They are the ones who light up my life. Only the higher power can repay your pain staking hard work.

For those who have their Twitter account, please follow me at Look forward to "pry" on your updates and where about. As for Facebook, I'm very concerned with privacy, but I'll add those whom I know. Not that I'm not sociable. Thanks!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ramadan Al-Mubarak

First and foremost, let me wish all my Muslim friends and relatives a fruitful Ramadan and may Allah Ta'ala shower us with his blessings. Hopefully within this period of thirty days, we will only refrain ourselves from eating and drinking during the day, but remember the unfortunate ones, the ones who had suffered before us, and the living ones who live without any roof on their heads and food in their plate. In this period of time, we too should remember our loved ones who had gone before us and remember that we are always in Allah's grace. Life is short, so we should be living a meaningful one.

I have been missing for a while in this blogosphere simply because school work and personal life has been taking on its toll. In fact, while doing this, I am in the midst of something else. Time and again, being busy is cliche but simply, there are so many things that has to be accomplished at one go. For the next few months, I will be occupied with attachment, and planning for my own reunion (hopefully it can be realized) which I am hopeful that it will not eat up too much of my time for my Eid preparation.

In addition, there are some other personal plans which is still in process with a few of my close friends, which makes me feel closer to them, and add meaningful gist into my life. This too, I hope can be realized as soon as possible before the the heat goes away.

For the next one week, I will be sitting for my examinations and I hope everybody including myself get to achieve our own goals and set a healthy competition among ourselves. Our modules may be tough and probably killing some of us, but with hard work and determination, we can get through this. Two tests are down, which is Expression Web and Cross Cultural Studies. A few to go and we are set for attachment. Surprisingly we have not gotten our placement yet despite it having to come so soon.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Getaway and Wishes

Before I let myself start in everything else just let me wish two things. First, a big Happy Birthday to my Khai. She has been such a good listening ear and accompany. Although now she is busy with her preparation for A's and all. I just hope she lead a blissful life! Yes, we've not each other since Higher Malay lesson and I remember vividly, probably in HD, how we use to disturb other classmates, and even our own Cikgu Fidah. Seriously, those times are the times where I really wet my pants laughing at all those funny antics that we made for each other. I am grateful more that you're not only my listening ear or my partner in disturbing others, but's you do realise that we study together as well with Syaz. I hope being the member of Club 18 gives you maturity to think crystal clear.

Next, happy birthday to Singapore! Nothing much to say althought I have to thank this land. Hope it's safe the way it is now and prosper like other great cities without falling before I die. I just could not wish on time because I was in Malacca. Now that I am back, everything goes buzzing as usual.

As some of you or most of you would have known, I have found my thumbdrive. Yes, it is not a big deal to some of you but till you realise inside is all your important documents and some copyrighted materials like your modelling pics or something, then you know how it feels to be in the hot shoe. I've yet to dismiss the police report. Again, I would like to thank my lecturer and coordinator and whoever who was involved in getting this back. I'm feel terribly blessed that it was returned untouched. None of the files were deleted. Alhamdulillah.

Malacca was fun although the intended trip was more of a personal and private affair, it did became like a holiday trip. River cruise and go-kart was fun. I really have to thank Datuk Amin for treating us during the trip. We feel so terrible at the same time thankful and blessed. Only Allah can repay you for what you've given us.

Have a good night readers!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Letter S and Seven

Seven years and counting, may our friendship last for eternity no matter how far we are from each other. Separated by school, time new people and buzzin life, we create time when there is so that the bond will never fade. Thanks to technology, communicating has never been easier.

You would probably might ask 'How did you guys met?' Oh well, surprisingly, I guess I was the "Mr Popular" in my primary school or something that someone named Syazwan humbly spoke to me at the minimart when I was back from Cordova. Then on we hanged out and soon to realise we have the same idol, DSN. And it blossomed.

