Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Reality Check

Time seems to fly so fast after the holidays, which is good because the pain of waiting and anticipating will be over before you know it but at the same time it seems like I don't have much time for anything else to ease the short pain. Anyway, gotta stop being one emotional wreck.

Timetable change!
This caught me off guard probably because I left the lecture hall within split seconds after lecture when the lecturer told us about the change in Friday's timetable because of lunch with Nat. Had a great time on Tuesday afternoon eating my favorite McSpicy after ages of not indulging myself into it. So Friday's timetable has been changed to a late afternoon class (I know, everybody sighed including me, I sighed the next day when I got to know about it, slow) but on the bright side you can sleep as late as you want before going for the two hours lecture and enjoy the weekend after that.

Sinema Showoff!, again!
After a month Sinema Showoff! (my Final Year Project) is back only this time the event features Malay/Indonesian directors and films. I was there again to cover the event by taking photographs which I did my best but the camera is simply stubborn to snap. No matter what, thanks Nat for lending me the camera. The event ended late so kinda grateful that my dad lent me the car to drive otherwise I will get bored to tears in the train listening to repeat telecast "If you see any suspicious looking person or article..." and occasional surprising brakes. At least by driving I can listen to songs, at the same time concentrate on something else: the road.

Dream? What dream?
Had my usual tutorial today and as the first tutorial ever with this lecturer and he doesn't know us so as a way to know each of us better, he asked us what we wanna do after poly life? When it comes to my turn somehow I turned blank but the fact is there's a lot in my mind! If I hadn't gone blank, I would probably say I wanna write. A book or something. Whatever. Even up till now I just think I could write better than I speak. Thanks to Singlish. You know after some time, there's nothing to be proud of about having this Singlish thing in Singapore. Yeah lor! Make my English go bo-chap. We don't need another new born language while our mother tongue and business language is rusted and brittle.

As I write right now, I'm enjoying Bond and some other music without lyrics. These days it feels depressing to listen to songs with lyrics. For now it's best to listen to the ones without lyrics and let my mind wander and be blank for once. Yes, sometimes when there's too much it's best to let it out here, freely. Anyway, this is my new wallpaper. I have my old school friend to accompany me half way to school on Thursday. Gotta thanks my parents for the efficient week and gotta think of ways not to bring laptop to school. Shall leave the duty of carrying heavy stuffs until I serve the nation. Just kidding!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Premiers

First Premier: First Day in School

Not everybody is looking forward to the first day of school, especially after a long 8 weeks vacation. Slacking, hanging out, some even went for courses I heard and whatever you guys did surely you will miss it. So how was my first day? It went pretty well, because the goal during the first day of school is not to sweat because it would be so unglamorous to be in the train with throngs of people and have perfume and sweat mixed up. It's no cocktail. I did not bring my laptop because I thought I could use the computers in the IT lab so apart from sitting under the air-con and enjoying the torrid heat because it's not blowing to me, I have no laptop during IT lesson. Being a Lecturer 101, checking for last minute information is not everybody's cup of tea when it comes to the first day of school. They prefer information to come to them instead. So pass on the information through the right channel if you really want none of them to miss out anything.

After school, Fiz and I headed to town and we had a great catch up talking about school.

Second Premier: Gurushetram - 24 Hours of Anger

A premier attended by President. The first Tamil film. Drama, deception, anguish, dejection and defiance all mixed up in one film with a pinch of soft comedy: Gurushetram - 24 Hours of Anger. To be honest, I have my doubts because for one thing it's the first Tamil movie in Singapore. Secondly, it's scripted in a language beyond my capability to understand but the subtitles did a great job in making me understand and relate to the movie, and good thing the subtitles were not the kind where it's directly translated and the 'feel' is off. Get my drift. Anyway, all my doubts were burnt when I watched it. The actors seems to live by the character and acted naturally. The video quality was almost impeccable. The storyline was great and rather unpredictable.

Throughout the 2 hours episode, drugs , greed, and money are friends that shatters the life of innocent children. A loving mother that falls into the trap of imminent death and deception. Blood shed to shut the righteous ones and a plan to clear the streets of bad boys. In this movie entwined the theme of care, love, and sacrifices that was made for the sake of their loved ones. Even when what was loved had gone, the sacrifice and hardship continues. What's embedded in the heart of this story is a learning point that love knows no bound, and the greed for carnal world surely leads you to the path of self-destruction.

With that said, you would probably want to check it out while it's in the theaters. It's a movie with heavy investment that would probably sell best in India. Thanks Fiz for accompanying me!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The 11th Hour

Indonesia - West Java, Batavia (I love the sound if it)
Thought of going for a last minute trip? Indonesia is probably the value-for-money place to go since the exchange rate obviously put most Singaporeans in advantage. So there we went! It's a pretty short trip since it's a last minute thing and we couldn't afford last minute hotels and all, so thankfully my mum and her friend who happen to live there helped us out with our last minute arrangements for flight, transport and all. It gets more adventurous (not) with delayed flight (by the hour!) and because we were stranded in the airport for almost half a day, and I'm still not happy about that, at all. Despite being all optimistic about it, there's much (of negative stuffs) to say about cheapo-flights (not cheap after all, go figure).

