Sunday, June 27, 2010

Holidays Gone!

There was a hype about "loike" a few months back with my buddies that up till today it somehow sticks to me if I were to want to annoy anyone who gets annoyed with this phrase "I Loike!" Why would one ever want to add extra letters in words while we have been using acronyms even in our everyday speech?

Anyway, that's not the point. It was a random joke that occurred in my mind. Weekend was burnt but was fruitful. Thanks to my beloved Final Year Project lecturer Ms R for cabbing Syaz and I back to the east!

So much for holidays. I've not been getting enough rest and it doesn't feel like holiday to me but I've done fruitful activities like assignments and whatnot.
As most of you would have known my MSN Messenger will be changed with effect 1st July. Duh, this is something quite important because e-mail has been part of my mode of communication ever since BB, so if any e-mail goes to the old account without reply, there will be complications. I've done my best to let know everybody. Of course I will import contacts but in case you don't know, here's a little heads up.

A lot of people owe me money! No, actually only three. I need a "bailout". I need to watch movie! Watching Ugly Betty with Khai 2 nights ago was fun though I had insufficient sleep.

Which leads me to yesterday's event, the launch of "Bulan Bahasa" (Malay Language Campaign) where I performed playing the tambourine. The food was good. The thrill of getting pictures (more than once, not for me) with the first Singapore Idol was entertaining since we got nothing to do after that. Seriously, tak ada kerja... Only today I know the difference in tambourine and tamarind. Hands down, I was a joke. But they sound similar so I guess no one suspects my vocabulary error then!

I'm in love with the view of the skyline and MBS.

Yesterday was a launch, today it's a tournament. I owe Wardah big time for making time in spending time with me at the Katong Challenger Trophy. I'm not a fan of soccer or other contact sports but I was there to help out being the emcee. It was fun being a little impromptu at times, and doing some "damage control". It was raining heavily in the morning and the field was all muddy that the field turned into semi-mud bath. Most people just take of their slippers and walk barefooted. Better yet, some covered their shoes with plastic and they look like astronauts!

It's the first day of school tomorrow. It's that fast 2 weeks have gone.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Redang Island

Right, I was in Barbados. Whoever really took my word for it, give yourself one tight slap. Okay, I'm kidding. My economy is not that "atas" (up) for such a wondrous adventure so traveling to neighboring country would be fine, just for the "feel". Laugh all you want, especially those who didn't get a chance to travel overseas for other commitments back home. Argh, cut the crap.

Redang Island is good. Clear blue sea and you can see the fishes and coral from the boat without goggles. The accommodation was terrible. Redang Lagoon Chalet is a no-no for anybody even if you think going to dirty toilet and sandy bed is an adventurous thing to do. By the looks of it I was quite disappointed already. Nevermind the facade. When I got in, the chalet has 2 floors where the top one is just bed without AC, just fan and windows. No side tables, no nothing. Did I say bed? I mean mattress. The mattress was dusty and so sandy I have to really beat up the mattress so the dust would fly out of the wooden lock defunct window. They could use a little laundry softener because the bedsheet was so rough and too crispy I could probably buff my rough soles with it. The wooden flooring and walls need some serious manicure and varnishing because it could just cut anybody's feet/fingers who's not careful.

The toilet is like dirty hell hole. Dirty, smelly and a little slimy. Not kidding. Probably that's why when you go to their website, they don't even show a picture of the toilet. The water flow is so small it took me more than my usual time to take my shower. Plus, I don't feel clean even after shower because the water flow rate is like my tears going down my cheeks. Slow and small I could cry not having a proper, satisfying shower. No mirrors in the toilet, and no shelves to put my toiletries (god knows my abundant collection of body cleaning agents). I could literally go insane in the toilet. The best part, there's no telephone to make calls or order people to clean the toilet or whatever room service.

The itinerary and activities available totally, purely a downer big time. They only have snorkeling in their itinerary list, for the 3 days 2 nights. Snorkeling at 3 different places, with no variety of activities like diving, canoeing, trekking or whatsoever. So practically that place is like one big slum with people going for snorkeling only. Imagine at least half of the chalet population goes snorkeling. It's like snorkeling pilgrim, honestly. Thank goodness the snorkeling sites are wonderful except one, due to heavy downpour and to many people at one site.

