Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Regimental Life

If you ask me how's my life, it's the worst time to ask because to be honest, it's not the way I want it.

So it's fasting month, and life should go on as usual. Like how other days go on but no, it's different. Because there's no school, it's all study, break fast, this little thing I call meditation, and study again, then browse the net to relax for a little bit then, study again. Need I mention how many times I mentioned study? The process is slow despite sounding like I'm doing much because this week is solely dedicated to MS Project because it's my worse module ever. I would kill for anyone to do the exam for me. One mistake and all wrong. It's like a domino effect. One falls, and so will everything else.

On the upside, I'm loving it because during fasting month, I seek the betterment of this practice. I get to detox myself, and at the same time, concentrate my mind on something else, otherwise I'd keep eating, and going out. What's more I get to save money to pay my bills. Lord knows the devil's number I have to pay. I was in fact traumatized and mortified by the act of my impulsiveness but I forgive myself because I deserve to get what I've gotten.

In order to suck out all the poison in my life, I've frozen my cards like how Isla Fisher did it in her movie. Okay I'm kidding but I've put somewhere I can't really remember. Just hope it doesn't get lost somewhere into the hands on anyone else.

I can't tell you how addicted I am to my BlackBerry these days. Probably because of my domestic self-confinement, I rely a lot on it for entertainment. My notebook is kinda yester-century. I only use it for school. Otherwise, MSN, BBM, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, News, E-mails and whatnot is done through my phone. Simply for one reason: it's insanely mobile. On my bed, in the toilet, in the kitchen, while sitting on top of the washing machine, I'm able to connect with people outside, watch videos and listen to songs. Blogger should come up with it's free application. It'd be the best thing ever.

I'm excited for next week's plan! Everything better goes well without a flaw. After exams I should start picking up goldmines.

"After two years of bad business, and I'm done. We need to go somewhere rich!" 
- Samantha Jones, SATC Movie 2

Friday, August 13, 2010

Buyers Gone Crazy

As most of you might have the luxury to break fast at home, today I don't. In fact I'd prefer breaking fast at home, or somewhere secluded for many reasons.

I was in campus this afternoon to update on the project report. Final year project is hard work. No matter what, I still like the fact that because my team mates and I did our work in our lecturer's office, we have the luxury of getting the full blast of A/C on a hot day. The weather is unpredictable these days.

My appointments after which were canceled and new appointment came up last minute. Totally could not make it for the latter because I was somewhere else far away. Met Nat and we toured Orchard Road shopping belt. Finally I've found a new belt after ages of searching for the right one!

I know, I know, once I tweeted about writing an agreement between me and myself not to shop anymore because I felt I spend too much, which I did but it's for a good cause. Things were on sale (it's fun to be cheapo), and Eid is coming soon, I won't have time for anymore shopping trips, and exams are coming up so shopping is the last thing I would want to do. I have to use this impromptu time (by waiting for people, by walking past the mall, or by writing a full list of to-buy-things) to shop. This has to stop for a while for more than one reason.

While waiting for the call for prayer to commence break fast, that's what we did. Nat and I then kept on complaining about buyers remorse. Nice. To be honest I felt a little guilty going beyond my limit but in the light of the things that happened to me recently, I think I deserve to be rewarded. It's a lesson well learnt.

Okay, I've recovered from buyers remorse.

I love fasting month not only because I can detox myself. It's a month to seek solace and peace within myself.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Remarkable Days

Today is Khai's birthday, so let's wish her a big fat happy birthday! You're the best-est ever and anything-else-fails spare part. Okay, I was kidding about that, don't take my jokes too hard okay? I hope that 'expensive watch' bought with love (mostly something else) will last you like forever? Really, you should have taken all seven colors like how I suggested.

Thanks to S for the lunch treat yesterday. I still don't understand why I have to make friends with two people with their birthday so close to each other. I have to tighten my belt! For what it's worth, you guys are my pillars of strength. Khai still don't know the difference between the term 'can't afford' and 'expensive'. S has to spoil the lesson by laughing out loud. Thanks a bunch.

So here's what happen: We were shopping for her gift. Initially we wanted to get her boots. But since it will get dirty, she scrape the idea of getting boots. I couldn't agree more. We thought of getting her a watch or some other gifts. Go figure what she looks for: price tag. She's the funniest ever. Any friend would have exploited the opportunity by picking expensive gift(s), and I was giving her the chance. I ended up getting something for myself instead! Probably that's why she's in my A-list.

Did you know yesterday 100 Plus was giving away free drinks? One full can of 100 Plus. It was awesome.

I just found out today The Parliament of Italy is considered one of the worlds most expensive governments. Weird fact.

