Monday, December 13, 2010


"Cause baby you're a firework
Come on show 'em what your worth
Make 'em go "Oh, oh, oh!"
As you shoot across the sky-y-y"

Firework - Katy Perry

This song is so inspirational to me. It's like the anthem song of the year. Sure this year there had been ups and downs in life and sometimes I'm searching for that firework in my life to continue my daily journey.

Walking through the dark tunnel waiting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, I just need light in times of darkness and this song came along. It's a revelation.

Finally my test week is over. I'm done studying for the term at least, but the marathon is far from over. Final year project report is due soon. Will continue the usual routine of studying when school reopens just before the final exams.

I love studying because I don't have to worry much about anything else in life. Here comes the 'big' question, what am I going to do during this three weeks of hiberstudy-period. I wish I could hibernate but we're just not programmed to do so! But here's the plan:
  1. Complete the final year report before Christmas.
  2. Read all my borrowed novels.
  3. Holiday - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
That three things to-do probably sums up everything but there's so many things I want to talk about and share right now and would like to do. Everything is going places in my mind, except for its body stranded in this bland island. As much as I love this place...

As most of you would have known through Facebook, I'm not only on Blogger and Twitter, but now on Tumblr and in the future, WordPress. Obviously all for different purposes. I'd love to delete the rest and settle on one like a portal (of me) but I'd still prefer separating them because it gives me the reason to explore the wonders of the world wide web. It's like having a bunch of movies categorized in different genre. Life is in fact a show. So here's what I'm gonna do.

So just so we are clear, my Blogger now are for special yet personal entries like holidays, hangouts, and some rants that you would have found in any other personal blogs. Still surviving even if not updated for long time. My friends tend to ask why am I not on Livejournal. The reason is this, this blog that you are reading now has grown with me for almost seven years. At the end of the day, there's only one place to find me: here.

Twitter (micro-blog)
My Twitter is like a live feed for you guys to find out what I'm up to. Since they always prompt me 'What's happening?' in my Twitter app, so that probably answers the purpose of my Twitter. Or when there's really nothing much to say but you just feel the need to, Twitter really helps.

Tumblr (my new blog!)
Them comes Tumblr which enables you to re-blog text, images, and whatnot. So, I figured, why would anyone want to re-blog, is this for losers who always go on hiatus not knowing where to start? Obviously not. I've dedicated my Tumblr to share my valuable experiences, and online or real life encounters and of course, interesting facts and other food for thought which yours truly love to read.

WordPress (coming soon!)
Don't get me wrong. I don't gossip intentionally, neither do I pick on people and neither do I like to slander people but sometimes when one person you talk to suddenly spills out everything, everything falls into pieces or everything suddenly make sense. So this blog is it but definitely not for tit for tat. You'll know what I mean.

Since before the test week, I've drawn up what to do during the short break. I end up disposing it! Come on, it's the holidays, why tighten myself with activities which are not meant to be scheduled? I'm free! Of course I have plans but they're unplanned and I'd like to be carefree for now.

So what now, really?
Project report. I can't wait to get over and done with this. I'm short of 3000 words and its appendix.

What's after that?
Vacation. I look forward to it but I've not come up with my shopping list and my to-do's. This makes me sick.

Two days ago I was out with E and we had a great time and finally I've found my long-searched love! Although not in the color that I favor, I guess once you're blue, you're always true. Guess this matches with my mostly-blue wardrobe. I still need the red over white, and black over white.

Following day was high-tea with H. Love the food and sunset by the towers. True that people look like ants from above. After ages of not meeting one of my best friends we finally met but no-thanks to runny nose the outing has to be cut short otherwise could have watched Narnia in the theater.

On recovery today.

Currently I'm planning for my 2011, drafting out plan(s) and resolution(s). You may predict the world to end by 2012, but not mine at least.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Ready, Set, Go! In Many Ways

Class Photo
If you think this is an adaptation of the Thai horror movie, Shutter, you're so wrong! Half-truth, I'm the ghost who annoyed a bunch of 19 people. I'm sorry class, I just want this to be perfect because this will be in our year book for your entire life. You wouldn't want to regret about your looks would you?

I know my annoyance was short lived and I bet everybody had fun. I know I did, at least. Once class ended we headed to Sherm's house to chill and get ready for the 'showdown' and they were busy trying dresses and putting on make up while I try to add cavity on my teeth by munching on Ferrero Roche and Kinder Buenos. Oh, and snap some preliminary round of 'acceptable' photo shots using Huiting's camera. Turns out, her camera is full of my face already.

The weather was then cloudy, we figured it would rain but we didn't expect it to be right before we go back to school. So the drizzle damped our outfit a little and going to the Admin Block worsen the situation because it was so warm with no air change and little air movement. I'd rather be in swimwear then but the phrase 'suffer for fashion' sticks with me at that time so I stick to that outfit. Hey, I look preppy okay! A look that's so hard for me to pull off or even create because I don't have time for shopping (final year simply sucks out all your free time) and with little resources I have, I manage to get a fresher (if not new) look with my stale clothes. My wardrobe is a fashion suicide. I didn't know clothes with labels expires so fast until I start wearing them again. I guess being naked is timeless after all.

So under the rain, my class pose for the year book. We braved through the rain to get the best shot. We brought class photo taking to a new frontier! I really hope no other class did what we did - standing in the rain.

Life on a See-Saw
For the past few weeks I think I've lost momentum on my daily life, especially when my favorite TV shows starts to kick back into my life. Honestly, I've lost track of shows like 90210, Gossip Girl and whatnot. Only for the past few weeks I've been catching up again otherwise I'd just be a vegetable. Full of nutrition, but not-so-nice. The final-year syndrome is so hard to avoid.

If not for all these distractions and brain-consuming work, I would have been damn disciplined with myself to do what I want to do. Some distraction is good in this case. Exceptional! Somehow my bed tend to be so possessive that I don't feel like rising from bed. It's just unhealthy to sleep so long and wake up still feeling tired. I figured something is wrong, somewhere. So I decided to go for a massage and meet my inspiring 'sifu'.

My aunt who is a professional massage therapist said I have a lot of air in my body. Orang Melayu kata badan saya banyak angin. Which is true, there's like a lot of air in my body that I keep farting and my aunt massages me as though I'm some kind of bubble wrap squeezing the air out! Thank goodness the spa was well scented that the smell over empowers my fart (if ever there's smell at that time! Hoho!) I'm gonna have a follow up soon.

PSLE Result Day
PSLE result was out yesterday and I received mixed feelings about their result. Some did well while some don't. First of all, pass or fail, it's part and parcel of life. Even the economy is not that perfect.

As far as I am concerned, whatever result that you got must have been the result of your own effort and I know all of you had done your best.

You can have the best tutor in town but ultimately you determine your own destiny. It's like no point having the best car with a reckless driver. It will just lead you to the path of destruction still. Final word, good luck!

