Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Annoying Security

We were doing our window shopping when we saw this new mall near Centre Point , Orchard Central. We were fascinated by the architecture and we went in. Smells like construction site. Duh, it's new and not many shops were open yet. We went to the toilet because it looked so nice! When we came in there's this huge mirror and it was so clean we thought we could went through it until we see our own reflections. And because that "somebody" used his leg to point to the mirror as though he could step in, this old lady and annoying security guard happen to be there somehow saw and they thought we kicked the mirror.

"You kick the mirror uh?"

"Huh? Errrr, no."

"In here we have security camera you know. Later the police catch you how."

"But we didn't kick the mirror"

"Next time don't kick the mirror. Cause there's camera, we can catch who kick the mirror" I was like what the hell, bring it on man.

"But we didn't kick the mirror, so there's no evidence"

The old man keep on going about security camera and stuffs which really annoys me and Fiz, and we walked off and Fiz showed his "W" sign. I'm being the nice one, as always, got lots of nerve, smiled and nodded. At the same time felt like punching his god-forsaken face because I felt so taken advantage of. I was nice enough to smile and just nod and he still continue! I was like what the hell. If only I have my earpiece on, I would use it and press the play button in front of him and would say "Excuse me?" and walk off. It's okay because I understand that that's a new mall and probably his new job as well.

We went round and round the town and we hit Clark Quay. We were lost then. We just like to make ourselves lost and find our own way out because Singapore is pretty boring. Where can you go? Duh, as a tourist, you name it, Sentosa Island, Bungee Jumpie, Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Singapore Flyer, Esplanade, and much more (Expensive midn you!). But as a local, all you can do is shopping, eat, and cinema (you can't expect to go to tourist attractions forever right, it's all the same!). Clubbing is usually at night and it really depends on your "kaki". So can you like imagine? I want somewhere I can not only eat and shop till I drop because that's totally boring even if you have millions of dollars but I want to go to places like sight seeing without having to travel to Bukit Timah, and maybe some funny shows or not-so-expensive "Broadway Shows", or concerts or perhaps like more frequent firework shows or something. Maybe that's how poor local artist can earn more income and colour this mundane world of ours.

I ate a lot today and lots of money is disposed on that! Now, I'm still hungry. I want food, I need to munch. I'm grateful I bought something today (so much for window shopping). I got a new jacket for my vacation trip!

OH and thanks to that manager for Chocolate Ice blend! =)