Saturday, September 5, 2009

Weekend Updates

Bro's Birthday
First and foremost, I felt guilty for forgetting to express it publicly but I think it is still not too late for this. Happy belated birthday to my youngest brother which falls in late August, a week back. He has been a good boy, listen and obey instructions. What's more, obedient. He practically makes the elder brothers of his look lazy and lazier. If you ever take literature, it means he's hard working with house chores and all but I'm not saying the rest are lazy except he's the more hard working one. I bet there are hidden agendas that he has been hiding, jokingly.

Faz's Birthday
Here too I would like to wish Faz happy birthday. We went out a day ago and made several surprises for her. I believe when she said she did not expect us. We too now know the true meaning of one of our friends name, which turned to be a big joke. We sang birthday song for Faz several times at several places, and please, do not post our videos singing, which is so embarrassing and guys, I can't find our new found Turkish friend, sadly.

Self-help paparazzi! =)

Enjoy the weekend!
Here's the weekend and I will be taking a full break from any school related stuffs, and fully recharge myself before heading for ITP. Have a great holiday and those who are taking their ITP, have fun too!