The peak took its hit when my brother lost his spare phone (how irony for spare phones to be lost) and our neighbor lost about RM1000 on top of that, my cousins RM100 was lost as well. Duh, police report has been made and probably need to call the insurance agent for the stone age phone and my stolen RM20. Here's the thing, their doors knob is the conventional bedroom door that one, anybody can breakthrough, and two, any spare/master key is available and can be duplicated. This probably happen while we were away putting down our faces in the water trying to figure out what type of fish we are looking at. So then he/they probably had their shopping spree from room to room while we were away.

The awkward thing was, stone aged phone got stolen and a RM20 from my wallet (damn you touch my Bally without permit!) except my BlackBerry that was bare beside the plug and I brought my spare "StrawBerry" phone as well just in case. Credit cards left untouched. Even my library books. (Probably they are that illiterate). So we figured they don't know how to use the high end phones or even PSP (because it was lying around naked beside the stolen phone!). Poor brother now has got no spare phone. Really, thank God my phone is not stolen because firstly, it's new, secondly, I don't intend to get Vertu (the best phone) just yet and thirdly, I will be more than pissed and bring down the entire island because I don't want my data/contacts and all to be lost. Yeah, if my Storm II is lost, Storm III is coming out right that instant.

Only one thumbs up, even so, the buffet is only one round (they don't top up) and the variety is just chicken and fish just in different dishes laid alternately. I could literally die. It's like living the life of refugee. Each morning I put both my hands up and pray "God, spare me." It's that bad. The food were not bad though.

Enough of negativity. Of course I won't put this to rest, even if it's not my property that's lost (majorly) I feel violated that my room was broken into. Zuji and friends sure will get a copy of this, though probably less explicit version. There were no safe boxes invested so I guess it won't be a place I would want to visit again and I mean Redang Lagoon Chalet. The island is fantastic!

Stayed a night in Cherating and had a dose of soft fish crackers (Keropok Lekor). Totally awesome. Now I'm so tired of it. Today I'm gonna have a full rest and probably 'detox' myself before heading full gear for a new dreadful term (for once, I'm really dreading school because of the test). How on earth can I be a good student with lousy lecturer(s) who seems to be like ineligible to teach a bunch of bimbos and himbos. School mustn't be this hard. School should be fun. The essence of it has gone. So I'm gonna be back with some roaring fun! Sigh, I hate being mean you know.

This holiday season I had lots of snacks that's full of monosodium glutamate and whatnot. Gotta fast (except water) for a week not for payback, but for health. Ciao!

P/S: FYI, the pictures are for you to see, separately from the long winded entry. Nothing related. =)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dinner and The City

We're young and we're full of hope and promises. We're the face of tomorrow.

"Look at my face (pointing to my face), I'm the face of tomorrow." I told Nat.

She said "Yeah, tomorrow will be your wrinkled face!" You're getting better making fun of me! Which reminds me, does your Juicy Couture has your size? Hehe, just kidding!

Meeting Nat was awesome, after ages since she was so occupied with school demands and as usual, yours truly is always in everybody's demand as well (can't deny, really, thanks Almighty), I still receive a lot of texts everyday via BBM, WhatsApp and by calling. I feel appreciated. Hands down, my social life is back, mugging days are over for now. Shall forget all my sorrows and start the day brand new burying deep the weird, silly and retarded past. Don't get me wrong, this is not a comeback because I've always been here. It's redemption.

I can't sleep for the past few nights. Eyes closed, mind still wandering about a lot of things. At times I just wish I can be like a mobile phone, with the power button and switch myself off when needed too. Though I might risk the chance of accidentally switching off myself like how sometimes I accidentally off my mobile. I guess this happens every test/exam season but now I've found the antidote. No, sleeping pills do wonders but I'm still afraid it might do a job too great I may not wake up on time for tomorrows paper. Reading more notes doesn't help either. In fact that keeps me more awake. Being a little self-conscious I am, I realize I've created myself a huge eye bag and puffy eyes so big that it can be sold at Polar Puffs. Even no one would want to buy these ugly puffs despite being free of charge. Now that tests are over, I can hibernate!

