Monday, June 22, 2009

Jesselton 2009

Trip to "The New Jesselton" was needless to say, fun. Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, is not as big as I thought! I was so dumb. Kota Kinabalu is a town and Sabah is a state. You should know how big is a state. But I thought once you're out from the plane you could see the mountain , like imagine the jet and the mountain that looks like a backdrop that kind of thing. Whatever, scrap my imagination.

Left: Beautiful sunrise! Right: Checking in, Changi Airport

The Heritage Museum where they show different types of Kampung houses.

The guide fetched us from the airport and instead of having long limousines for us, we got something which I think, better because its bigger. They even have more than enough room for luggage of fourteen people. So guess what we really got. We got like a coach bus of 44 people for 14. What an extra mile service right! And that's our bus for the first four days there. Anyway, the tour for the first four days was good because we were brought to different places and all except for our last few days there.

We just got nothing better to do at night! Crashed each others room.

The Sunday market where they sell souvenirs. Left: Pen holder made from poker cards. Beautiful isn't it?

We went to places not only the mountain area but the cocoa boutique, where they have like chilli/curry flavoured chocolates (Yuck!), and their museum which was so informative (I then know more about my roots instead of Kadazans!) I love my tour guide because the entire tour was so informative and on-going and we barely have the chance to sleep in the bus because she will keep talking about the Sabahans, the mountain and all.

The Cocoa Boutique.

One night at the mountain area, below is a beetle that knocks itself on surfaces. Weird but real!

We stayed one night near the mountain, not exactly at the peak of the tallest mountain of Southeast Asia but it's high enough to sleep with only running fan with temperature of 17 degree Celsius. It's so cold that I don't dare to take the shower. Somehow I still smell nice but can you imagine the cold when you're at the peak?

I tried Flying Fish, Underwater Scooter and Parasailing and I swear I really enjoyed myself at Mamutik and Manukan Island! I almost flew off from the flying fish because it was so fast and all.

Behind me is the Mamutik Island.

Getting ready for the thrill.

Click to see how it really flew.

During the Flying Fish, it was so fast that you feel like you can no longer hold on to the handle. Duh, there's no seat belts and all. It's not an airplane. There was one time it flew quite high i really flew off, my butt was off the sea and my hands was on the grip and even how much I tried to grip myself onto my seat, I can't help it but to go with the flow. What's more when I am so light!

It sure makes those who're scared of parasailing feel better.

Click play to view. =)

The Scuba Doo (Underwater Scooter) at Manukan Island.

Scuba Doo was another thrilling ride. It's not fast nor it makes you wanna fly off that kind of thing but imagine your head is dry in the scooter while your body is exposed to the sea water with all the fishes around you. Oh, I just love the fishes, they are so colourful! I even fed them breads in front of my very eyes. How wonderful is that! What's more I get to get hold one of the sea anemone and the Nemop fish. And the cool thing was that even when I tried to touch them, it wont run away from their home but will hide between the fingers of the anemone. Cute isn't it?

The Mamutik Island jetty.

Last shot before leaving the island. =)

The canopy walk.

Ooooo, the worlds biggest flower.

After the four days, we're on our own at the town area. They have loads of malls there and some places are undeniably, smells like Singapore River in the 1960's! Their sewage system is gone case I guess? So when the wind blows, you really have to cover your nose (Okay, I'm referring to one particular area only. HEH!) Wouldn't want to remember that anyway. The last four days were spent at their central market where they sell survivor foods (get what I mean?) and nice jewelries and they are well known for they original pearls. They do sell the fake pearls, but I think it's more worth it to get the real ones. Some of you, would not want to go places like there because it's particularly full of dried goods scent.

Witnessed the sunset after KBox. Spectacular!

View from the hotel room.

The people at the market area are nice probably because some of them are mere illegal immigrants that do business. So they will protect you to defend their business and reputation as well. I feel safe there, took out my camera, phone and all unless in in Johor! Hygiene wise, you can't really expect the standard you see in Lau Pa Sat Singapore, and it's probably a little lower than food places by the street you see in West Malaysia.