I've gotten myself several good news these days, thanks to the Almighty.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Funny Thingy

Warning: Although no pictures, this is probably not suitable for the ones below 18. No pictures, you're not suppose to see one in the first place! This is not some dirty story though, just so you know.

I can't wait to let this off my chest. If you think this post is disgusting leave it and in no way I'm framing anyone to be silly but the situation was really in fact silly.

Ever since Adam and Eve were sent to Earth, they realize they're naked so they feel shy by putting on clothes so showing off your 'thingy' is just so awkward and just so wrong, especially on the wrong timing.

I had my medical check-up this afternoon. No phones with camera, means I have to surrender my BlackBerry hence the deprivation to Tweet, Facebook or even read the news while waiting. Apparently it was not as bad as I thought, the process went quite smoothly from one station to another until this particular station: Station 6.

I have to wait for my call number which was 9 to go. I waited so long, stuck at this station because there were only 4 rooms functioning and the number of boys there exceed the number of service providers they have. I waited for like what, 45 minutes? The came my turn. I handed my documents to the officer/doctor (whatever they are called, so hard to distinguish when they are doctors in military uniform.

'Okay, bring down your pants and underwear to your knee level.' I did just that with reluctance. Duh, who is ever comfortable with that, flasher?

'Okay, take off your clothes.' Again, reluctantly, I did that slowly and half way through, he said 'Put back your shirt.' I gave a silent sigh of relieve. Note, my pants is still down with my shirt on, half of it still covers that 'thingy'.

Then he instructed 'Put your shirt back.'

I was clueless and I thought it was my normal himbo moments and I even thought my shirt was put on inside out that he asked me to 'put back' to make it right. I checked my shirt, duh, it's put on properly!

I can't help it but to show my face of blankness. What is he talking about?

'You can put back your pants on.'
'OH! *in my mind, was that what he really meant?*'

Guess what, that took me less than a minute and I'm out from the room, completed that station. I bumped into Naim. He waited with me, and he knows how short the test was for me. I was so amused and I know I did no wrong. The 'milidoc' aka military-doctor (not a formal vocab, don't learn from me) must have been so engrossed with something else I think. Okay, I'm just kidding.

So that's that for a short update. I hope you're all amused with that silly encounter. Presentation tomorrow, heading to be dearly. Good night!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Living Royalties

This week is like royalty week. Not really, I'm kidding but yes, kinda feel like it because we were served with education on a silver plate and as for weekend hangout, I played Monopoly, and not your normal five stones and hopscotch. Duh, who does that these days anyway?

How does this make me look like Barbie's Ken?

So let's start with the daily routine of school. Apparently today my class was canceled because she would like to declare another day of Diwali for herself. Class was canceled because our Indian lecturer here fell ill. Get well soon yeah, you have yet to see our project report. It's so great you'll cry and you'll just want us to redo (seriously, hopefully not after all those effort). I guess presentation will be next week then.

SP Career and Education Fair
Attending this site visit is like killing two birds in one stone. Exactly two birds. Knowing your future prospect of your future study, and at the same time doing your school work based on that event. We were there and our hands were already too full of brochures and freebies. We got a lot of free pen, to the extend I think I won't have to go to the bookstore for the next five years. I mean it. If I don't share my wealth of low-value item (pens), it could last for the next three generation. I have a fist of pen on my study, another fist in the drawer, another bunch in my pencil case, and another bunch under my table, put in a box. I'm like the pen whisperer. Same goes for papers. I just wish I have to do million of workings already to make use of all my resources.

BMW World Singapore 2010
As part of school project, we had a trip to BMW World Singapore. It was eye catching, breathtaking and most importantly, full of substance. I didn't know my printer was engineered by BMW too! I love everything about the event and the best part is the freebie they gave. A pen, a lanyard, and a notepad. If only they give away cars for free, I will collect them so many that I would have called the authority to build me bigger car parks!

Monopoly Hangout
Since class was canceled, I thought it's a good time to hangout to loosen up a little bit. Went over to Funan with Nat for IT shopping, and then met Fiz. We were quite clueless where to go so we landed at Parkway Parade and we ended up playing Monopoly. I was on Glee at first, then turns out Monopoly has got ghostly hands pulling me to it. Now I love playing Monopoly. It is so awesome that Nat has got an iPhone 4!

Festival of Lights
Letchu is such a good host. Thanks for inviting me over to your open house, I am so glad that I was invited. Everybody else was drunk and dance to the tune of Indian music. I wasn't drunk, in case you need to know. I can't wait to be back soon! I miss them already!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

One Way, Or Another

I'm in love with this ultimate stalker song: One Way, Or Another! The song was used as one of the Mean Girls soundtrack. The funniest and glorified mean girls show ever. It's like murdering someone by driving people nuts and when they walk out, BAM! they got hit by a bus. Some people are just fated to die that way.

Speaking of death, in the light of Darren Ng's murder case at Downtown East which came out in the news a few days back, I would like to express my condolences to his family. The murder is something to condemn about because no one in the right mind would have taken someone elses life freely while they can't give one to begin.

Happy Diwali!
Then comes Diwali, I would like to wish all my Indian friends a great Diwali, festival of lights.

Currently I'm watching and listening to all those old songs backdated in 2003. I realize most of my favorite song was dated around that year. Probably that's the best time where all the creative juices have to splurge out. The new songs these days either have good beat but meaningless lyrics, or meaningful lyrics without a good tune. It's music to heaven's sake. I beg you Hollywood, make a good one.

So, what have I been up to really?
As most of you would have known, and would have heard I've decided to concentrate on school work and project. Last night chatting with Fie and Jerry made me think a lot. I do need to set my priorities. Duh, all these while I did figure out my priorities but along the way it got lost, somewhere, somehow, because of one thing. Taking revenge sounds more satisfying but not promising. So I've decided that rather than taking revenge against anyone, I'd rather learn how to manage myself. Revenge sounds more fun still, but ultimately it's only one-time fun.

First Take, The Substation
I was there a few days back for a non-filming motive. I wasn't the only one. In fact most of us were there as part of our site-visit for one of our modules. One of the many perks of my study is that I get to visit a lot of events. Some free, some This event is similar to the project that I am doing for my final year so going to this short-films event is nothing for me. I used to resent short films, especially local ones but since I'm forced to watch it because it's part of my project, I kinda start liking it.

Marina Bay Sands
Again, a site-visit for another project. Here's the thing. This is not my first time visiting Marina Bay Sands, and not my first time either for First Take but I just have to go there again and snap images. If I were to look back at my photo archives, you'll see tonnes of it already. Totally pointless, but for attendance, I'll just have to show my face. On the upside, I got to ride on a miniature Rolce Royce. Awesome much!

