Sunday, April 11, 2010

The 11th Hour

Indonesia - West Java, Batavia (I love the sound if it)
Thought of going for a last minute trip? Indonesia is probably the value-for-money place to go since the exchange rate obviously put most Singaporeans in advantage. So there we went! It's a pretty short trip since it's a last minute thing and we couldn't afford last minute hotels and all, so thankfully my mum and her friend who happen to live there helped us out with our last minute arrangements for flight, transport and all. It gets more adventurous (not) with delayed flight (by the hour!) and because we were stranded in the airport for almost half a day, and I'm still not happy about that, at all. Despite being all optimistic about it, there's much (of negative stuffs) to say about cheapo-flights (not cheap after all, go figure).

So here we are in the glass house, was impressed by my mum's friend capability to get this for us! There were 2 dogs, one was a French poodle and the other is some kind of bull dog (caged because it barks whenever it sees people) and the French poodle (Pixie) was so cute because when the owner was not there, it followed us everywhere we go about in the house! Good thing it's obedient otherwise he would have jumped on my bed licking me, which can be very disgusting.

Despite being such on a short notice, we managed to meet Fiz's aunt as well, even she said time was all constrained. Thanks to my mum and her friend who helped us loads in getting us a good place to stay, and a wonderful car (I like the fact that Tanter Rit's car looks solid and undented) and thanks to Tanter Nana for bringing us around at night and for the sumptuous hilltop dinner. Also, thanks to Fiz for being such a wonderful holiday accomplice!

Back with Incidents
We landed in the afternoon and I was spent. I couldn't sleep in flight because of the noise and pressure and the people around, I just couldn't sleep. We landed safely and my dad was nice enough to fetch us back. Parents went out only to come back with news that someone nearby our apartment died committed suicide. I went to sleep and woke up to the sound of sirens from the fire engine. Parents asleep including me, woke up to that sound and lookout the window to see everyone from across the block looking through their windows as well. It must not be a false alarm eh? Within split seconds we look over and saw clouds of smoke rising up through the air. I took my phone and camera and went down. By then many had stood by the block and looked up. The flames raged it's way out through the window and trying to reach out to the houses nearby. No casualties I heard, but the flame was big from the kitchen and there was an explosion with sapphire flames that bust the windows out.

Although no one was badly hurt (I heard, except for breathing difficulties from the neighbors) sometimes I guess it pays to be more wary about fire safety including the care of electrical/electronic appliances. It burns not only your house but the things that are valuable to you like sentimental gifts, passed down items after so many generations and imagine the hassle for starting a new life all over again (despite insurance!). To add on, there's a wake in the multi-purpose hall. Probably it's time to make bigger/double storey hall to hold more wakes or probably a large ceremony to ward off all these terrible incidents.

On a Brighter Note
Alhamdulillah my 8 weeks holiday had been well spent of course with the usual high-low tide moments. Most of the things I had listed down 8 weeks ago now left with a few to go. So last few weeks was shopping, to the mall, to the zoo, and to all the places that rips off money. Now it's time to take a step back, and do more stuffs like fetching my altered clothes (face it, my measurements are unique, haaha) and jeans from different places, catching up with old friends before we depart again with hectic school work. Good news, several photographs that I took was featured in YouthSG (a youth portal established by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports) website in an article in Masala Mix!, a monthly programme that features short films from our local directors.

Here's the link:

That's all for an update. Enjoy!