Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Night Live!

Singapore Zoo
Woke up early in the morning to clean up and get ready for zoo. Turned out that those two pals of mine are having a good life sleeping while I was getting ready. So we were kinda late (according to our plans). We had our KFC breakfast in the zoo and round the exhibits only to find out there are many friends of Khai. I'm glad that Syaz and Khai seems to enjoy the zoo treat as much as I do. We shall do that again some time!

The Mall
So it was a hot day. it was unbearable. It's either the ozone is depleting, the sun is getting bigger, of the UV ray is getting stronger. It's as though the sunlight is piercing through my shades. Probably the UV protection on the glasses has depleted like the ozone or something. Probably it's time to get new shades? We headed to Orchard Road and had a good time window shopping and shopping and still wondering how to accessorize one of our 'beauty-deficit' friends. Haaha, just kidding! Anyway, thanks Syaz and Khai for the wonderful lunch/dinner and whatever food/snacks and all the things you guys treat me. I feel so indebted to you guys :)

Fifi's Birthday Party
After shopping we went back to send the car and headed to Fifi's 19th Birthday Party. I would like to thank her loads for the invitation and hope that she has a blissful life ahead of her and face all ordeals with all her strength. I heard it has been a tough year this year for her, though I believe she will pull it through no matter rain or shine. Once again, thanks for the invite. Clearly you look amazing tonight.

Class BBQ Chalet
As my classmate J and I will be hosting the class BBQ chalet, we would like to thank you guys for the co-operation in making it a possible one. Do remember to come on Wednesday and I will update you guys where the place is exactly. I am looking forward to this class gathering probably because this is the first gathering we did together outside school. Hope it will be as fruitful as planned.

Monday, March 22, 2010

SIFF and ICECE 2010

23rd Singapore International Film Festival
Press conference at the 23rd Singapore International Film Festival was filled with press and film associates from different countries. The sumptuous breakfast and afternoon tea break was enough to accompany those who are still networking though I was there for different purpose. I was there to be in the press, just kidding! Camera is not working that well that day and I was recovering then, so the mood for doing things is just not there. Though thankfully I drove because I could go back in time to get enough rest before going out again on that day.

International Conference on Early Childhood Education (ICECE) 2010
I was there to help out and the food was a must-not-miss because they were so generous with their buffet lunch and tea break. You would have known that I have a big appetite which comes with high metabolism "package". So somehow I don't seem to have any worries of getting fat easily so I did have more than one serving each meal. It's suppose to be a secret because I don't want to be labeled greedy or anything of that sort! The best part for the guests was they got a 2GB thumb drive which could be very useful in keeping their work stuffs. Sadly I couldn't make it for the second day. The most epic part for me was to be that close to the Senior Minister and one of the grassroots leader.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Vacation Sensation

During this one week vacation it's full of sensation with things to do round the clock. No way I'm complaining because it's the holidays and everything has been a bliss except that I was ill a few days back. So far I'm recovering, so please hope that I can regain my full health in no time.

So this week I'll be attending the ICECE event, and Singapore Arts Museum. I hope I can use this time to really, really have my final break before final year starts because I heard it's no bliss! I'm gonna have to figure that Da Vinci's Code out, what do they even mean by "not a bliss"? Shall see, shall see.

Today's weather is so hot that I can feel the sun piercing through my thin layered clothing. It was raining in the north because I was there to chill out and it was no cooler! Luckily the A/C in the bus was cool enough. Anyway, finally I settled on concession since I realize I will be out a lot in times to come to stimulate the economy in the malls at Orchard Road and to think of having to top up at least thrice a week? I'd rather do something that gives me the peace of mind without me having to check now and then for the balance of the card and cash balance in my wallet!

Something silly happened when I was at the counter paying for stuffs I bought. It costs $0.45 and being the cashless society I am (seriously, no point robbing me, I can deactivate all the plastics) I decided to pay using Visa/Nets so the counter lady was asking if I want to pay by Visa or Nets, so I said yes, Visa. I had my reason! She was like "Ha!? Visa?" Being embarrassed by her loud and annoying "Hah!" I said "No, nets!" Then she was babbling about how ridiculous it was to pay by Visa and that they have a minimum amount to spend to pay by Visa. In my mind I was like "If you know that with that amount I can't pay using Visa, then why bother asking the mode of payment I want? Do I even have a choice then?"

That's all for an update now, will keep you guys updated! I know, I know, I've been missing in action here and Facebook. They shall revive soon when I have the free time to "goyang kaki".

P/S: Just so you know, the bird's meat I was talking about in the previous post was Ostrich's meat. It's soft and tender as dear's meat, though dear's meat is still the softest I've tasted.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Back in Blogosphere

Back Blogging!
As you read, I am having fun right now enjoying my holidays! It's like finally the exams are over, though I must admit I'm gonna miss school bullying people and lecturers (just kidding!) with all those projects and all. I must say that those tutorials and projects are brain draining and sometimes I just couldn't be bothered that I slept over my worry, stress and sorrows and wake up the next day to finish things up, where then my brain will be much clearer to see what's going on. Luckily I have something to do on the sideline to distress myself from school pressure. Go figure.

So now it's the holidays, I'm gonna spend a week with myself, by myself, doing things that I've been wanting to do at home like clearing my old redundant notes, and putting them aside neatly because my workplace is like rag and bone area. I need to make some new room in my closet for my new clothes (have not done with the buying yet, will see when). Sadly, I have no plans going overseas or anywhere outside Singapore for the holidays because for one thing, there are no sponsors yet. Just kidding!

Now that I'm having my holidays, to those out there who still read this blog religiously, thank you so much, at least I don't feel silly updating this to share a piece of my day with you. God willing during this time I will do my best to update it regularly. The video below is just a short update on what has been going on.

Out to PSR
I've not been out with my family for ages, ever since the exam started and a few weeks before the exam because I need to complete my tutorials/projects before the examination week, then comes the exam week where I need to revise and all then come the holidays (the only time I will be free for other things then). So after so long not going out, we ended up in PSR after (again) ages of not visiting it as well. It was good because finally I hit the gym (it's still a wonder why I don't go to gym nearby), did the treadmill and some other exercises you can think of. I just love doing treadmill because for one thing it's the easiest thing to do, just run as though a dog is chasing me and just stare into the space with an empty mind. I kinda thing it's a good workout since I keep on running without feeling tired because my mind is simply empty. I thought I want to swim but with all the chlorine that will stink my hands, I'd rather not. Went to dinner after that at Qing Palace and it was good. It was so Chinese, and thank God they do have fork and spoon because my chopstick skill is only meant for noodles any anything else, except soup and rice. Watch the video below for full update. I'm kinda beat to type.