Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Premiers

First Premier: First Day in School

Not everybody is looking forward to the first day of school, especially after a long 8 weeks vacation. Slacking, hanging out, some even went for courses I heard and whatever you guys did surely you will miss it. So how was my first day? It went pretty well, because the goal during the first day of school is not to sweat because it would be so unglamorous to be in the train with throngs of people and have perfume and sweat mixed up. It's no cocktail. I did not bring my laptop because I thought I could use the computers in the IT lab so apart from sitting under the air-con and enjoying the torrid heat because it's not blowing to me, I have no laptop during IT lesson. Being a Lecturer 101, checking for last minute information is not everybody's cup of tea when it comes to the first day of school. They prefer information to come to them instead. So pass on the information through the right channel if you really want none of them to miss out anything.

After school, Fiz and I headed to town and we had a great catch up talking about school.

Second Premier: Gurushetram - 24 Hours of Anger

A premier attended by President. The first Tamil film. Drama, deception, anguish, dejection and defiance all mixed up in one film with a pinch of soft comedy: Gurushetram - 24 Hours of Anger. To be honest, I have my doubts because for one thing it's the first Tamil movie in Singapore. Secondly, it's scripted in a language beyond my capability to understand but the subtitles did a great job in making me understand and relate to the movie, and good thing the subtitles were not the kind where it's directly translated and the 'feel' is off. Get my drift. Anyway, all my doubts were burnt when I watched it. The actors seems to live by the character and acted naturally. The video quality was almost impeccable. The storyline was great and rather unpredictable.

Throughout the 2 hours episode, drugs , greed, and money are friends that shatters the life of innocent children. A loving mother that falls into the trap of imminent death and deception. Blood shed to shut the righteous ones and a plan to clear the streets of bad boys. In this movie entwined the theme of care, love, and sacrifices that was made for the sake of their loved ones. Even when what was loved had gone, the sacrifice and hardship continues. What's embedded in the heart of this story is a learning point that love knows no bound, and the greed for carnal world surely leads you to the path of self-destruction.

With that said, you would probably want to check it out while it's in the theaters. It's a movie with heavy investment that would probably sell best in India. Thanks Fiz for accompanying me!