We went through sandstorm and tidal waves, ups and downs like what other friendship does. Trying to make our Titanic unsinkable. We patch the cracks of our ship. I probably should thank God for sending him down to me. With this, I hope you have a blessed and blissful life, bloomed with bright flowers that fragrant and colour the garden in youself. You are my best friend. You're always nice. Happy BIRTHDAY! Welcome to Club 18.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Thanks to one of my bestie for the gift from Jakarta! Anyway, I really thought he would have met Siti Nurhaliza or some other artist from Anugerah Planet Muzik (APM) and he did. Go figure who. I am feeling so green right now. Only kidding! Anyway, the gifts are enough to change my mood with the "Singkong" which is rare to find in Singapore except during Eid, and those cashew nuts that my dad likes to eat and Godiva's finest.

I'm waiting for the right time to eat them!

Today was special, apart from above mentioned because last night I received a message on the morning lecture being cancelled. I only went to school for two-hours and after which, jetted back to my area and bought my supplements when my mum called and asked where I was. Coincidentally we were in the same mall on different level. She even commented on my short hours in campus. I should not have brought my laptop. Totally pointless. If I were to be angry today, I have a good reason for it!

Internship is coming up in a few weeks time. I am excited and yet feeling utterly dreadful. Not that I'm afraid not surviving it by being absent or fired. It's just another thing.

I'm still cracking my brain on how should I surprise you-know-who. I need an "accomplice".

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happily Ever After

Friday night was outing with Fiz in town, for the second time of the week. Went there just to window shop, and went to Starbucks and had a chat before heading to a friend's house to fetch a jacket. It was a good start of the weekend and I really had a good sleep after that because I was so exhausted.

ION Orchard.

Congratulations to one of my beloved relatives on her marriage. May their marriage last happily ever after. The private event was full of life with funny antics from my aunts and uncles, and cute little babies growing up learning how to walk and talk , and soon, gonna walk the talk. The decoration was full of red roses which really beautified the humble place. Coincidentally, some of us wore the similar colour as the wedding's theme colour.

Nina Halim and her hubby. =) Click here if you don't know her.

If you are lazy to click, just a short info, she's my second cousin (from what I know from my parents) and she acted in Anak Metropolitan series as "Mummy", head of the gang in Suria Channel. I remember vividly that that was my favourite show and probably would die not watching it, and how the theme song still play in my mind.

Anyway, her husband is a French, this means I probably can ask him about French culture for my Cross Cultural Studies project!

School has been taking a lot of my time lately, with projects, tutorials and undying lecture. Internship is coming up, so making plans for other things now is really not a good time because nothing is certain yet. I apologise if any of your messages are not replied, and calls not returned, and e-mails abandoned because with other commitments I put myself in, other than school, the pressure on me is challenging.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Bowling Fever

Fever was not so bad yesterday until night came upon. Headache starts and I felt giddy. Nevertheless, maybe there was a blessing in disguise when I played bowling. It was some bowling match for residents around my town, and my family and I came in fourth. Unbelievable! No practice or anything, and we played in the name of fun and family bonding, but winning five empty cups is not nothing seeing that we did not practice and did not anticipate because there were other better players, and some of them took part in this match for ages, around the island. What's more we won some lucky draw prizes, though not made of gold and diamonds, it sure to come in handy in times you need it. That means I can have my iron back in my room, so I can do ironing in the comfort of my room or maybe a new hair dryer. Sure it's like an investment. Pay a sum of money, get the sum back in terms of voucher (it's not bad I swear) and get some good prizes.

Met my doctor today and temperature was soaring 38.2C. Got medical certificate, and again, blessing in disguise. You don't know what it is.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Jesselton 2009

Trip to "The New Jesselton" was needless to say, fun. Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, is not as big as I thought! I was so dumb. Kota Kinabalu is a town and Sabah is a state. You should know how big is a state. But I thought once you're out from the plane you could see the mountain , like imagine the jet and the mountain that looks like a backdrop that kind of thing. Whatever, scrap my imagination.

Left: Beautiful sunrise! Right: Checking in, Changi Airport

The Heritage Museum where they show different types of Kampung houses.