Sinema Showoff!
Here comes the final-year Project. For my study I have to do a very short period of internship, with a dose of final year project. This is it and it's a fair-share. I'd rather be this way than having to face three months of internship. I've seen people literally die with bloodshot eyes and overdosed caffeine trying to survive through the course. It didn't happen to me probably because I'm the one causing my lecturers and supervisor the trauma of their life. It's ending soon, and for now, my team and I are working on the report, which I'm not so proud to show anyone now because it looks like salad.

Two weeks back I was at the SP Sports Complex for NAPFA Test and I would really like to thank all those well-wishers. Only the Almighty knows how happy I was to be awarded with silver. Funny thing I didn't know those who got silver in my school are entitled for a free Crumpler pouch!

Many asked what am I going to do after graduation? Seriously, do you really want to know? Here goes:

I just want to get wasted (read below, not drunk!) for once, after graduation.

In the short run, I just want to sit home and forget everything else, watch my favorite channels like Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Disney Channel, HBO and whatnot. I don't have that luxury in this state of mine because all the television in this home is monopolized by my siblings except the one in my room because there's no cable.

Then on I'm gonna indulge myself in all the best junk food like Häagen-Dazs, Chips More, Famous Amos, instant noodles and all the cereal and snack you can find at the hyper mart. If you think that I've lost my hair because of instant noodles, blame NS, they took mine away.

I'm gonna go to the library and stock up all the book that really makes me laugh and have a movie marathon, non-stop. No drama already, life is already full of it. Of course part of the weeks spent will be for social activities like going public with family or friends. Work? What work?

I'm kidding. Of course I will be working. What kind of 'wasted person' do you think I want to be? I will also have to start writing my book if I ever want it to be realized. It's so hard to write these days with writer's block and deficit in writing energy. Worse still, I need it most when I want to write my project report. Even Fie realized my blog has lost it "Umph!" a little bit. Reason due: secrecy. Somehow he's like seeing through me. Thanks for the Nasi Lemak last night anyway! Awesome much.

Then comes National Service. *Cricket sound*

After which I will continue my study. It's still under 'planning and construction'.

I'm not that wasted after all.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

End of Great Things

We humans create our own journey in our lives. At times, some of us know where does our road lead to, while some are not so sure if the route is suitable enough or safe enough for them for every road taken there's a risk. There are even some who are willing to take the risk without seeing the ordeals that may come but I am sure that all of us have experienced all those three 'prophecies of life'. At times we are sure, at times we are not and at times, we just feel like doing it on trial and error basis.

For the past two years, there are many things that happened to me that I've experienced personally that made me grow a little more mature than any of my own age. Some are shared, while some are just personal successes and failures.

Those days were rich with memories and experiences which I took responsibility for in every success and failure of it. At least I know, I'm answerable for every action I took. It's just a matter of wanting to answer it or not.

Let's just begin with yesterday. Last night was the final night of doing one of the many the things I love to do, enlightening someone with knowledge. It all started three years ago, and yesterday was the last one. I felt satisfied getting a chance to arm them with what they need for their war. I would like to wish all of them all the best in every aspect of their life, may they see the sunny side of life always. I know, I may not be the favorite, I may not be the nicest, that probably left some swearing, crying and whatnot, but believe me, it's for your own good, kiddos.

First week of school had been taxing, with school work piling up, and Final Year Project report that's due I don't know when, and all the site visits and events we have to attend, I've decided it's best to leave all else aside except school. For the next few months, I will be devoting myself to school. I miss getting paid just to smile to people and being well taken care of.

Despite deciding to concentrate just on school, I do have my 'life's project' that has to continue. Like other normal human being, I make plans too. I've yet to talk to my 'sifu(s)'

NAPFA this evening ached my entire body. I will be needing my recovery sleep soon. It was awesome to run in cool weather.

For every ending there's a new beginning.

Ada pepatah yang berbunyi "Sekali kena, dua kali mahu. Kedua kali cuba, hari-hari mahu." tetapi nampak gaya, bagi saya, "Sekali kena, dua kali malu. Kedua kali cuba, sudah pasti jemu."

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chocolate for the Heart

It was after his work. It was after our boring day at home, rotting, not knowing what to do. But we have something for him, Hafiz.

I told him I wanted to get my boots since my parents did manage to find it in Perth. After his work, with his tired, worn out feet, he dragged himself to meet me at Marina Square. My task was to stall him while Nat comes from the back and blindfold him suddenly. That failed. Nat wandered and somehow didn't find us. It's okay, there was a backup plan. A last minute plan, uncalled for. Fiz took the bait, somehow. I don't know if he sensed anything fishy already. Since things didn't go as planned, we met Nat, and asked him to take his glasses off.

The plan was plain and simple. The catch was the blindfold. The thrill of walking a blind person is exhilarating. We did it again, only this time, on him.

We didn't reveal where we're going but he's scared out of his wits. Knocking my hand softly onto his head freaked him out while the fact is, there's nothing in front. He walked as though there's a drain on front of him, trying to figure out what's in front of him.

We faked crossing the road, faked crossing the drain, and faked walking on dirty pile of trash. The smell and sounds he heard made him believe whatever we said.

When we reached, we asked him to sit and have a taste of something we put into his mouth. Then he knew, we're at Max Brenner's! Happy birthday (though belated)! Hope you had a good surprise, heh. I'm not going pour my hearts out here, but you know what you mean to me. For 8 years already!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

School Premier

My school was closed since August. Now it has been about ten weeks of not schooling but it doesn't feel like I'm having a good holiday because tests and exams are spread out over three weeks and the time before that is all spent on burying myself in a pile of notes. Clearly, I'm not enjoying my holiday. What's more I'm stranded in this concrete island, that has probably lost its green appeal.

I'm quite crossed with my estate cleanliness. Bulk refuse. Dog pee. Vandalized lift. Dirty walls. Stale air in the lift. It had just been about three months since it's new paint and the hygiene is a total thumbs down. If I were to live on the lower floors, I would have skipped the lift. Jumping from a pent house is not an option.

Since primary school major exams are over, I'm laying back a little while before thinking what should I really do next since the next level in my life is more controlled by national obligations rather than what I really want to do.

This holiday was quite well spent for my case seeing my disability to really discipline myself during break period. I managed to complete my to-do list within a day most of the time! Hey, despite being 'Type A' organized freak, I do need to loosen up a little bit.

I think I will survive in the army because from what I heard, everything is so well organized and sharp. Even workout sessions, food, and activities will be organized. How cool is that! Somehow, a part of me is looking forward to all expenses paid trip to Pulau Tekong.

I'm going to miss all my movies, my books, and other 'projects' that I did during the holiday. When school resumes, my bedroom will just be like another hotel room. Neat, tidy, just for sleeping and eating and not living.

I love all the things that I do, and by that, that does not mean I love being instructed to do on what I love to do. It takes the motion of my hart to do what I love to do, so don't force on the things I love to do because then I won't love doing what I love to do.

