Saturday, August 29, 2009

Vacation and Teachers Day

Thank God, finally all of us have gotten our internship postings which leaves some unsatisfied and the others satisfied. Personally, I am very grateful for what the school had chosen for me and I very much look forward for my first day. I've tried contacting one of my lecturers because I am suppose to but so far no answers despite me leaving a voice mail. We'll just have to wait.

To those out there who will be enjoying their one week September holiday, and those tertiary students (without internship) who will be spending their six weeks for God-knows-what, enjoy them while it last, and make full use of it. Most importantly, enjoy doing what you enjoy while you can!

Examination period is coming to an end by the end of this week and yes, some of us are ready to party and celebrate the end of one semester with confetti and fireworks (for a few days before work). Yes, it seems like we have been through a lot but come to think of it, we had just completed three semester, and probably about twenty-one modules within that period of time which leaves us another three semester to go. Time is just so weird and freaky!

Eid Celebration
Eid is coming soon in about three weeks time. Little that we know we've gone through a week of fasting. I think my celebration this year will be simple one, and I shall make full use of the public holiday and in-lieu to get the most out of it. I've not collected my outfit yet! On one of the days in Eid month, I'll be having a small gathering for secondary and primary school friends. I hope they can make it to the gathering after all these while being lost in the hustle and bustle of their busy life.

Teacher's Day
I would like to take this opportunity to wish all teachers Happy Teachers Day. I am grateful to have met a lot of great teachers who had guide me through thick and thin from my primary school days till the day I graduated from secondary school, not to exclude my lecturers who has given me gift of knowledge and skill set. They are the ones who light up my life. Only the higher power can repay your pain staking hard work.

For those who have their Twitter account, please follow me at Look forward to "pry" on your updates and where about. As for Facebook, I'm very concerned with privacy, but I'll add those whom I know. Not that I'm not sociable. Thanks!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ramadan Al-Mubarak

First and foremost, let me wish all my Muslim friends and relatives a fruitful Ramadan and may Allah Ta'ala shower us with his blessings. Hopefully within this period of thirty days, we will only refrain ourselves from eating and drinking during the day, but remember the unfortunate ones, the ones who had suffered before us, and the living ones who live without any roof on their heads and food in their plate. In this period of time, we too should remember our loved ones who had gone before us and remember that we are always in Allah's grace. Life is short, so we should be living a meaningful one.

I have been missing for a while in this blogosphere simply because school work and personal life has been taking on its toll. In fact, while doing this, I am in the midst of something else. Time and again, being busy is cliche but simply, there are so many things that has to be accomplished at one go. For the next few months, I will be occupied with attachment, and planning for my own reunion (hopefully it can be realized) which I am hopeful that it will not eat up too much of my time for my Eid preparation.

In addition, there are some other personal plans which is still in process with a few of my close friends, which makes me feel closer to them, and add meaningful gist into my life. This too, I hope can be realized as soon as possible before the the heat goes away.

For the next one week, I will be sitting for my examinations and I hope everybody including myself get to achieve our own goals and set a healthy competition among ourselves. Our modules may be tough and probably killing some of us, but with hard work and determination, we can get through this. Two tests are down, which is Expression Web and Cross Cultural Studies. A few to go and we are set for attachment. Surprisingly we have not gotten our placement yet despite it having to come so soon.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Getaway and Wishes

Before I let myself start in everything else just let me wish two things. First, a big Happy Birthday to my Khai. She has been such a good listening ear and accompany. Although now she is busy with her preparation for A's and all. I just hope she lead a blissful life! Yes, we've not each other since Higher Malay lesson and I remember vividly, probably in HD, how we use to disturb other classmates, and even our own Cikgu Fidah. Seriously, those times are the times where I really wet my pants laughing at all those funny antics that we made for each other. I am grateful more that you're not only my listening ear or my partner in disturbing others, but's you do realise that we study together as well with Syaz. I hope being the member of Club 18 gives you maturity to think crystal clear.

Next, happy birthday to Singapore! Nothing much to say althought I have to thank this land. Hope it's safe the way it is now and prosper like other great cities without falling before I die. I just could not wish on time because I was in Malacca. Now that I am back, everything goes buzzing as usual.

As some of you or most of you would have known, I have found my thumbdrive. Yes, it is not a big deal to some of you but till you realise inside is all your important documents and some copyrighted materials like your modelling pics or something, then you know how it feels to be in the hot shoe. I've yet to dismiss the police report. Again, I would like to thank my lecturer and coordinator and whoever who was involved in getting this back. I'm feel terribly blessed that it was returned untouched. None of the files were deleted. Alhamdulillah.

Malacca was fun although the intended trip was more of a personal and private affair, it did became like a holiday trip. River cruise and go-kart was fun. I really have to thank Datuk Amin for treating us during the trip. We feel so terrible at the same time thankful and blessed. Only Allah can repay you for what you've given us.

Have a good night readers!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Letter S and Seven

Seven years and counting, may our friendship last for eternity no matter how far we are from each other. Separated by school, time new people and buzzin life, we create time when there is so that the bond will never fade. Thanks to technology, communicating has never been easier.

You would probably might ask 'How did you guys met?' Oh well, surprisingly, I guess I was the "Mr Popular" in my primary school or something that someone named Syazwan humbly spoke to me at the minimart when I was back from Cordova. Then on we hanged out and soon to realise we have the same idol, DSN. And it blossomed.

We went through sandstorm and tidal waves, ups and downs like what other friendship does. Trying to make our Titanic unsinkable. We patch the cracks of our ship. I probably should thank God for sending him down to me. With this, I hope you have a blessed and blissful life, bloomed with bright flowers that fragrant and colour the garden in youself. You are my best friend. You're always nice. Happy BIRTHDAY! Welcome to Club 18.