Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Night Live!

Singapore Zoo
Woke up early in the morning to clean up and get ready for zoo. Turned out that those two pals of mine are having a good life sleeping while I was getting ready. So we were kinda late (according to our plans). We had our KFC breakfast in the zoo and round the exhibits only to find out there are many friends of Khai. I'm glad that Syaz and Khai seems to enjoy the zoo treat as much as I do. We shall do that again some time!

The Mall
So it was a hot day. it was unbearable. It's either the ozone is depleting, the sun is getting bigger, of the UV ray is getting stronger. It's as though the sunlight is piercing through my shades. Probably the UV protection on the glasses has depleted like the ozone or something. Probably it's time to get new shades? We headed to Orchard Road and had a good time window shopping and shopping and still wondering how to accessorize one of our 'beauty-deficit' friends. Haaha, just kidding! Anyway, thanks Syaz and Khai for the wonderful lunch/dinner and whatever food/snacks and all the things you guys treat me. I feel so indebted to you guys :)

Fifi's Birthday Party
After shopping we went back to send the car and headed to Fifi's 19th Birthday Party. I would like to thank her loads for the invitation and hope that she has a blissful life ahead of her and face all ordeals with all her strength. I heard it has been a tough year this year for her, though I believe she will pull it through no matter rain or shine. Once again, thanks for the invite. Clearly you look amazing tonight.

Class BBQ Chalet
As my classmate J and I will be hosting the class BBQ chalet, we would like to thank you guys for the co-operation in making it a possible one. Do remember to come on Wednesday and I will update you guys where the place is exactly. I am looking forward to this class gathering probably because this is the first gathering we did together outside school. Hope it will be as fruitful as planned.