Monday, October 11, 2010

SEX: Sleep, Eat, Excercise

Read all religious text and you'll realize what you need in life is balance. Watching Eat, Pray, Love starring Julia Roberts reminds me of Dr Ernest Wong's course I went 3 years back, that tells us to have a good sleep, eat good food, and exercise in order for us to have a balanced and well-maintained body. These days, with unbearable and undecided weather, it is important to keep ourselves healthy. True?

The movie was good to me because its humour is not so intense where you can't get a break from laughing, neither a boring romance movie that bore will bore you to tears. I enjoyed myself very much especially since I'm accompanied by Fiz, and Fifi.

It was quite long though. It's like flying from Singapore to Bali. Heh. Headed to Spize Supper Club after movie and thanks for the dinner treat! Couldn't help laughing at Fifi's smeared lipstick.

Today we went over to Fifi's house for an event, and I love the buffet. Chapati, Fried Laksa, Yong Tau Fu, and fruit cocktail is so appetizing. Gosh, now I'm hungry again. When you get into her house, there's more, spring rolls, layered cakes, birthday cake, drumsticks, and some cheesy sandwich. So if you happen to be there, you'll never die of hunger. The kids were wonderful playing all the classic games like London Bridge and Musical Chair. I had a great time.

I have a busy week since it's the final week of my school holidays and my physical test is coming soon. Wish me all the best!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Double Surprises

"A true leader always keeps an element of surprise up his sleeve, which others cannot grasp but which keeps his public excited and breathless."
-Charles de Gaulle

I'm not a leader, but I do have elements of surprise up my sleeve. Don't underestimate what's under these short sleeves. Kidding! Credits to one of my best friends H.Y for the jump start on what surprise should we give to one of our best friend, N.Y.

So here goes the surprise from H.Y (Hafiz) and Z.Y (myself) to N.Y (Nat). This surprise has been thought through since March. We told Nat we had thought of something and she was head over heels wanting to know what is it. But the plan was labeled "Surprise" so we kept it a secret.

Seven months later, she finally knew what her surprise was.

This afternoon she accompanied me to my interview recording at Sinema Old School. I was late. I apologize to all those affected, heh. The interview went well. It was not as lengthy as I thought.

Then on we went to Raffles Place where we met Hafiz. Told Nat I had to get a camera which I rent from a rental company, so she bought that story.

"Eh, what time are you taking your camera? You said you're late right?"
"Errr, actually, we're here for your belated birthday surprise. You have to be blindfolded, take off your glasses."

From Raffles Place to Boat Quay we walked pulling Nat, carrying her heavy stuffs. Royal treatment! All eyes were on us. Weird stares. When we were crossing the road, it's like helping the blind to cross. The best part was, Nat was petrified. She's afraid of falling into the drain or walking through the wall.

People who're drinking along Boat Quay were staring and some were saying "Girl, I'm not telling you where you are." but they were ignored by her because her ears were stuffed with Siti Nurhaliza's and Eid songs, which she don't really like. She had to dance to the tune of our music.

Even when all the aerobic participants sang her a birthday song, she was clueless. At least 200 people where right in front of her to sing her a birthday song. It's like having a surprise at every turn.

She was still blindfolded even before her surprise boat ride. We prayed hard the boat won't sink, I'm saying this in the name of joke Nat. You've beaten me enough, haaha. Everyone who took the same boat asked "Can she get onto the boat?" , "Isn't it dangerous?" I've told Nat, if she were to fall she can sue me. That was a tricky card I played to get her blindfolded!

Her second surprise was after we went to Tiffany & Co. for her open-heart bracelet. She's blindfolded again, (I ended up giving her those bandanna because it stinks of her sweat) She was turned like a gasing and she was brought around Marina Bay Sands. Again, the looks we get along Chanel, Dunhill, Gucci and everywhere else. The best part was putting her in front of Gucci store, and asked her to exclaim "I'd die for Gucci!" and she didn't know who else was in front of her after that.

Going down the escalator, we showed her a picture we just took in front of the store.

"Look, who's this?"
"Eh? Where is she?"
She turned round and round like another gasing but she's nowhere to be found.
"Nat, tell her you love her."
And she did several times. Louder each time when there's no reply. When Fazlun appeared, she was so elated to see her. They hugged. Awe!

That's a perfect end to a perfect day. I really hope she's well surprised by the two surprises she got because I'm tired pulling her.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

One Day Celebration, Celebrated a Month

I've been gone from blogging world for about two weeks. Today I'm back with several news, dated since the first day of Eid, and I realize several things... It is...

The day you see color-coded families.
The first day of Eid is always cheerful with families with clothes of the similar color and it only looks good if it's traditional outfit. Try that in western outfit, you'll look totally weird. Probably because some Malay families are too big (yes, some of us are big in making babies) in this way you (i) won't lose your child (ii) identify who belongs to which family in a large group photo. Those are just for laughs, but I guess we're a breed of people who loves unity.

The day where we forgive and be forgiven.
The beauty of Eid is the cliche sentence "Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir dan batin." which means "Happy Eid, I seek forgiveness from physical and mental/spiritual ill-doings." What we mean by those term is that we seek forgiveness from our physical ill-doings and our hearts from keeping hatred, incitement etc. Seen or unseen ill-doings. So in a way the bond in a relationship is renewed and started on a clean slate.

The day most things are brand new.
Like Christmas, Chinese New Year and other festive celebration, we would like to renew and redeem ourselves. So most of our homes are decorated with some new furniture, new clothes and accessories. Personally, my house can't escape from new furniture due to wear and tear. Festive seasons has its purpose after all.

The day we visit old relatives, and the poor ones.
Otherwise, when will you ever step into a poor family house or old people's house? Especially when our schedule is so consumed with career, own family, and personal commitments, this is the best time to visit them.

The day your draw out your own family map.
This is when you will find who marries who, and who's doing what, and other latest updates where you can't find in social networking sites like Facebook. Who's pregnant, and who's not. Who's a live and who's dead. Of course the ultimate purpose is to find out how are you related to your relatives.

The day the economy recovers.
In a way, yes, because kids love to spend, and kids love the part where they get alms giving (money) from the elder ones. Hence, triggering the money-multiplier effect. Especially when F1 season coincides with the month of Syawal, I bet most of them will be out shopping. What's more in preparation for Eid, money is spent too!

So what have I been up to?

For the past two weeks, I've been doing the things I love, the things I've planned and the things I've wanted to do ever since before school vacation. Now that most of the time is in my hands, I have the liberty to do them! I've been reading, passing down the torch to the several important people, and of course, I can't run away from visiting friends and relatives in the light of Eid.

Last night was my open house, and I am sorry if some of you did not receive the invitation because my house isn't as big as the community center and I wouldn't want the building authority to come over to my place and do an inspection only to find out there's overcrowding! Okay, I'm just joking but because of the last minute plan, and obstruction from my other activities, I did not have the luxury to text or Facebook invite everyone. This does not mean my house is only open for a day! Once again, I apologize.

