Saturday, October 31, 2009

SG Flyers

Singapore Flyers
Firstly, big thank you to Fiz, Nat, and Faz for making this evening fun and full of laughter. I got so tired that my cheekbones feel so numb laughing. Thank you to Singapore Flyers for the wonderful ride to see the skyline of our homeland and the developments that are coming up.

When we reached there, one of the personnel in the management greeted us, at first he was quite lost perhaps they thought we're suppose to be older or something, just like most other people we dealt with. Then on, he let us in, guided by another staff. Thanks to him once again, for making our entrance hassle free, without having to queue, or even wait for him (because he waited for us, how professional). Thankfully everything was arranged before hand because there was a long queue of people that time at the ticketing counter.

We were lucky not only because of above-mentioned, we witnessed lightning striking buildings and all. It was something that you don't witness everyday. So, despite not having the opportunity to see the sunset due to Act of God, we were kinda optimistic about it. I guess this is what they call a blessing in disguise.

At the lobby after the ride, I had this feeling I will bump into my classmates and true enough, Jo, JY, Becky and Meimei was there to call me out, and I was like "Oh my God! Here you are!" and they are true blue stalkers. Just kidding!

We then had a bus chasing sequel to end the day. It was epic.

BBQ - Photography Club
This evening I was suppose to be at the Photography's Club BBQ party, however, because of rain at the beach, it was called off. Sadly, I can't meet Mdm Riah, Ms Chiam, and Mdm Yuslina tonight. On the upside, Nat, Faz and I will be heading to Mdm Riah's place to make up for this. I look forward to this.

Subaru Challenge
I am suppose to volunteer for the upcoming Subaru Challenge tomorrow and the day after. I am pretty excited about it to see how these people really endure putting their hands on a car for several hours/days. Imagine putting my hand with my sweaty palms and you will see water dripping down the car body. Anyway, point is, due to some circumstances, I am not able to make it on both days (initially it was only for one day). Whoever who will be replacing me, have fun taking over my place.

I know some of you will ask, no matter what, "How's school?". Okay, sum up, busy, detailed wise, each day poses a challenge, which I like it very much, and what I mean here is in terms on time management. Exceptionally this semester involves a lot of calculation, which is not one of my many strengths.