Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Regimental Life

If you ask me how's my life, it's the worst time to ask because to be honest, it's not the way I want it.

So it's fasting month, and life should go on as usual. Like how other days go on but no, it's different. Because there's no school, it's all study, break fast, this little thing I call meditation, and study again, then browse the net to relax for a little bit then, study again. Need I mention how many times I mentioned study? The process is slow despite sounding like I'm doing much because this week is solely dedicated to MS Project because it's my worse module ever. I would kill for anyone to do the exam for me. One mistake and all wrong. It's like a domino effect. One falls, and so will everything else.

On the upside, I'm loving it because during fasting month, I seek the betterment of this practice. I get to detox myself, and at the same time, concentrate my mind on something else, otherwise I'd keep eating, and going out. What's more I get to save money to pay my bills. Lord knows the devil's number I have to pay. I was in fact traumatized and mortified by the act of my impulsiveness but I forgive myself because I deserve to get what I've gotten.

In order to suck out all the poison in my life, I've frozen my cards like how Isla Fisher did it in her movie. Okay I'm kidding but I've put somewhere I can't really remember. Just hope it doesn't get lost somewhere into the hands on anyone else.

I can't tell you how addicted I am to my BlackBerry these days. Probably because of my domestic self-confinement, I rely a lot on it for entertainment. My notebook is kinda yester-century. I only use it for school. Otherwise, MSN, BBM, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, News, E-mails and whatnot is done through my phone. Simply for one reason: it's insanely mobile. On my bed, in the toilet, in the kitchen, while sitting on top of the washing machine, I'm able to connect with people outside, watch videos and listen to songs. Blogger should come up with it's free application. It'd be the best thing ever.

I'm excited for next week's plan! Everything better goes well without a flaw. After exams I should start picking up goldmines.

"After two years of bad business, and I'm done. We need to go somewhere rich!" 
- Samantha Jones, SATC Movie 2