I realize for the past few Eid, my open house coincides with F1 Grand Prix. Probably the next time we shall have F1 theme around the house. Checkered black and white tiles and carpets, upholstery and checkered traditional outfit. Imagine that!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Ukhuwah Tanpa Sempadan

Kabur pandangan kita dikilau usia senja. Dipancar emas, perak dan gangsa. Hidup kita dikelabui duka dan nestapa, dan dinodai arus jiwa yang lara. Ayuh kita sama-sama memeriahkan suasana raya dengan menggembleng tenaga, berjabat tangan, dan beramah mesra sesama manusia. Sepuluh jari disusun rapi, maaf dipinta kalau jiwa teruji, segala silap harap dimaafi, dari hujung rambut hingga hujung kaki. Yang baik diambil sebagai teladan, yang buruk kita ambil sebagai sempadan. Gunakan sengketa lama sebagai iktibar dah bukan mancis permusuhan.Tiada hari yang lebih murni daripada Syawal ini untuk kita membuka lembaran baru dalam kehidupan kita.

Setelah sebulan menahan lapar dan dahaga, menepis segala hawa nafsu, beribadah dan beramal untuk membantu, bermakrifat tentang kehidupan dunia dan barzakh, inilah masa yang sesuai untuk kita menyedut segala bisa dan noda kehidupan  dan memulakan dengan langkah yang baru.

Sebagai ciptaan tuhan, tiada yang terlepas daripada kesilapan dan segala ketidaksempurnaan walaupun luarbiasa. Setiap perkataan yang dihembuskan, setiap langkah yang dilakukan dan setiap gerak-geri yang kita lakarkan, kita tidak akan terlepas daripada tohmahan dan sangkaan buruk orang lain. Oleh itu, mari kita gunakan hari suci ini untuk merenung kembali kesilapan yang kita lakukan, dan memperbaiki jiwa kita. Bersalah atau tidak, tidak elok kita hidup bermusuhan sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit.

Secara peribadi, saya ingin memohon maaf dari hujung rambut, hingga hujung kaki, zahir dan batin daripada keluarga, saudara-mara dan sahabat-handai. Mereka yang telah menjadi nadi dan naluri kehidupan saya dan telah menyemarakkan kehidupan saya. Sungguhpun saya tidak sempurna, mereka yang menegur dan sentiasa berdamping walaupun ditimpa hujan dan badai. Semoga ukhuwah dan persahabatan kita dapat diperutuhkan lagi. Minta maaf kalau terkasar bahasa atau tersinggung hati apabila bergurau senda.

Tidak terkecuali, maaf dipinta daripada anak-anak murid saya serta keluarga mereka. Sekiranya saya tertinggikan suara atau terlampau cara, harap dimaafkan sebab sebagai pendidik (dalam segala bidang), kita manusia yang juga membuat kesilapan.

Kepada yang lain-lain yang saya kenal tetapi jarang bertemu atau berbual, maaf juga diharapkan sekiranya kalau terserempak tidak bertegur, kalau berbual terlanjur, dipanggil tidak bersahut. Saya harap tahun ini silaturahim kita dapat dieratkan lagi.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, maaf zahir dan batin kepada semua! Halalkan juga segala makan minum. Diharapkan bulan ini diisikan dengan pengampunan dan pengeratan silaturahim agar dapat diberkati malikuljabbar.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The 10 Things I Love

I'm bored because I have free time, at this hour before I head to sleep and my mind is never empty you should know that. I just want to share the 10 things I like to do. Read if you want because I''m here in my own space to kill time before drowsiness kicks in.

1. Myself
I bet everybody does. As you grow up you'll appreciate life more especially when you think you know what the future has for you. As a teenager I don't think we can determine how bright our future will be by judging from our current position in education/work alone. It takes effort to be where you are, and so far I'm loving it because whatever effort I made comes with a reward: self-satisfaction.

2. Gym
Common place for most boys and some girls. To be honest, running rounds, carrying weights and time keeping is not something I'd love to do when working out but I think with this practice you can be more disciplined. I don't know how far you can go, but so far going the pool and gym has been fun with my mates. Good way to socialize, and at the same time get fit. It's like killing two birds with one gun. Anyway, it's the fasting month and don't think I'd laze around. Doing house chores for spring cleaning is a form of exercise too!

3. Wardrobe
My wardrobe is like Narnia... When you enter it brings you to another world: the fashion world. Okay, kidding, I was being dramatic. I have a humble collection of clothes but I do love them because this is where I see my money hanging. I have a variety of clothes, so don't judge my collections! I love seeing myself as a knight in shining Armani. LOL! Although, I'd prefer style to fashion. Style over fad.

4. FadPad
Thinking of iPad? Think FadPad. This can't get any lamer! What I mean is my bedroom. When I moved into this house, I wanted a bigger room but because of my late grandmother and siblings, I'm given a smaller room, but to myself. I can't afford my own bachelor's pad because I'm not wealthy, so getting a bedroom to myself is a privilege! I feel that a person's traits is pasted all over the walls of their home just from the looks of it and I think it's true. From the looks of my arranged bookshelves, draped curtains, non-dusty frames, what can you tell about me? This is the place I feel safe where I connect with people without getting any disease passed down, or shop without have to walk and concentrate on the things I do.

5. Notebook
My notebook is a stone age notebook but it's still as good as new. My friends and relatives would have known and commented on it because it's clean and it's shiny. What's more, it's efficient! Annoyed with several scratched though. I have this habit of checking for viruses and defragmenting my disk every now and then. Uninstall any applications not needed and delete any obsolete files. So if they say this brand I'm using is lousy, probably the user is. Just kidding!

6. Wallet
It's not fat, but it's full of beautiful membership cards and whatnot. I like flipping through my card holder and browse the Polaroid pictures given by my friends too if I'm bored. The most personal unique card I have is my license because the date I got it is exactly 10 months from my birth date.

7. Organizer
It's like a quest map for the year, month and day. I'll lose track of the things I want to do and enjoy if I don't keep and eye on it. Trust me, ignoring that book will make me wander what should I do for the day and for the next few days. Will I hangout or will I have another plan? I will feel better if I have a lot of things to do and this does not mean work, just so you know.

8. Perfumes
A collection of it for different day and occasions. My favorite is Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani but I'm finishing up other bottles before getting that one again. I've smelt so many people using it, so I guess it's not only my favorite.

9. Traveling
I know! Out of all things, an interest is stuck here. It's not even a thing! The best part of traveling is the flight and sight seeing. Taking flights it's like a fetish! With traveling all other interest kicks in, DUH. Photography. Shopping. Sigh seeing. Writing. Just name it.