My National Day was not over the top kind of celebration as usual because the tickets are always given to non-patriotic people. Let me tell you this. If I were to get the NDP ticket(s), I would come in all red with my own army of friends parading into the Padang. I will even fake-tattoo my face with the full Singapore flag you would not have known it was me who sit beside you. I guess that's why I don't need a wake up call to be patriotic because I've always been. If you think I'm jealous because I don't get to see the fireworks, I had the full view of it with a "circle screen". I don't even have to squeeze with other people like penguins do. The Almighty have blessed me with so many good things in life. I can't thank you enough.

Fasting month starts tonight. Shall lock up all incitement, gossips, lies, vulgarities and whatnot. Scientifically it's a good way to detox and cleanse yourself spiritually. A month to start on the right foot.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

August Rush

Has any of you by any chance watched August Rush before? I was skeptical when my friend said it was good. Then I was wrong. We must not only not judge a book by it's cover. Don't judge a blu-ray by it's cover too!

Anyway, in this month of August with the YOG break coming up, I have my own race to do against time. Final year project is starting to take on it's toll with the reports and whatnot. Exams are coming up, which I still need to find the time to revise because MS Project is totally not user friendly. I still need time to write notes for other modules too!

A few days back was one of my best friend's birthday, Syaz. Khai and I had this last minute shopping running round the mall to find that particular shop (I don't know the name of it) and I ended up getting the gift for him from across the mall. What a waste of time, seriously. I still can't believe we took the wrong bus. Okay, not exactly. It's the right bus going to the opposite direction.

Khai was stoning. I was BBM-ing. When I look around...

"Eh, are we sure we're on the right track?"

"I don't know, that's why I ask you just now."

"Yeah this bus goes to Pasir Ris! (I saw LKY's face that says welcome to Tiong Bahru)But why this bus pass by Tiong Bahru!?"

"I don't know! (What does Khai know in the first place? Just kidding!)

So after all the commotion we talked to the driver and positive. We're on the wrong track. What an episode.

When the clock stroke 12, we entered Syaz's bedroom and sang him birthday song with a house candle on top of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Big candles are the in thing these days ya'know. Cross fingers he was damn well surprised and not expect that at all.

Last night I was away across mainland to do some shopping for upcoming Eid. I figured I will be occupied with tonnes of work to do so I took the liberty of doing it before Ramadan. Sorry to "SALE!" I don't think I will be able to make it this year.
My relatives and I had dinner at Seoul Garden to satisfy whatever cravings we had before the constraints we will be having in Ramadan. Those who fast would have known, even after break fast you don't feel like eating much already. Going for a buffet for break fast just seems to be a bad idea.

That's that for an update. Happy National Day! (Let me wish this a day in advance.)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Cease to Exist

I was in the train and happen to find out one thing. It spoils my day. Whatever happen to those good old days? I know I should not have let my heart rule my brain. It could have worked for a no-brainer but I took chances. I thought things would have changed or at least things will change but no. I felt so used. I don't believe in horoscopes because I define my own life, personality and destiny, but somehow it seems to reflect the state I was a few days back up till today. I should have never played with fire.

This is why I'd prefer to deal with what I love to deal with. No emotional turmoil because it's simply one thing: it's a non-living thing. So never argue with me why I don't get emotionally attached or whatnot. Being in those kind of situations will just bring you to extreme ends of emotions. Even some would do things that's beyond imagination. Everything will just get in my way.

However I shall be strong in facing these ordeals. Who says life was ever going to be easy. Every dark corners now I shall make it nitid for a safer path to happiness.

Nothing goes beyond this space. I don't have to elaborate. I am going to put them in imaginary chest, lock it with a lock I will never find, only taking the lessons from it, at sink it to the seabed of my past. You will never hear me speak of this again after this entry.

I won't complain forever on my life mishaps.

I had a long day yesterday. I happen to feel more pressure than any of them because as the important day approaches, they are simply unnerved! But I guess it's part and parcel of being them. I was once like them, but probably worse. Go figure how mischievous I was then.

After all those hurdles draining their energy so that they absorb the knowledge I want to impart, my relatives and family fetched me. We headed to Henderson Waves and had my own feast at the KTM Railway Station. I was famished. Even that word seems to be understatement. I went for two rounds of meal and speaking of this makes me hungry again.

The night ended with a 'needs' shopping spree at Mustafa Centre (24/7 mall is the best idea in retail) with Syaz because I had to get my sports bag and stock up urgently and I barely have the time to even hit the heartland mall. Besides, my heartland mall is deprived of men stuffs.

I'm done writing. Have a good week!