Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Letter S and Seven

Seven years and counting, may our friendship last for eternity no matter how far we are from each other. Separated by school, time new people and buzzin life, we create time when there is so that the bond will never fade. Thanks to technology, communicating has never been easier.

You would probably might ask 'How did you guys met?' Oh well, surprisingly, I guess I was the "Mr Popular" in my primary school or something that someone named Syazwan humbly spoke to me at the minimart when I was back from Cordova. Then on we hanged out and soon to realise we have the same idol, DSN. And it blossomed.

We went through sandstorm and tidal waves, ups and downs like what other friendship does. Trying to make our Titanic unsinkable. We patch the cracks of our ship. I probably should thank God for sending him down to me. With this, I hope you have a blessed and blissful life, bloomed with bright flowers that fragrant and colour the garden in youself. You are my best friend. You're always nice. Happy BIRTHDAY! Welcome to Club 18.