Now all my social networking tools is under one roof. Text. Facebook. Twitter. Skype. MSN. Google Talk. BBM. Phone calls. Read documents. Push-mail all in one and reachable within several clicks. All I need is an internet connection. I know these days all other phone has these functions too but I know what makes mine tick! Kidding! =P

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Last Supper

School Drools...
Today is simply awesome because good gracious was I late for my test but the test have not started! There was this massive jam at ECP and along Parkway Parade, it was estimated that I will reach Buona Vista in half hour. How can I not be panicked? I tried contacting school, the BE office and whatever means of communication. If only there's smoke signal and Morse code to send, saying that I'm unavoidably late... If only life is that simple.

It's the holidays, cum exam season. Tough choice!

After which my dad fetched me to choose my blinds. I think I need them because pasting newspaper on my bedroom window to prevent the direct sunlight is a 'so-not-me' thing to do but I won't deny, it's the most creative thing that I would do in times of desperation. Being the non-artistic person I am, I don't like messy stuffs like newspaper to be pasted all over my window. Neatness, cleanliness, tidiness is my thing. I'm quite square.

Once done, I headed back home and canceled on my hair appointment since people commented it's still short, and I'm tired from the 2-hour staring game with my notebook this morning. I decided to take a nap and wake up to get ready for dinner. Choosing my outfit for tonight was so troublesome. How often do we have to do wardrobe maintenance?

Then comes dinner...
This is the last grand supper for the week because the rest of the days I'll be back to square one: staying in.

One of my best friend owe me a ride but because of the last minute changes on his part, I was disappointed. I will not deny that because I didn't even bother to bring my ez-link card but loads of thanks to his dad that we managed to cabto The Grand Hyatt for our dinner. In the cab as compared to being driven by a friend: it's different experience.

In my experience when driving with my buddies, we have all the freedom to switch on our loud music and don't bother about what other people think of our music collection because there is simply no one else in the car (unless you're talking about something supernatural) whereas in the bus or in the cab, you can't say whatever you want, you can't 'curse' whoever you want and you can't listen to the music you want loudly.

Back to the dinner, finally I get to meet Fifi after ages of her missing in action. I wonder what has she been up to but tonight was three of us reunite with sumptuous buffet dinner in front of us.

We celebrated our birthdays. The belated one and the upcoming one because we didn't have the chance to celebrate it together so this is the first time having dinner together and hang out. Otherwise we would be spending our time at my house slumbering.

You know, when I'm full, I feel like I won't have to eat forever but when I'm hungry, I feel like I can eat forever. Himbotic remark but I bet this applies to all of you.

What's next?
Currently apart from blogging, I'm munching on potato wedges and fish. I just feel like munching even when I'm full! Tomorrow: Study. I hate being a cliche but as a student, I can't run away from it. I also need to tidy up and clear away some dust in my room, and freshen up the air. Need to open up the windows and let all the stale air out. I guess tonight is the pre-revision for my F&B because of the food I 'dunked' myself into. I feel like a puffer fish. You must know, buffet dinner is not a eat-it-all dining restaurant. The humor from F&B lectures still linger in my head. Till then, I'm off.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Regimental Life

If you ask me how's my life, it's the worst time to ask because to be honest, it's not the way I want it.

So it's fasting month, and life should go on as usual. Like how other days go on but no, it's different. Because there's no school, it's all study, break fast, this little thing I call meditation, and study again, then browse the net to relax for a little bit then, study again. Need I mention how many times I mentioned study? The process is slow despite sounding like I'm doing much because this week is solely dedicated to MS Project because it's my worse module ever. I would kill for anyone to do the exam for me. One mistake and all wrong. It's like a domino effect. One falls, and so will everything else.

On the upside, I'm loving it because during fasting month, I seek the betterment of this practice. I get to detox myself, and at the same time, concentrate my mind on something else, otherwise I'd keep eating, and going out. What's more I get to save money to pay my bills. Lord knows the devil's number I have to pay. I was in fact traumatized and mortified by the act of my impulsiveness but I forgive myself because I deserve to get what I've gotten.

In order to suck out all the poison in my life, I've frozen my cards like how Isla Fisher did it in her movie. Okay I'm kidding but I've put somewhere I can't really remember. Just hope it doesn't get lost somewhere into the hands on anyone else.

I can't tell you how addicted I am to my BlackBerry these days. Probably because of my domestic self-confinement, I rely a lot on it for entertainment. My notebook is kinda yester-century. I only use it for school. Otherwise, MSN, BBM, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, News, E-mails and whatnot is done through my phone. Simply for one reason: it's insanely mobile. On my bed, in the toilet, in the kitchen, while sitting on top of the washing machine, I'm able to connect with people outside, watch videos and listen to songs. Blogger should come up with it's free application. It'd be the best thing ever.

I'm excited for next week's plan! Everything better goes well without a flaw. After exams I should start picking up goldmines.

"After two years of bad business, and I'm done. We need to go somewhere rich!" 
- Samantha Jones, SATC Movie 2

Friday, August 13, 2010

Buyers Gone Crazy

As most of you might have the luxury to break fast at home, today I don't. In fact I'd prefer breaking fast at home, or somewhere secluded for many reasons.

I was in campus this afternoon to update on the project report. Final year project is hard work. No matter what, I still like the fact that because my team mates and I did our work in our lecturer's office, we have the luxury of getting the full blast of A/C on a hot day. The weather is unpredictable these days.

My appointments after which were canceled and new appointment came up last minute. Totally could not make it for the latter because I was somewhere else far away. Met Nat and we toured Orchard Road shopping belt. Finally I've found a new belt after ages of searching for the right one!

I know, I know, once I tweeted about writing an agreement between me and myself not to shop anymore because I felt I spend too much, which I did but it's for a good cause. Things were on sale (it's fun to be cheapo), and Eid is coming soon, I won't have time for anymore shopping trips, and exams are coming up so shopping is the last thing I would want to do. I have to use this impromptu time (by waiting for people, by walking past the mall, or by writing a full list of to-buy-things) to shop. This has to stop for a while for more than one reason.

While waiting for the call for prayer to commence break fast, that's what we did. Nat and I then kept on complaining about buyers remorse. Nice. To be honest I felt a little guilty going beyond my limit but in the light of the things that happened to me recently, I think I deserve to be rewarded. It's a lesson well learnt.

Okay, I've recovered from buyers remorse.

I love fasting month not only because I can detox myself. It's a month to seek solace and peace within myself.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Remarkable Days

Today is Khai's birthday, so let's wish her a big fat happy birthday! You're the best-est ever and anything-else-fails spare part. Okay, I was kidding about that, don't take my jokes too hard okay? I hope that 'expensive watch' bought with love (mostly something else) will last you like forever? Really, you should have taken all seven colors like how I suggested.

Thanks to S for the lunch treat yesterday. I still don't understand why I have to make friends with two people with their birthday so close to each other. I have to tighten my belt! For what it's worth, you guys are my pillars of strength. Khai still don't know the difference between the term 'can't afford' and 'expensive'. S has to spoil the lesson by laughing out loud. Thanks a bunch.

