Thursday, March 5, 2009

HSBC Women's Championship 2009

I am tired, and exhausted. Okay, even exhausted is an understatement. I love this HSBC Woman's Championship event. Love it, love it, love it! It's like you get the pay on the day itself without waiting, and the best part is that today, I got extra money. Won't tell you how anyway, it's just another orange note, not that I steal or anything. Today is just my luck, thank God for that, oh and thank for the umbrella. It really, came in handy since my classmate and I were late for the bus.

Anyway, I'll keep it short. I love the simulator. Although it may be annoying with the fact that the sensor doesn't work occasionally, I like it because I'm under the shade, away from the scorching sun. However, it was really tiring (again, understatement) having to set up the tee for each player three times, and can you imagine I have to recollect the balls back and put it up three times again for the next player. And imagine how many players came (this isn't some funfair event, people have expectations). They were even choosy about the type of club they use, apparently, there weren't ladies club (how ironic with the event) but so what, even the ladies are happy to get hold of the golf club.

However, I hope to be stationed at the long putt on the pool one day because it's like a long putt over a pool. If you can't imagine, thing of a runway, on the pool itself. And the challenge was to walk at the sides long putt so as not to damage the fake grass. And I felt somehow giddy when I tried this morning before reporting to my station. But it's fun, like totally!

Now my leg really ached, and I'm more than sleepy. I think even sleep isn't enough. Probably massage will help. Some time after HSBC Woman's Championship, which I'm looking forward to! Okay, Ms R, you read my blog, I know, so please, can I have the long putt one day? Heh!

But, I have to complain about the shirt despite the fact that I was paid and stuffs. It's way too big! I mean like totally, can't help it. I have to like go to the toilet now and then to adjust it so that it looks fitting. Medium is their smallest. Uh-duh, I understand the fact that some of the workers are from UK and all  and the entire country club smells like London but, I'm true born Asian! Maybe I should like wash it a million times for it to shrink! Hehe!

Okay, going off, sleeping soon. Goodnight everybody!