Thursday, April 1, 2010

Class Chalet

Alhamdulillah, the class chalet that was planned ages ago has ended with a blissful ending. Although only half of the class attended, I do hope that everyone who came enjoyed themselves as much as I do with all the food and all the talking. Yes I understand that some were unsatisfied or rather unhappy about certain things, I guess it's best that one does not humiliate others in any way because that's pretty low of you to do just that. Besides, I'm no perfect man that could satisfy all parties.

Thanks to Khai and Lina for their wondrous effort in making the best of every ingredients bought to make sure everything is well utilized and that their effort in helping me with the preparations for the food and BBQ is indeed remarkable. Though there were so many things going on I forgot to bring some stuffs. No one else could ever repay the two of you except from The One above. You guys came down and woke up before the birds just to help me out! Thanks to my youngest brother too who helped me carrying the items down despite being shagged from school. Thanks to Nat as well for the extension loan for the camera! Gratitude is also extended to my team mates and Nat for helping out picking stuffs for the groceries shopping. Indeed only you people know how much I have to recalculate the sum to make sure we don't buy unnecessary items.

For those who came, thanks for contributing your effort and I'm glad that the food was cooked by trusted hands otherwise I would have died of hunger. I just don't eat burnt food, it's just unhealthy with the carbon and all. I hope all of you had a great night sleeping over and spend quality time with each other.

So the next morning was time to check-out and from the chalet I hailed for a cab but to no avail no matter how many times I pressed the "Press for Taxi" button. Probably next time, instead of having blinking lights, siren or alarm should be rung to make sure the taxis that passed by know I was there.

Once I got the cab, the driver helped me with putting the stuffs into the boot which was nice of him since not every cab driver does that. I said my address and he drove but when I've reached and had paid, he left me unloading the stuffs alone (which is still fine by me) and probably enjoying the A/C in his cab. I purposely left the door open so that he knows I'm not done unloading the stuffs. The nerve breaking moment was when I forgot to close the cab door he went out to close the door and got the cheek to say "You never close the door" with that N-shaped 'smile' he went in back into the cab and you thought I would apologize? Period. For those who have missed the episode, sorry you just have to be faster next time. :)