So here's what happen: We were shopping for her gift. Initially we wanted to get her boots. But since it will get dirty, she scrape the idea of getting boots. I couldn't agree more. We thought of getting her a watch or some other gifts. Go figure what she looks for: price tag. She's the funniest ever. Any friend would have exploited the opportunity by picking expensive gift(s), and I was giving her the chance. I ended up getting something for myself instead! Probably that's why she's in my A-list.

Did you know yesterday 100 Plus was giving away free drinks? One full can of 100 Plus. It was awesome.

I just found out today The Parliament of Italy is considered one of the worlds most expensive governments. Weird fact.

My National Day was not over the top kind of celebration as usual because the tickets are always given to non-patriotic people. Let me tell you this. If I were to get the NDP ticket(s), I would come in all red with my own army of friends parading into the Padang. I will even fake-tattoo my face with the full Singapore flag you would not have known it was me who sit beside you. I guess that's why I don't need a wake up call to be patriotic because I've always been. If you think I'm jealous because I don't get to see the fireworks, I had the full view of it with a "circle screen". I don't even have to squeeze with other people like penguins do. The Almighty have blessed me with so many good things in life. I can't thank you enough.

Fasting month starts tonight. Shall lock up all incitement, gossips, lies, vulgarities and whatnot. Scientifically it's a good way to detox and cleanse yourself spiritually. A month to start on the right foot.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

August Rush

Has any of you by any chance watched August Rush before? I was skeptical when my friend said it was good. Then I was wrong. We must not only not judge a book by it's cover. Don't judge a blu-ray by it's cover too!

Anyway, in this month of August with the YOG break coming up, I have my own race to do against time. Final year project is starting to take on it's toll with the reports and whatnot. Exams are coming up, which I still need to find the time to revise because MS Project is totally not user friendly. I still need time to write notes for other modules too!

A few days back was one of my best friend's birthday, Syaz. Khai and I had this last minute shopping running round the mall to find that particular shop (I don't know the name of it) and I ended up getting the gift for him from across the mall. What a waste of time, seriously. I still can't believe we took the wrong bus. Okay, not exactly. It's the right bus going to the opposite direction.

Khai was stoning. I was BBM-ing. When I look around...

"Eh, are we sure we're on the right track?"

"I don't know, that's why I ask you just now."

"Yeah this bus goes to Pasir Ris! (I saw LKY's face that says welcome to Tiong Bahru)But why this bus pass by Tiong Bahru!?"

"I don't know! (What does Khai know in the first place? Just kidding!)

So after all the commotion we talked to the driver and positive. We're on the wrong track. What an episode.

When the clock stroke 12, we entered Syaz's bedroom and sang him birthday song with a house candle on top of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Big candles are the in thing these days ya'know. Cross fingers he was damn well surprised and not expect that at all.

Last night I was away across mainland to do some shopping for upcoming Eid. I figured I will be occupied with tonnes of work to do so I took the liberty of doing it before Ramadan. Sorry to "SALE!" I don't think I will be able to make it this year.
My relatives and I had dinner at Seoul Garden to satisfy whatever cravings we had before the constraints we will be having in Ramadan. Those who fast would have known, even after break fast you don't feel like eating much already. Going for a buffet for break fast just seems to be a bad idea.

That's that for an update. Happy National Day! (Let me wish this a day in advance.)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Cease to Exist

I was in the train and happen to find out one thing. It spoils my day. Whatever happen to those good old days? I know I should not have let my heart rule my brain. It could have worked for a no-brainer but I took chances. I thought things would have changed or at least things will change but no. I felt so used. I don't believe in horoscopes because I define my own life, personality and destiny, but somehow it seems to reflect the state I was a few days back up till today. I should have never played with fire.

This is why I'd prefer to deal with what I love to deal with. No emotional turmoil because it's simply one thing: it's a non-living thing. So never argue with me why I don't get emotionally attached or whatnot. Being in those kind of situations will just bring you to extreme ends of emotions. Even some would do things that's beyond imagination. Everything will just get in my way.

However I shall be strong in facing these ordeals. Who says life was ever going to be easy. Every dark corners now I shall make it nitid for a safer path to happiness.

Nothing goes beyond this space. I don't have to elaborate. I am going to put them in imaginary chest, lock it with a lock I will never find, only taking the lessons from it, at sink it to the seabed of my past. You will never hear me speak of this again after this entry.

I won't complain forever on my life mishaps.

I had a long day yesterday. I happen to feel more pressure than any of them because as the important day approaches, they are simply unnerved! But I guess it's part and parcel of being them. I was once like them, but probably worse. Go figure how mischievous I was then.

After all those hurdles draining their energy so that they absorb the knowledge I want to impart, my relatives and family fetched me. We headed to Henderson Waves and had my own feast at the KTM Railway Station. I was famished. Even that word seems to be understatement. I went for two rounds of meal and speaking of this makes me hungry again.

The night ended with a 'needs' shopping spree at Mustafa Centre (24/7 mall is the best idea in retail) with Syaz because I had to get my sports bag and stock up urgently and I barely have the time to even hit the heartland mall. Besides, my heartland mall is deprived of men stuffs.

I'm done writing. Have a good week!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gulp! Gulp!

A little quickie before I go off and do my school work and anything related to work. As you would have known, final year is not an easy year. A lot of things to do and time is never on our side at this stage but thankfully, I managed to steal some time to go swimming with my classmate QY, since she's so engrossed about being fit and whatnot, so I figured it would be nice to have a company. After all my workout buddies are simply irregular and swimming was not in the list until last week.

After an unproductive morning in the class listening to presentation where only lecturers bother to listen (I think?) we headed to the pool. Being the newbie I am, okay not so newbie the last time I swam was 5-6 years ago so go figure my swimming skills. There are several reason why I hate swimming...
  1. The smell of chlorine chokes me
  2. The smell of chlorine sticks on the skin for a day even after strong smelling soap
  3. My skin gets darker
  4. Accidentally drink water in the pool and water gets into every opening of your senses. Your eyes, nose, ears, mouth and skin
Since my school swimming pool has no chlorine as they claimed since they use ionized water, I took their word for it and true! No chlorine smell! Although QY said there was.

I was practically struggling (swimming go bonkers!) and water was splashing everywhere, not smooth at all! I bet people from the gym or from the food court were laughing but I swallowed my pride. I don't have goggles so I bought it from Cheers nearby, really how convenient that was. I guess it was money well spent because it includes ear plug! Awesome much!

For the time being whenever I go swimming, I gotta stay by the side of the pool just in case I get too exhausted. Come on, it's Olympic pool, cut me some slack! I have to pause swimming four times to get from one end to the other. I guess my stamina is no match for QY's just yet! Hope it gets better soon!

No my body is aching all over. I need to sleep but it's not the time yet. Ciao!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Today my life is full of colors. Red, blue, purple, magenta, yellow, orange, you name it, I saw the full spectrum of colors this afternoon with my mate Htee. We went to SGF. I was quite surprised to see the bunch of tourist and golden aged people buying their gardening needs and whatnot. Some are even wheelchair bound. How impressive that was, coming down all the way to the heart of Singapore for goodies and gardening needs.

