Monday, July 5, 2010

Boom, Boom Pow!

I'm about to enter the twilight zone because of the early morning flight and jet lag. Plus all the activities done in Bali since 4 days back, I'm spent, but not wasted. I missed several days of school and thanks to a friend who helped me check my results while I was away. When I'm back my room was all dusty. So let's start from the top.

This is my first afternoon flight, with the sun right above your head. So even being sent to the airport by car does not save us from the torrid heat but at least it minimize sweating! The flight was good because AirAsia was smart enough to allocate my seat by the window, which is my utmost favorite seating spot.

It's the school holidays in Indonesia and probably some parts of Europe, US or Australia as well. That's when you get to see lots of "ang moh" around with a mix of local tourist around. The streets were jam packed at night but it's happening with loud bass music, neon lights, colorful lasers and and people with high spirits. Though some were drunk by Bintang. Minum kayak bintang, jatuh aja ke bumi kapan mabuk!

Anyway, I didn't spend the entire trip in Kuta, I went to several places I've not been to in the previous trip there but one or two of them were repeated because I like the place, the scenery, and the weather!

Initially we wanted to see dolphin but we have to wake up a about 4AM!? I'd rather sleep.

We happen to stay right at the doorstep of nightlife. So it's not easy for us to sleep because the new hotel probably didn't know that they have yet to sound proof their room. My bed was vibrating "Boom! Boom! Boom!" while we were trying to sleep because all the party animals are jumping all over across the road. Other than that the hotel was good, shower (which is important to me) was satisfying, and it comes with complimentary drinking water. I'm a little saddened we didn't get to stay at Hard Rock or somewhere around there because it's full everywhere! All due to last minute bookings!

Thought of running along Kuta beach and lay eyes on "dried fish" (inside joke) but it was getting dark and a little too late when that idea struck my mind! Sigh!

Thanks to my parents for this trip and all!

Anyway once touched down, I headed to school with heavy laptop and notes in a paper bag. My hand hurts TTM. In my return fight, AirAsia assigned me aisle seat, which is never my favorite. People passing by, rubbing their hands on my seat, rubbing their bags on my shoulders, some even have rodent smell, and I'm just afraid some clumsy bloke would drop something on my head while putting stuffs into the cabin compartment and worse, while they talk directly I will be sitting right under getting some drizzle (imagine while you eat...)

Now that I'm back, I seriously need some spanking and a major alarm for wake up call. I need to get my feet on the ground. I was in the lecture with my FYP mates while we were talking I realize in fact, like really, in reality, I'm in my final year in the campus and I will be out after that. Like in a blink of an eye. Seems like it was yesterday when I was enrolled. Seems like it was yesterday I bought my notebook! Well it still look new now, I know several friends were impressed, thanks! A lot of things happen within a span of three years but I did not expect this to feel that fast! Better yet, no Youth Day holiday for us! Why do we even have that day for youths like us in the first place when there's no vacation for us. Might as well name it Children's Day and Children's Boxing Day in the next Children's day. I have no idea what I'm talking about. *Pouts lips - Cassie and Htee, take note*

I headed home after school and I tried to sleep to catch up with my jet lag. Apparently effort gone wasted. I got off my bed to do other personal chores. Tonnes of own laundry to be done, till there's nowhere else to hang dry them, my room is handsomely tidy but dusty because of four days abandonment, my notes are all over the place, and some of my bags are wide open. Any pest can just build a nest inside (this is what I imagine!).

I was a little heated up on my way to school because the train was delayed, by not 6 minutes but about half to one hour! At almost every stop they have to keep the doors open for about 5-10 minutes and people just keep on coming in so the train turned into one gigantic canned sardines. So apart from being late which was totally not my fault because I've made my calculations I will be in school on time and target, my personal space gets smaller and smaller at each stop!

The absence of my ez-link card for the day didn't make things any better. I have to walk from station to school. I'm lack of coins for bus. They must have Standard Ticket for bus as well in the future!

Holidays are over. Over.