Monday, December 28, 2009

Back in Town

Road trip to Thailand
Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah I am back safe from my road trip from Singapore to Thailand. Thanks to family and friends who accompanied and had a good time. The trip started as early as 4am and the journey took approximately 18 hours. It's a torture sitting for long hours just like in flight but it was fun having to see the great view of padi fields and mounting limestone. The activites itself were fun which includes elephant ride, snorkelling, and trying to communicate with someone who knows only Thai and only Thai. It's like chicken and duck talking. It was all amusing and everybody were in high spirits. Now that I am back, I realise how much I missed home. Apologies if messages are not replied during my absence.

Back to school
In a weeks time we will be back to school, going through our final term before entering into a new school year. I am quite excited to know what the next school year has to offer. I hope I am given strength and health to face any challenges next year. Now that I am back, all strength will be given to any assignments due when school reopens.

2009 in pictures
In a few days time, we will be welcoming new year 2010. Hopefully that 2010 will bring us healthy challenges, and face adversities together. I have yet to list down what I want for 2010. Looking back, 2009 was in fact one of the happiest year that I've experienced, from school to holidays trips, and even outings. I enjoyed every moment of it, and probably will not regret on anything. Let's have a look in my 2009 in pictures! Some are not included but that doesn't mean it is forgotten. As 2010 comes closer, I hope to open a new chapter in life for the new year. I want to be someone who I aspire to be.

Friday, December 11, 2009

One Down, Another Up

Tests are over!
Finally my tests are over! It's not that I am too excited about it or sad about it an inch but whenever test comes all these nervous breakdown will start to occur and you can feel that adrenaline rush. It's like if you don't feel that gush on your face, you will not feel like you can make and if you feel it, you will feel it.

Movie Marathon
Anyway now that I am on school vacation (officially), I have to update my portfolio because it has been like a year (almost) and today I have to have a good rest because tomorrow, Saturday I will be having my movie marathon with Lina and Irah. This will be so exciting because this was planned before my test and I have a bunch of DVD's that I've rented to watch with them.

Spring Cleaning!
The week after this I will have to spring clean my bedroom because of test season aftermath. Dust are all over the shelves and my laptop need some cleaning and my notes are all over the place, not that because I am so hard working but I just need to take out the notes I need and there are in tidy but fragmented places now. I even have unwanted stationeries to be thrown from my stationery drawer.

School Assignments
After which I need to complete all my assignments before leaving Singapore again this month, I hope it will be all possible with the co-operation with all my team members. I also need to clean up my wardrobe because there are a lot of old clothes which I'm no longer using (no longer fit, or discolouration) and I need to make space for new ones.

Happy Holidays!
I guess that's all for an update, for now, till we meet again in the next post. Take care, and enjoy your holidays, and hope that I can utilise all the energy vested in me to face my December onwards.