Monday, March 22, 2010

SIFF and ICECE 2010

23rd Singapore International Film Festival
Press conference at the 23rd Singapore International Film Festival was filled with press and film associates from different countries. The sumptuous breakfast and afternoon tea break was enough to accompany those who are still networking though I was there for different purpose. I was there to be in the press, just kidding! Camera is not working that well that day and I was recovering then, so the mood for doing things is just not there. Though thankfully I drove because I could go back in time to get enough rest before going out again on that day.

International Conference on Early Childhood Education (ICECE) 2010
I was there to help out and the food was a must-not-miss because they were so generous with their buffet lunch and tea break. You would have known that I have a big appetite which comes with high metabolism "package". So somehow I don't seem to have any worries of getting fat easily so I did have more than one serving each meal. It's suppose to be a secret because I don't want to be labeled greedy or anything of that sort! The best part for the guests was they got a 2GB thumb drive which could be very useful in keeping their work stuffs. Sadly I couldn't make it for the second day. The most epic part for me was to be that close to the Senior Minister and one of the grassroots leader.