We visited their biggest mall in East Malaysia, 1Borneo. Then it made me realise, Sabah is a little bit like Brunei, not many people living in an abundant island. Oh, and if any of you are desperately in need of a job, they have abundant of job here like being secretary and stuffs. But bare in mind, some of the job pays you RM2/hour only. Which probably equivalent to our adult bus fare?

Whatever. So , there goes my holiday. Thanks to everybody who made it fun for me, and my parents for being my bank. Heh.

Mount Kinabalu.

P/S: Don't be surprised if I really, really sound like a Malaysian. My mastery of English language is deteriorating!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Annoying Security

We were doing our window shopping when we saw this new mall near Centre Point , Orchard Central. We were fascinated by the architecture and we went in. Smells like construction site. Duh, it's new and not many shops were open yet. We went to the toilet because it looked so nice! When we came in there's this huge mirror and it was so clean we thought we could went through it until we see our own reflections. And because that "somebody" used his leg to point to the mirror as though he could step in, this old lady and annoying security guard happen to be there somehow saw and they thought we kicked the mirror.

"You kick the mirror uh?"

"Huh? Errrr, no."

"In here we have security camera you know. Later the police catch you how."

"But we didn't kick the mirror"

"Next time don't kick the mirror. Cause there's camera, we can catch who kick the mirror" I was like what the hell, bring it on man.

"But we didn't kick the mirror, so there's no evidence"

The old man keep on going about security camera and stuffs which really annoys me and Fiz, and we walked off and Fiz showed his "W" sign. I'm being the nice one, as always, got lots of nerve, smiled and nodded. At the same time felt like punching his god-forsaken face because I felt so taken advantage of. I was nice enough to smile and just nod and he still continue! I was like what the hell. If only I have my earpiece on, I would use it and press the play button in front of him and would say "Excuse me?" and walk off. It's okay because I understand that that's a new mall and probably his new job as well.

We went round and round the town and we hit Clark Quay. We were lost then. We just like to make ourselves lost and find our own way out because Singapore is pretty boring. Where can you go? Duh, as a tourist, you name it, Sentosa Island, Bungee Jumpie, Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Singapore Flyer, Esplanade, and much more (Expensive midn you!). But as a local, all you can do is shopping, eat, and cinema (you can't expect to go to tourist attractions forever right, it's all the same!). Clubbing is usually at night and it really depends on your "kaki". So can you like imagine? I want somewhere I can not only eat and shop till I drop because that's totally boring even if you have millions of dollars but I want to go to places like sight seeing without having to travel to Bukit Timah, and maybe some funny shows or not-so-expensive "Broadway Shows", or concerts or perhaps like more frequent firework shows or something. Maybe that's how poor local artist can earn more income and colour this mundane world of ours.

I ate a lot today and lots of money is disposed on that! Now, I'm still hungry. I want food, I need to munch. I'm grateful I bought something today (so much for window shopping). I got a new jacket for my vacation trip!

OH and thanks to that manager for Chocolate Ice blend! =)

Monday, June 8, 2009

In The Name of Acting

Cassie called me last night if I mind helping out with a film-making thing they're doing, so I did for the second time. But this time, they put some bronzer on me and the equipments are all heavy. The batteries, the tripod stand, the lightings (floodlights and spotlights) and the huge reflector. It's as though you're really doing some studion photography that sort and we have to stalk the lift and all. It was fun despite the fact that it is very tiring and unforgiving weather! Thankfully it's indoor. Some were really annoyed by passer-bys who just cannot keep quiet and a lot of funny things happened. Cassie somehow was a victim of a pervert and she didn't took the lift after that!

"Come take the lift then we can sound him too!" She nodded, she ddidn't want but I went in.

"Come, come, can fit the lift?" I pressed the lift and ask the uncle to come in. It was a cargo lift.

"Woah uncle, today got a lot of work uh?" I continued. Clearly he is but...

"No, no, just come here. See the young girls uh..." His thumbs up. I was like...

"Haahah, yeah , very pretty right, too bad you're old already... Otherwise..."

