Thursday, February 18, 2010

Celebrating Fad-Day

My Birthday
So there is Monday till Friday and in one of the days we're celebrating Fad-Day. Fun right! I would probably give you guys a half-day school or work if I were to be a boss or the Prime Minister or something! Haaha, just kidding. Anyway, celebration was good although a proper celebration with family is not done yet because some of us are just busy.

The Family Affair
So it was 12 midnight and yes, I was expecting them (my family members) to come into my room or something to sing me a birthday song or something of that sort but I didn't expect a blackout surprise! It was funny, something embarrassing did happen, only yours truly knows what happen my closed doors. I laughed at myself thinking about it! Thanks for my parents and my little brothers. The birthday card is so sweet!

The Syaz and Khai's Affair
So they called me since Syaz was from Mustafa Centre while Khai was from work. They have to meet me because they have their own affairs they need to settle. Syaz needs to use my scanner while Khai needs to return my file. Syaz gave me a call to come down to help him carry some stuffs. I sensed it has to be a surprise or a gift! So I came down to see Syaz and Khai was there to surprise me with a cake made of many Hershey pies!

The Fiz and Nat's Affair
Fiz told me there was this jewellery show that we're invited to go like last year. So I took his word for it, even while on the way to Shang-ri La, I wondered what kind of food they will be serving at the event. I was late and I thought he will be waiting impatiently for me. I was waiting for him around the lobby since he said he was in the toilet, and I saw Nat was there running down the escalator, trying to hide but she just can't. Don't get me started on why she can't hide! Haaha, just kidding. So it came across my mind there was no jewellery event and I was there for my own surprise celebration! Indeed it was! I pretended not to know (you ought to see my Tweet) so then at least their plan will not fail! Sadly the balloon flew off and the cheese cake was forgotten, but I still got my birthday cake!

Thank you!
To all friends and relatives who gave me well-wishes through all media, thank you so much! :)

Monday, February 15, 2010


It's the celebration of my mum's birthday, my birthday, Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year.

Mum's Birthday
Before I move into anything else, I would like to make a big happy birthday shout out to my mum! So here goes, happy birthday! May the Almighty shower you with his blessings and reward you with all the good times ahead. So, not only tiger gets to enjoy the in-lieu holidays!

The Valentine's Day
So last night was Valentine's Day and it coincides with the Chinese New Year. I went to East Coast Park for some sunny day retreat. The weather was almost unbearable but the wind at Bedok Jetty was good enough to cool me down despite the scorching sun piercing through my skin. Not to mention that place somehow turned into refugee camp site wannabe. Other than that it was all good.

Don't get me wrong, she's not Vday date!

My Birthday! (16th Feb)
I know I may sound a little bit self-obsessed, like everybody says! But thank you for all the wishes given to me via all mass media be it print or electronic (Haaha!). Your wish for my good health, and all are one of my life's simple pleasure. In return, I do hope you all of you are all good with your exams, revision and all (since it's the exam season) - it's one of my birthday wishes for all of you.

Post Celebration
I know, I know, it may seem that I have another celebration after my birthday but post celebration shall be celebration with my books and notes! What's more the exam season (for almost all level of education) is coming up, there's quite a few things I have to do. There's not only one party that has or wants to get those flying colours.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's So Tight!

Has been imparted!
This week has been really, really been crazy as compared to other crazy week. Maybe I should stop using the word busy because that is already imparted in my life. Therefore saying it won't make things any more free or any busier. Ok it seem I'm like beating round the bush but you get what I mean, don't you? So, I must stop saying I have a busy life because that is already part of my life for now.

3 To Go
Anyway, two of my exam papers will be down this week which is a relieve then I will have one week break before facing the bigger exam papers like Law and all. Good thing I feel blessed studying law and all, not that you can bend and twist it around, but at least to know your rights. We have to learn the fact that the law protects neither the convict nor victim. In layman's term, it's a game between two parties showing who has more prove. It's like a debate, if you can present it like a delicious hotcake, the judge will take it. Don't you think it works just that way?

Good movies?
In a span of two months I've heard a lot of good movies playing at the theatres. I've seen the trailers and all which is pretty interesting but I don't have the time and "kaki" to go with yet. I'm not complaining but in April when most of the DVDs will be out by then, I hope I can get it and have my movie marathon during the holidays.

Music Festival
Last night I went to 3rd Chamber Music Festival at NUS with Ward and Ras and haven't I told you Ras looks like some Latina? Well I wasn't there for nothing but I was accompanying Ward for her write-up. I didn't regret going because I'm liking the concert hall for it's acoustic. You can even hear a pin's drop without microphone. Now I'm imagining having my own concert in that hall without a microphone. After all, everybody who hears me sing always say I don't need a microphone because it's audible enough. I wonder if they mean good or otherwise, God knows.

I guess that's all for an update this week. See you again!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

When Life is a Mess

Exams! Exams!
Thank God, now that most school work and projects are done, I can have a breather for a day or two before going down mugging for upcoming tests and exams. Technically school has been closed. No more classes, tutorials or anything else. Wish me all the best in my exams!

Believe it or not, my schedule and plans for this upcoming holidays is not up yet because it is mostly empty. I am still wondering, what should I do, where should I go, and when should I do the things I wanted to do? I just hope this holiday would be more fruitful and meaningful than previous holidays.

February 2010 will be somehow weird (in a good way month) because Valentines Day falls on the 14th, followed by one of my family members birthday followed another special day, and here's the thing, all the 3 days coincide with Chinese New Year public holiday! Is that great or what! On the downside, I bet most shops will be closed during the public holiday.

Random But I Need to Let it Out
I need to get my wardrobe fixed, there are so many old clothes that I am no longer wearing. I need to get rid of them or they will just collect dust and be sad because nobody is wearing it. Honestly, I've not done shopping for a very, very long time and I need something new to wear and boost my morale. Maybe I should put that down as one of my holiday plans! To go out and buy something new for myself.

Anyway, I thought I wanted a BlackBerry for myself, but come to think of it, I should just use my phone until it dies. This phone has been good to me! I think I should utilize all the resources I have at home then at least I have a reason to stimulate the economy by spending. This may not be your concern but God knows how many bottles of shampoo and shower gels, shaving cream and tissue packets I have in my personal storage box and I've told you before, I have perfume supply for the next two to three years provided I don't spray them excessively or I can open my own Mustafa Centre! Just kidding. I even have more than 1 set of poker cards (I don't understand why I or other people do)

Not only to mention those but I have a lot of pens and papers and other stationeries too. Suddenly I realise I have so many things yet I keep on buying! So what I did this afternoon was to take out all the many/much things that I have and put them somewhere visible so I will use them. Now I have all my pens on the table and I use them as much as possible so that I can get rid the ones with little ink, and use up the papers with stain(s) and all the rough paper (like the ones you saw in CA) so I can make space for new clean ones. I even have a lot of post-its (which makes me realise, I have no reason for being disorganised)

If you see, my life is a mess (a lot of highlighters with a lot of colours on my table now) which I have to clear to start a clean slate of my favourite stationeries, books (speaking of which I have a lot collecting dust now) and other accessories. So please, keep me busy so that I can write more essays manually so I can finish up my-handful pens and old papers. Ah! I even have a lot of colour pencils with me, so to make full use of it, I'm colouring my Construction tutorials. Sigh, should have coloured my drawings then I would get better grades right? Haha, only kidding!