Apparently I was early so I had time to go round Raffles City and got myself something. I missed out buying several needs but I shall go back to M&S soon. There's more than one outlet in anyway.

I was at the SGF for different reason. Nothing to do with gardening or landscaping. Someone even asked if I'm in the landscaping industry. I said no. I appreciate landscaping but it's not something I live to learn.

Sadly, not much freebies. Probably they're afraid all those "kiasu" people will just snatch and grab, and probably kidnap the guy who holds on to the freebies as well. I'm not suggesting, but you know who the main audiences are. They would kill for free stuffs. Hey, it's not a crime, but still got to be sane when snatching away free stuffs.

Apparently there was a photo booth, so we took the opportunity to have our snapshot. By the way, we were clueless where the rest of my classmates went until we were about to leave, we saw them. We went to have our dessert cum dinner. I was full by a plate of waffle. Well, my plate is never empty, thankfully, but sometimes it's more than I could chew. This calls for a bigger mouth and stomach and system.

This slipped off my mind many times, but thanks Deb & Qide for keeping my BB charger for me. Appreciate it loads!

You're the only exception.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Resort World Sentosa

Somehow lifestyle of mine since the start of the second term seems to be holiday, still. Should I be happy? Probably. Worried? Forever more. On the first week of holidays I was in Redang, then a week after that in Bali, then today, I was in Resort World Sentosa (RWS). Only this time, for different motive, school!

Being shuttled and all, team mates and I went around RWS like nobody's business taking photographs (the only free thing to do there perhaps!). I felt small because the made-made marvels are obviously huge! The colors of the building made me feel like I'm in a real animation movie with turquoise roofing and the lazuli colored sky as the backdrop. You probably don't care as much as I do, but I'm loving what my eyes laid on.

Apparently the merchandise sold in Hard Rock (Singapore) is pretty much disappointing. Mainly apparels and tonnes of mugs. Even Bali has more variety like hand phone holder (I have one by my side), credit card holder, umbrella, bath robe, bath mat and other stuffs!

Since we're not suppose to be splurging our money there, hope we're not trespassing(!), we had lots of photographs by 'beach pool'. Similar concept to Bali's Hard Rock, but smaller scale. Still! I regret for not swimming there while I was in Bali! Major period!

The next time I go out to any place, I must really find out what color the organization's uniform/theme color for their staff. Here's the thing, I was at Giant Hypermart and I wore the same color tone as the staff. Then I was in Hard Rock, wearing the same tone, AGAIN! You know what I should do, I can do something like the credit card advert where the person was trying to camouflage with the theater's wall to sneak into the movies!

After RWS, I headed home and BAM! on my bed. I napped for about 3 hours. Is that even called a nap... Now I'm awake, dinner awaits. That's why I should worry if my school days feel like vacation.

I shall get started on my essays so I can free up my time to read my book! Reading makes your imagination run wild in a good way.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Boom, Boom Pow!

I'm about to enter the twilight zone because of the early morning flight and jet lag. Plus all the activities done in Bali since 4 days back, I'm spent, but not wasted. I missed several days of school and thanks to a friend who helped me check my results while I was away. When I'm back my room was all dusty. So let's start from the top.

This is my first afternoon flight, with the sun right above your head. So even being sent to the airport by car does not save us from the torrid heat but at least it minimize sweating! The flight was good because AirAsia was smart enough to allocate my seat by the window, which is my utmost favorite seating spot.

It's the school holidays in Indonesia and probably some parts of Europe, US or Australia as well. That's when you get to see lots of "ang moh" around with a mix of local tourist around. The streets were jam packed at night but it's happening with loud bass music, neon lights, colorful lasers and and people with high spirits. Though some were drunk by Bintang. Minum kayak bintang, jatuh aja ke bumi kapan mabuk!

Anyway, I didn't spend the entire trip in Kuta, I went to several places I've not been to in the previous trip there but one or two of them were repeated because I like the place, the scenery, and the weather!

Initially we wanted to see dolphin but we have to wake up a about 4AM!? I'd rather sleep.

We happen to stay right at the doorstep of nightlife. So it's not easy for us to sleep because the new hotel probably didn't know that they have yet to sound proof their room. My bed was vibrating "Boom! Boom! Boom!" while we were trying to sleep because all the party animals are jumping all over across the road. Other than that the hotel was good, shower (which is important to me) was satisfying, and it comes with complimentary drinking water. I'm a little saddened we didn't get to stay at Hard Rock or somewhere around there because it's full everywhere! All due to last minute bookings!

Thought of running along Kuta beach and lay eyes on "dried fish" (inside joke) but it was getting dark and a little too late when that idea struck my mind! Sigh!

Thanks to my parents for this trip and all!

Anyway once touched down, I headed to school with heavy laptop and notes in a paper bag. My hand hurts TTM. In my return fight, AirAsia assigned me aisle seat, which is never my favorite. People passing by, rubbing their hands on my seat, rubbing their bags on my shoulders, some even have rodent smell, and I'm just afraid some clumsy bloke would drop something on my head while putting stuffs into the cabin compartment and worse, while they talk directly I will be sitting right under getting some drizzle (imagine while you eat...)

Now that I'm back, I seriously need some spanking and a major alarm for wake up call. I need to get my feet on the ground. I was in the lecture with my FYP mates while we were talking I realize in fact, like really, in reality, I'm in my final year in the campus and I will be out after that. Like in a blink of an eye. Seems like it was yesterday when I was enrolled. Seems like it was yesterday I bought my notebook! Well it still look new now, I know several friends were impressed, thanks! A lot of things happen within a span of three years but I did not expect this to feel that fast! Better yet, no Youth Day holiday for us! Why do we even have that day for youths like us in the first place when there's no vacation for us. Might as well name it Children's Day and Children's Boxing Day in the next Children's day. I have no idea what I'm talking about. *Pouts lips - Cassie and Htee, take note*

I headed home after school and I tried to sleep to catch up with my jet lag. Apparently effort gone wasted. I got off my bed to do other personal chores. Tonnes of own laundry to be done, till there's nowhere else to hang dry them, my room is handsomely tidy but dusty because of four days abandonment, my notes are all over the place, and some of my bags are wide open. Any pest can just build a nest inside (this is what I imagine!).

I was a little heated up on my way to school because the train was delayed, by not 6 minutes but about half to one hour! At almost every stop they have to keep the doors open for about 5-10 minutes and people just keep on coming in so the train turned into one gigantic canned sardines. So apart from being late which was totally not my fault because I've made my calculations I will be in school on time and target, my personal space gets smaller and smaller at each stop!

The absence of my ez-link card for the day didn't make things any better. I have to walk from station to school. I'm lack of coins for bus. They must have Standard Ticket for bus as well in the future!

Holidays are over. Over.