Monday, June 22, 2009

Jesselton 2009

Trip to "The New Jesselton" was needless to say, fun. Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, is not as big as I thought! I was so dumb. Kota Kinabalu is a town and Sabah is a state. You should know how big is a state. But I thought once you're out from the plane you could see the mountain , like imagine the jet and the mountain that looks like a backdrop that kind of thing. Whatever, scrap my imagination.

Left: Beautiful sunrise! Right: Checking in, Changi Airport

The Heritage Museum where they show different types of Kampung houses.

The guide fetched us from the airport and instead of having long limousines for us, we got something which I think, better because its bigger. They even have more than enough room for luggage of fourteen people. So guess what we really got. We got like a coach bus of 44 people for 14. What an extra mile service right! And that's our bus for the first four days there. Anyway, the tour for the first four days was good because we were brought to different places and all except for our last few days there.

We just got nothing better to do at night! Crashed each others room.

The Sunday market where they sell souvenirs. Left: Pen holder made from poker cards. Beautiful isn't it?

We went to places not only the mountain area but the cocoa boutique, where they have like chilli/curry flavoured chocolates (Yuck!), and their museum which was so informative (I then know more about my roots instead of Kadazans!) I love my tour guide because the entire tour was so informative and on-going and we barely have the chance to sleep in the bus because she will keep talking about the Sabahans, the mountain and all.

The Cocoa Boutique.

One night at the mountain area, below is a beetle that knocks itself on surfaces. Weird but real!

We stayed one night near the mountain, not exactly at the peak of the tallest mountain of Southeast Asia but it's high enough to sleep with only running fan with temperature of 17 degree Celsius. It's so cold that I don't dare to take the shower. Somehow I still smell nice but can you imagine the cold when you're at the peak?

I tried Flying Fish, Underwater Scooter and Parasailing and I swear I really enjoyed myself at Mamutik and Manukan Island! I almost flew off from the flying fish because it was so fast and all.

Behind me is the Mamutik Island.

Getting ready for the thrill.

Click to see how it really flew.

During the Flying Fish, it was so fast that you feel like you can no longer hold on to the handle. Duh, there's no seat belts and all. It's not an airplane. There was one time it flew quite high i really flew off, my butt was off the sea and my hands was on the grip and even how much I tried to grip myself onto my seat, I can't help it but to go with the flow. What's more when I am so light!

It sure makes those who're scared of parasailing feel better.

Click play to view. =)

The Scuba Doo (Underwater Scooter) at Manukan Island.

Scuba Doo was another thrilling ride. It's not fast nor it makes you wanna fly off that kind of thing but imagine your head is dry in the scooter while your body is exposed to the sea water with all the fishes around you. Oh, I just love the fishes, they are so colourful! I even fed them breads in front of my very eyes. How wonderful is that! What's more I get to get hold one of the sea anemone and the Nemop fish. And the cool thing was that even when I tried to touch them, it wont run away from their home but will hide between the fingers of the anemone. Cute isn't it?

The Mamutik Island jetty.

Last shot before leaving the island. =)

The canopy walk.

Ooooo, the worlds biggest flower.

After the four days, we're on our own at the town area. They have loads of malls there and some places are undeniably, smells like Singapore River in the 1960's! Their sewage system is gone case I guess? So when the wind blows, you really have to cover your nose (Okay, I'm referring to one particular area only. HEH!) Wouldn't want to remember that anyway. The last four days were spent at their central market where they sell survivor foods (get what I mean?) and nice jewelries and they are well known for they original pearls. They do sell the fake pearls, but I think it's more worth it to get the real ones. Some of you, would not want to go places like there because it's particularly full of dried goods scent.

Witnessed the sunset after KBox. Spectacular!

View from the hotel room.

The people at the market area are nice probably because some of them are mere illegal immigrants that do business. So they will protect you to defend their business and reputation as well. I feel safe there, took out my camera, phone and all unless in in Johor! Hygiene wise, you can't really expect the standard you see in Lau Pa Sat Singapore, and it's probably a little lower than food places by the street you see in West Malaysia.

We visited their biggest mall in East Malaysia, 1Borneo. Then it made me realise, Sabah is a little bit like Brunei, not many people living in an abundant island. Oh, and if any of you are desperately in need of a job, they have abundant of job here like being secretary and stuffs. But bare in mind, some of the job pays you RM2/hour only. Which probably equivalent to our adult bus fare?

Whatever. So , there goes my holiday. Thanks to everybody who made it fun for me, and my parents for being my bank. Heh.

Mount Kinabalu.

P/S: Don't be surprised if I really, really sound like a Malaysian. My mastery of English language is deteriorating!