The guide fetched us from the airport and instead of having long limousines for us, we got something which I think, better because its bigger. They even have more than enough room for luggage of fourteen people. So guess what we really got. We got like a coach bus of 44 people for 14. What an extra mile service right! And that's our bus for the first four days there. Anyway, the tour for the first four days was good because we were brought to different places and all except for our last few days there.

We just got nothing better to do at night! Crashed each others room.

The Sunday market where they sell souvenirs. Left: Pen holder made from poker cards. Beautiful isn't it?

We went to places not only the mountain area but the cocoa boutique, where they have like chilli/curry flavoured chocolates (Yuck!), and their museum which was so informative (I then know more about my roots instead of Kadazans!) I love my tour guide because the entire tour was so informative and on-going and we barely have the chance to sleep in the bus because she will keep talking about the Sabahans, the mountain and all.

The Cocoa Boutique.

One night at the mountain area, below is a beetle that knocks itself on surfaces. Weird but real!

We stayed one night near the mountain, not exactly at the peak of the tallest mountain of Southeast Asia but it's high enough to sleep with only running fan with temperature of 17 degree Celsius. It's so cold that I don't dare to take the shower. Somehow I still smell nice but can you imagine the cold when you're at the peak?

I tried Flying Fish, Underwater Scooter and Parasailing and I swear I really enjoyed myself at Mamutik and Manukan Island! I almost flew off from the flying fish because it was so fast and all.

Behind me is the Mamutik Island.

Getting ready for the thrill.

Click to see how it really flew.

During the Flying Fish, it was so fast that you feel like you can no longer hold on to the handle. Duh, there's no seat belts and all. It's not an airplane. There was one time it flew quite high i really flew off, my butt was off the sea and my hands was on the grip and even how much I tried to grip myself onto my seat, I can't help it but to go with the flow. What's more when I am so light!

It sure makes those who're scared of parasailing feel better.

Click play to view. =)

The Scuba Doo (Underwater Scooter) at Manukan Island.

Scuba Doo was another thrilling ride. It's not fast nor it makes you wanna fly off that kind of thing but imagine your head is dry in the scooter while your body is exposed to the sea water with all the fishes around you. Oh, I just love the fishes, they are so colourful! I even fed them breads in front of my very eyes. How wonderful is that! What's more I get to get hold one of the sea anemone and the Nemop fish. And the cool thing was that even when I tried to touch them, it wont run away from their home but will hide between the fingers of the anemone. Cute isn't it?

The Mamutik Island jetty.

Last shot before leaving the island. =)

The canopy walk.

Ooooo, the worlds biggest flower.

After the four days, we're on our own at the town area. They have loads of malls there and some places are undeniably, smells like Singapore River in the 1960's! Their sewage system is gone case I guess? So when the wind blows, you really have to cover your nose (Okay, I'm referring to one particular area only. HEH!) Wouldn't want to remember that anyway. The last four days were spent at their central market where they sell survivor foods (get what I mean?) and nice jewelries and they are well known for they original pearls. They do sell the fake pearls, but I think it's more worth it to get the real ones. Some of you, would not want to go places like there because it's particularly full of dried goods scent.

Witnessed the sunset after KBox. Spectacular!

View from the hotel room.

The people at the market area are nice probably because some of them are mere illegal immigrants that do business. So they will protect you to defend their business and reputation as well. I feel safe there, took out my camera, phone and all unless in in Johor! Hygiene wise, you can't really expect the standard you see in Lau Pa Sat Singapore, and it's probably a little lower than food places by the street you see in West Malaysia.

We visited their biggest mall in East Malaysia, 1Borneo. Then it made me realise, Sabah is a little bit like Brunei, not many people living in an abundant island. Oh, and if any of you are desperately in need of a job, they have abundant of job here like being secretary and stuffs. But bare in mind, some of the job pays you RM2/hour only. Which probably equivalent to our adult bus fare?

Whatever. So , there goes my holiday. Thanks to everybody who made it fun for me, and my parents for being my bank. Heh.

Mount Kinabalu.

P/S: Don't be surprised if I really, really sound like a Malaysian. My mastery of English language is deteriorating!