Monday, January 26, 2009

Chinese New Year Picnic

My beloved family and I had picnic today. It's so weird. The Chinese are probably doing their visiting, while the non-Chinese population, are doing something else and many of the Malays are at the beach enjoying the breeze, gossip, and indulge ourselves with our home-cooked food. So these two days would be an ideal day to spend time with your family members. Most shopping malls are closed anyway so you are spending quality time without spending so much money in times like this. I would like to wish all my Chinese friends Gong Xi Fa Cai! Xin nian kuai le!
The picnic was fun. It's so windy. I think the next time we have picnic, I should bring a jacket or something. Oh, and today I realized that even in family members there are like cliques. The mothers, fathers, teenagers, the hyper actives, and one cute one not knowing which clique to go just yet because she's too young. Well it's not that we don't talk to other "cliques" but you know, of there's like a separates tables in a hawker center it would be like some American High School cafeteria seating plan.

I can't wait for holidays because I can't wait to get rid of my old clothes and spring clean my room. I want a new silk bed sheet!

My best friend appeared in the Berita Harian (Malay newspaper) today. Is that good or what! Well, we had a fair share of appearing in the print media. I appeared in a magazine with my idol and a TV show about World Cup, and he appeared in the newspaper for going for the DJ thingy and his house was featured in a home magazine a few years back.

This weekend has been a joyful one.

I need to read more books and speak less Singlish. Cross finger I'll do well.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Neesha's 18th Birthday Surprise

"Hello, what are you doing? Wanna go out today? I'm kinda bored and I'm outside alone now." I asked.
"Oh, I can't cause I'm going out with my cousin to Tekka Mall to buy a dress for myself for my cousins wedding." She replied.
"In that case can I follow? I need to go out and get the sun!" I insisted.
"Haaha, what for? No, you'll be bored. Trust me." She said.

I was like fine, go ahead while the fact was I know the entire plan. I know, today was my evil day. While I called the person above, Neesha, whom to be one of my close girl friends will be celebrating her birthday which falls this Wednesday but we're making an advance celebration during the weekend. So yeah, I went to her place to get the money and cake receipt from her younger sister, clearly, Neesha did not have a clue.

After that I went to White Sands Mall to get the cake and I had some spare time while waiting for her sister to come and fetch me by cab. I had time to munch some fries, Hershey Pie, and had a cup of coke and of course, thanks to Khai because coincidentally she was on her shift.

Mun arrived, we headed to East Coast and waited for Neesha. She was kidnapped. Her friends drove her to East Coast, and she still believed she's going to Tekka. They reached, opened the blindfold and sang her birthday song. Then, major birthday bash begins! Eggs, flour and water was involved so we practically made a cake out of her!

Chatted, took photos, ate, and played poker cards. I totally forgot how to play snap using poker cards that I have to call my friend for the rules and how to play that game where you try to cheat your way through, I confessed to them that I'm going to be honest all the way and thanks to birthday girl for teaching me the wrong thing, I lost!

Happy 18th Birthday Neesha! I'll send you the present soon.

I met some new mates and I'm glad to know a psychologist who knows that I have deep thoughts!