Saturday, November 7, 2009

Weekend Night

Guitar's Tale
Last night I went to Republic Polytechnic's Cultural Centre and was awed by the immense architecture. It was quite breathtaking and somehow it made me attracted to that college. Anyway, I was there to support my cousin's performance in Guitar's Tale and today then I realise since I was told by Cassie that one of my classmates Nad will be performing tonight. I wish her all the best and have fun performing! Thanks to Irah and Lina for accompanying me last night, and thanks to my cousin Az for supporting and helping me all these while too. Plus, thanks to Hafiz for driving us back.

Another Tale
Okay, so today is Friday, and tonight I went to one my teacher's house. It was fun, though I did not expect her to cook anything. I thought it would just us hanging at her house to catch up what have we been up to. Questions like love life, marriage, and even death was in the list. Undeniably, it was an open topic and we talked non-stop from say around eight till midnight. Though I was feeling quite guilty for staying up late at her house. I hope she had a great time with us as much as we do. So hopefully the next one would be at my house?

School, again.
School work has been piling up and thank you to my mobile organiser I am able to sort things little bit which includes room cleaning. So I guess now my weekend is full of wonderful activities ahead. That's all for an update now. Have a great weekend and enjoy reading my humble blog!