Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ramadan Al-Mubarak

First and foremost, let me wish all my Muslim friends and relatives a fruitful Ramadan and may Allah Ta'ala shower us with his blessings. Hopefully within this period of thirty days, we will only refrain ourselves from eating and drinking during the day, but remember the unfortunate ones, the ones who had suffered before us, and the living ones who live without any roof on their heads and food in their plate. In this period of time, we too should remember our loved ones who had gone before us and remember that we are always in Allah's grace. Life is short, so we should be living a meaningful one.

I have been missing for a while in this blogosphere simply because school work and personal life has been taking on its toll. In fact, while doing this, I am in the midst of something else. Time and again, being busy is cliche but simply, there are so many things that has to be accomplished at one go. For the next few months, I will be occupied with attachment, and planning for my own reunion (hopefully it can be realized) which I am hopeful that it will not eat up too much of my time for my Eid preparation.

In addition, there are some other personal plans which is still in process with a few of my close friends, which makes me feel closer to them, and add meaningful gist into my life. This too, I hope can be realized as soon as possible before the the heat goes away.

For the next one week, I will be sitting for my examinations and I hope everybody including myself get to achieve our own goals and set a healthy competition among ourselves. Our modules may be tough and probably killing some of us, but with hard work and determination, we can get through this. Two tests are down, which is Expression Web and Cross Cultural Studies. A few to go and we are set for attachment. Surprisingly we have not gotten our placement yet despite it having to come so soon.