Sunday, April 19, 2009

For Every Action There's Consequences

3.5 years of jail, and 4 strokes of caning. So worth it. Like seriously, I am so happy for one of my friend, who was molested a few days back. Won't tell the details, who is she and stuff since she doesn't want me to reveal anything about her - neither do I in the first place.

She was so pessimistic thinking that she might lose the case but I guess it's all worth it. When she sent me that offline message, I was like "Yay! Finally! That illegal immigrant worker deserve it."  Come on, an illegal immigrant? Still got the nerve to do silly stuffs. Funny thing I was told, during hearing, he denied almost every accusations. What a dork. Anyway, I am happy for you girl and next time, do as what I taught you but do not tell anyone I taught you that okay!

I got a guest today and it really filled my Saturday. Today was such a hot and humid day and my skin on my hands are like peeling. It's like a weathering rock. I wonder how it became like this. So annoyed. And for the record, it worsen whenever I was the dishes. I can't touch those dirty plates until this hands are back to good working condition. Anyway, did you know that the skin is like the largest organ on your body? Okay, no rocket science but just telling those who don't know!

School is starting this Monday. Hope it will be fruitful school year for all of us!

P/S: I want a new and larger memory card for my camera. Can't wait to go for holiday in June! =)


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Being The Host

Recently I went to Sentosa again to watch Cineblast and 4D Magix. Like again! This time, I really have to thank someone for the wonderful service! It's none of my friends but seriously, that person thought I was old. But it was all in the name of joke! I was serious about complimenting that that person look young but that person thought I was sweet-talking. Whatever that person might think, it's all worth it.
After those thrills, oh yes, the water spray at Sentosa 4D Magix finally works and it really took me off guard! I was like 'Splash!' Okay, that's an overstatement but you get me. Imagine enjoying the show and suddenly you have water on your face! After Sentosa, headed to town because Fiz's sister's friend (Elissa) was in Singapore for a holiday, so we took her around the town. We entertained her and we were like "Hmmm... Where should we go at this hour?" since it was kinda a last minute thing for us. I called Nat and Neesha but they are too helpful...Only kidding!

We ended up eating at Newton, where we were touted a lot! Even Elissa was like "Why are they so pushy?" and there's something hilarious which I don't think you wanna know. It really amuses me even when we meet again the next time round... But Elissa, seriously, satay is not you know... Spicy!

Last night came her and three other friends of Hali (Fiz's sister): Paola, Staci, Melissa. They were in our good hands to be their guide! I really hope we're like good guides! We brought them to Litttle Arcade (if I got that name right), went to One Temple (which I didn't go in because of my high-cut shoe), Singapore Flyer which somebody freaked out by keeping still and really thought that the cone-shaped maps are there for people to vomit! And the Night Safari where we saw a tiger sleeping on its back. It was so cute! And Zouk. I felt so short, and I wouldn't be surprised if they bring me to some police station to authenticate my age genuinity! But since I didn't go in, no harm done. Oh, Fiz and I were joking on how expensive the bottle water was, for 33ml! We were like "We should just keep the water until the day you're dying... That will be your dollars sip of water." I think that day was fun, exhilarating, and memorable. What's more when they're trying to put 'la..' in every sentence! It was so funny la...

To wrap this up, I really hope you guys enjoyed yourself as much as I do despite annoyingly disturbing some of you! Hope we're good guides for you guys! A million apologies if we're missing some things you should see or enjoy. And a big thank you to Hali for everything, it's very nice of you!

P/S: RE! Boutique hotel is gorgeous. It is so retro!