So here we are in the glass house, was impressed by my mum's friend capability to get this for us! There were 2 dogs, one was a French poodle and the other is some kind of bull dog (caged because it barks whenever it sees people) and the French poodle (Pixie) was so cute because when the owner was not there, it followed us everywhere we go about in the house! Good thing it's obedient otherwise he would have jumped on my bed licking me, which can be very disgusting.

Despite being such on a short notice, we managed to meet Fiz's aunt as well, even she said time was all constrained. Thanks to my mum and her friend who helped us loads in getting us a good place to stay, and a wonderful car (I like the fact that Tanter Rit's car looks solid and undented) and thanks to Tanter Nana for bringing us around at night and for the sumptuous hilltop dinner. Also, thanks to Fiz for being such a wonderful holiday accomplice!

Back with Incidents
We landed in the afternoon and I was spent. I couldn't sleep in flight because of the noise and pressure and the people around, I just couldn't sleep. We landed safely and my dad was nice enough to fetch us back. Parents went out only to come back with news that someone nearby our apartment died committed suicide. I went to sleep and woke up to the sound of sirens from the fire engine. Parents asleep including me, woke up to that sound and lookout the window to see everyone from across the block looking through their windows as well. It must not be a false alarm eh? Within split seconds we look over and saw clouds of smoke rising up through the air. I took my phone and camera and went down. By then many had stood by the block and looked up. The flames raged it's way out through the window and trying to reach out to the houses nearby. No casualties I heard, but the flame was big from the kitchen and there was an explosion with sapphire flames that bust the windows out.

Although no one was badly hurt (I heard, except for breathing difficulties from the neighbors) sometimes I guess it pays to be more wary about fire safety including the care of electrical/electronic appliances. It burns not only your house but the things that are valuable to you like sentimental gifts, passed down items after so many generations and imagine the hassle for starting a new life all over again (despite insurance!). To add on, there's a wake in the multi-purpose hall. Probably it's time to make bigger/double storey hall to hold more wakes or probably a large ceremony to ward off all these terrible incidents.

On a Brighter Note
Alhamdulillah my 8 weeks holiday had been well spent of course with the usual high-low tide moments. Most of the things I had listed down 8 weeks ago now left with a few to go. So last few weeks was shopping, to the mall, to the zoo, and to all the places that rips off money. Now it's time to take a step back, and do more stuffs like fetching my altered clothes (face it, my measurements are unique, haaha) and jeans from different places, catching up with old friends before we depart again with hectic school work. Good news, several photographs that I took was featured in YouthSG (a youth portal established by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports) website in an article in Masala Mix!, a monthly programme that features short films from our local directors.

Here's the link:

That's all for an update. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Class Chalet

Alhamdulillah, the class chalet that was planned ages ago has ended with a blissful ending. Although only half of the class attended, I do hope that everyone who came enjoyed themselves as much as I do with all the food and all the talking. Yes I understand that some were unsatisfied or rather unhappy about certain things, I guess it's best that one does not humiliate others in any way because that's pretty low of you to do just that. Besides, I'm no perfect man that could satisfy all parties.

Thanks to Khai and Lina for their wondrous effort in making the best of every ingredients bought to make sure everything is well utilized and that their effort in helping me with the preparations for the food and BBQ is indeed remarkable. Though there were so many things going on I forgot to bring some stuffs. No one else could ever repay the two of you except from The One above. You guys came down and woke up before the birds just to help me out! Thanks to my youngest brother too who helped me carrying the items down despite being shagged from school. Thanks to Nat as well for the extension loan for the camera! Gratitude is also extended to my team mates and Nat for helping out picking stuffs for the groceries shopping. Indeed only you people know how much I have to recalculate the sum to make sure we don't buy unnecessary items.

For those who came, thanks for contributing your effort and I'm glad that the food was cooked by trusted hands otherwise I would have died of hunger. I just don't eat burnt food, it's just unhealthy with the carbon and all. I hope all of you had a great night sleeping over and spend quality time with each other.

So the next morning was time to check-out and from the chalet I hailed for a cab but to no avail no matter how many times I pressed the "Press for Taxi" button. Probably next time, instead of having blinking lights, siren or alarm should be rung to make sure the taxis that passed by know I was there.

Once I got the cab, the driver helped me with putting the stuffs into the boot which was nice of him since not every cab driver does that. I said my address and he drove but when I've reached and had paid, he left me unloading the stuffs alone (which is still fine by me) and probably enjoying the A/C in his cab. I purposely left the door open so that he knows I'm not done unloading the stuffs. The nerve breaking moment was when I forgot to close the cab door he went out to close the door and got the cheek to say "You never close the door" with that N-shaped 'smile' he went in back into the cab and you thought I would apologize? Period. For those who have missed the episode, sorry you just have to be faster next time. :)