So back to the evening I had. Nat was punctual. Fiz was late. Damn late. Anyway we had our late lunch cum dinner at Seoul Garden. My sauteing and grilling methods are getting better and the food I ate is no longer charred. Learning more might disappoint me. I see more people around self-uglification by taking food and plates like nobody's business and spit on their plates (the bones and whatnot) without discretion. Somehow I failed to find starters around, though suddenly fries appeared in front of my face thanks to Nat! Whatever it is, dinner was awesome much. Being learner the learner, I'm still being impartial and non-judgmental. Honest!

Windowed shopping because the river does not always flow as fast as you think. Chit chatted about some TV series, and whatnot. Then we decided to have a dose of caffeine at TWG. I need sufficient but not too much caffeine to complete the F&B project. I love tea. I only drink coffee when desperate time calls for desperate measures! Even so, I try as much as I could to avoid coffee. Guess what, despite the two pots of tea I ended up visiting the loo more than being sharp. I still wonder, what does that acronym stands for?

Once home, completed the assignment, and I'm starting to pack for vacation. I hate last minute works, it's just not me. Perfection, simplicity, minimalist and being organized and fast is my thing. Of course it comes with a price: interest. Gonna clean up my dusty bedroom, and clear up some other mess. Gonna be back soon for more updates. Do check out this space!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Best for Test

It's my test week and for the entire five days I will be busy revising. Yes, I've written my notes and all because I know I will have other things to do apart from studying during weekends and what I figured indeed came into reality. So today was spent mugging and it's not easy to concentrate because it's the first paper and the engine had just started. So it's not so warmed up yet.

After this week I will get a few days rest and I will be off for my vacation. That would be so awesome because I'm in need to lay my eyes on something that is not like concrete jungle. Living in the city is fun but what are the chances of you laying your eyes on the beauty of mother nature right?
So after this vacation I will be planning my reunion party (hopefully I can pull it off this time, in the name of event student!). The guest list has been up though more things will be included soon enough. Cross fingers most of you will come! I'm quite excited for this years reunion (really hope it turns out well), so please keep your November/December as free as possible okay!

Plus, I have yet to book my flight for next year's travel plan. Fiz! Meet up soon and we'll talk into this okay! Awesome.

Wish me luck cause I really need it. Ciao!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Manifestasi 2010

Last night's adaptation of 'Bujur Lalu Melintang Patah' was awesome. Just so you know, I heard it was adapted from a literature text so for those who'll be taking their A's and need some insights for better understanding, you went for the right show. For those who didn't (or went for a strip show!) I guess you'll have to study the hard way!

I drove to TPJC last night and I was told by my best friend Syaz I was not suppose to park in school so I took the liberty to park at the HDB parking nearby and sacrificed my brain cells to think on what coupon to put and how to put the coupon! It's mind boggling! Then I saw several guests car parked in school! Nice...

Anyway this year I was late, thanks to this legally black best friend, Ms K... I have to make one big turn around MJC because the other side of the field gate is closed and she couldn't make her way through. If only you're skinner, you can squeeze yourself through the gate without having me to press on the accelerator pedal. Period. Anyway, of course then she did redeem herself by allowing me to make jokes on her. Awesome. But somehow she always think whatever I said has to be a joke! Dangerous.

After the event we headed up for dinner and Zahidah joined us. Fun much! We were kinda lost on where to go after dinner and Zahidah thought it would be fun to tour the entire island (fun-fair is it!?) or go to MBS while it's already late! MBS is not even open at that hour (referring to the malls) unless you want to go gambling (no I don't think so!). End up we decided to go home and I badly wanna hit the sack then!

I guess that made my Friday. Syaz told me I was like him 5 years ago! ROFL! Signing off now. Have a great weekend! Here's (on your right) one of my old friend who's one of the most important pillars to the success of tonight's show!