Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dinner and The City

We're young and we're full of hope and promises. We're the face of tomorrow.

"Look at my face (pointing to my face), I'm the face of tomorrow." I told Nat.

She said "Yeah, tomorrow will be your wrinkled face!" You're getting better making fun of me! Which reminds me, does your Juicy Couture has your size? Hehe, just kidding!

Meeting Nat was awesome, after ages since she was so occupied with school demands and as usual, yours truly is always in everybody's demand as well (can't deny, really, thanks Almighty), I still receive a lot of texts everyday via BBM, WhatsApp and by calling. I feel appreciated. Hands down, my social life is back, mugging days are over for now. Shall forget all my sorrows and start the day brand new burying deep the weird, silly and retarded past. Don't get me wrong, this is not a comeback because I've always been here. It's redemption.

I can't sleep for the past few nights. Eyes closed, mind still wandering about a lot of things. At times I just wish I can be like a mobile phone, with the power button and switch myself off when needed too. Though I might risk the chance of accidentally switching off myself like how sometimes I accidentally off my mobile. I guess this happens every test/exam season but now I've found the antidote. No, sleeping pills do wonders but I'm still afraid it might do a job too great I may not wake up on time for tomorrows paper. Reading more notes doesn't help either. In fact that keeps me more awake. Being a little self-conscious I am, I realize I've created myself a huge eye bag and puffy eyes so big that it can be sold at Polar Puffs. Even no one would want to buy these ugly puffs despite being free of charge. Now that tests are over, I can hibernate!

So back to the evening I had. Nat was punctual. Fiz was late. Damn late. Anyway we had our late lunch cum dinner at Seoul Garden. My sauteing and grilling methods are getting better and the food I ate is no longer charred. Learning more might disappoint me. I see more people around self-uglification by taking food and plates like nobody's business and spit on their plates (the bones and whatnot) without discretion. Somehow I failed to find starters around, though suddenly fries appeared in front of my face thanks to Nat! Whatever it is, dinner was awesome much. Being learner the learner, I'm still being impartial and non-judgmental. Honest!

Windowed shopping because the river does not always flow as fast as you think. Chit chatted about some TV series, and whatnot. Then we decided to have a dose of caffeine at TWG. I need sufficient but not too much caffeine to complete the F&B project. I love tea. I only drink coffee when desperate time calls for desperate measures! Even so, I try as much as I could to avoid coffee. Guess what, despite the two pots of tea I ended up visiting the loo more than being sharp. I still wonder, what does that acronym stands for?

Once home, completed the assignment, and I'm starting to pack for vacation. I hate last minute works, it's just not me. Perfection, simplicity, minimalist and being organized and fast is my thing. Of course it comes with a price: interest. Gonna clean up my dusty bedroom, and clear up some other mess. Gonna be back soon for more updates. Do check out this space!