I know it was mean but I have solid reasons to say that to him! He said that to himself that too bad he was too old, so what I just did was to rub it in. Didn't make up anything to make him furious! Of course, he kep quiet and alighted from the lift with trolley from Cheers. Retard. No surprise she felt molested. What's more from what she said, he stared at her from top to toe. Can you like imagine!

They joked about some classmates of theirs and how one of them is like "born handicapped" so should not be pitied or symphatized because he's merely annoying. They called him King Arthur and when Amera explained to me, I just couldn't help but burst into laughter. I realise these friends of mine learn similar stuffs I learnt in school. Like so cool! Like I can like talk jargons with them!

Anyway, the spotlight was like so warm that the thin bronzer they applied on my face is like melting. Took some photographs for my own memory with those people and the equipments! And some people just have that "orgasm" when being fanned by thereflector. Undeniably, it was soothing you would even "Aaahhh...."

Was tired by then. Parents fetched me, and headed home. I guess from today onwards I have to cancel all my outing plans. Tut-nami is hitting my holiday island... So gone are the free time and sunny island as a huge tidal wave of tutorials are not giving any chance for us to float or stay alive.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Manfestasi 2009

I am grateful for the fact that tests are over [at least, =( exam yet to come]. 05 June 2009 was fun-filled. Only some know why. I am excited about the holidays. Do this and that, all the things you cannot do during school term. Notes aside.

I was late for Manifestasi. I think I made an entrance but Khai just had to spoil my feeling (of making the entrance) when she asked me to come out again to get her in while the show was about to start with the lights off and all. Oh, and again, I got the front seat. How cool and thanks big time to Cassie, Amera and friends for helping Tim, Khai and myself the seats that we want. I owe you guys big time! God knows how much I appreciate their effort by putting their bags on our seats before we arrive and all. Several things did happen, it's and inside joke but seriously it was so funny! I made my six-packs while one of my ex-HML friend did something so out-of-the-world or rather unexpected thing. He was like in-out-in-out, seriously, I have the footage I can show to those who have a good sense of humour.

Cassie was laughing, so I asked, being the busy-body I am.

"What are you laughing about?"

"Haaha, the guy seating there (on stage) using the maracas movement was so funny just now."

"Ohh, he's my ex-HML classmate."

After that I keep quiet not knowing what he did. The show continued, looking through other performers until my eyes caught him, then I laughed, hysterically. Thankfully the music and singing and all were loud enough to bury our voice until I said this line out loud so that my friend can hear.

"I think he forgot to drink his milk"

And the music stops. The word "milk" was then loud enough to be heard and especially I was at the first row, I felt that all eyes were on me. They heard the word I said "milk". I think I turned red in the dark just like my shirt. I learnt my lesson, no matter how loud my surrounding environment is, never challenge them.

Syaz singing one of his own-composed song. =)

The show ended, Syaz cried. I don't know why. Maybe he's sad with the fact that he have to face 'A' Levels? Or maybe for the music that he composed? Anyway, I love one of the soundtrack. I think this years shows strength would be its music, which really creates the mood and all. What's more their acting seems real , and oh God, there's even spitting and crying in the show. There's even like some canning scene and all. Duh, the storyline is about war in Vietnam and stuffs.

One of the many scenes.

Make-up Akhim "bertepek"!

The HML cliques, incomplete collection though. LOL!

The two of the many key people who made it. =)

After the performance, took some pictures with them (cast-friends-etc), and the HML students, miss Cikgu Fidah. I wonder how her reaction would be seeing the in-out thing done by Haikal, I think she will laugh out loud too. Once done with photo-taking (hope it appears in the press or something-RIGHT!), Khai, Tim and I went for late dinner/supper? I was so thirsty I drank two glass of lime juice. The weather was unbearable! We walked Tim to the junction and we went home.

Happy Weekend!

Tomorrow is Saturday and I'm planning to stay in, be excited about my vacation. Just so you people know, finally I've gotten a new memory card for my camera! At the right time, the old memory card got corrupted. But who cares about the old card. Can't wait to return Nat's card because it has been ages I've not returned her card and I hate keeping others belonging. Oh, bought a new ear piece too!

More photos will be uploaded here soon, insyallah.

P/S: I really sat on the floor and tried to play maracas like how he did, but I fail.