Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Remarkable Days

Today is Khai's birthday, so let's wish her a big fat happy birthday! You're the best-est ever and anything-else-fails spare part. Okay, I was kidding about that, don't take my jokes too hard okay? I hope that 'expensive watch' bought with love (mostly something else) will last you like forever? Really, you should have taken all seven colors like how I suggested.

Thanks to S for the lunch treat yesterday. I still don't understand why I have to make friends with two people with their birthday so close to each other. I have to tighten my belt! For what it's worth, you guys are my pillars of strength. Khai still don't know the difference between the term 'can't afford' and 'expensive'. S has to spoil the lesson by laughing out loud. Thanks a bunch.

So here's what happen: We were shopping for her gift. Initially we wanted to get her boots. But since it will get dirty, she scrape the idea of getting boots. I couldn't agree more. We thought of getting her a watch or some other gifts. Go figure what she looks for: price tag. She's the funniest ever. Any friend would have exploited the opportunity by picking expensive gift(s), and I was giving her the chance. I ended up getting something for myself instead! Probably that's why she's in my A-list.

Did you know yesterday 100 Plus was giving away free drinks? One full can of 100 Plus. It was awesome.

I just found out today The Parliament of Italy is considered one of the worlds most expensive governments. Weird fact.

My National Day was not over the top kind of celebration as usual because the tickets are always given to non-patriotic people. Let me tell you this. If I were to get the NDP ticket(s), I would come in all red with my own army of friends parading into the Padang. I will even fake-tattoo my face with the full Singapore flag you would not have known it was me who sit beside you. I guess that's why I don't need a wake up call to be patriotic because I've always been. If you think I'm jealous because I don't get to see the fireworks, I had the full view of it with a "circle screen". I don't even have to squeeze with other people like penguins do. The Almighty have blessed me with so many good things in life. I can't thank you enough.

Fasting month starts tonight. Shall lock up all incitement, gossips, lies, vulgarities and whatnot. Scientifically it's a good way to detox and cleanse yourself spiritually. A month to start on the right foot.