Sunday, September 26, 2010

One Day Celebration, Celebrated a Month

I've been gone from blogging world for about two weeks. Today I'm back with several news, dated since the first day of Eid, and I realize several things... It is...

The day you see color-coded families.
The first day of Eid is always cheerful with families with clothes of the similar color and it only looks good if it's traditional outfit. Try that in western outfit, you'll look totally weird. Probably because some Malay families are too big (yes, some of us are big in making babies) in this way you (i) won't lose your child (ii) identify who belongs to which family in a large group photo. Those are just for laughs, but I guess we're a breed of people who loves unity.

The day where we forgive and be forgiven.
The beauty of Eid is the cliche sentence "Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir dan batin." which means "Happy Eid, I seek forgiveness from physical and mental/spiritual ill-doings." What we mean by those term is that we seek forgiveness from our physical ill-doings and our hearts from keeping hatred, incitement etc. Seen or unseen ill-doings. So in a way the bond in a relationship is renewed and started on a clean slate.

The day most things are brand new.
Like Christmas, Chinese New Year and other festive celebration, we would like to renew and redeem ourselves. So most of our homes are decorated with some new furniture, new clothes and accessories. Personally, my house can't escape from new furniture due to wear and tear. Festive seasons has its purpose after all.

The day we visit old relatives, and the poor ones.
Otherwise, when will you ever step into a poor family house or old people's house? Especially when our schedule is so consumed with career, own family, and personal commitments, this is the best time to visit them.

The day your draw out your own family map.
This is when you will find who marries who, and who's doing what, and other latest updates where you can't find in social networking sites like Facebook. Who's pregnant, and who's not. Who's a live and who's dead. Of course the ultimate purpose is to find out how are you related to your relatives.

The day the economy recovers.
In a way, yes, because kids love to spend, and kids love the part where they get alms giving (money) from the elder ones. Hence, triggering the money-multiplier effect. Especially when F1 season coincides with the month of Syawal, I bet most of them will be out shopping. What's more in preparation for Eid, money is spent too!

So what have I been up to?

For the past two weeks, I've been doing the things I love, the things I've planned and the things I've wanted to do ever since before school vacation. Now that most of the time is in my hands, I have the liberty to do them! I've been reading, passing down the torch to the several important people, and of course, I can't run away from visiting friends and relatives in the light of Eid.

Last night was my open house, and I am sorry if some of you did not receive the invitation because my house isn't as big as the community center and I wouldn't want the building authority to come over to my place and do an inspection only to find out there's overcrowding! Okay, I'm just joking but because of the last minute plan, and obstruction from my other activities, I did not have the luxury to text or Facebook invite everyone. This does not mean my house is only open for a day! Once again, I apologize.

I realize for the past few Eid, my open house coincides with F1 Grand Prix. Probably the next time we shall have F1 theme around the house. Checkered black and white tiles and carpets, upholstery and checkered traditional outfit. Imagine that!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Ukhuwah Tanpa Sempadan

Kabur pandangan kita dikilau usia senja. Dipancar emas, perak dan gangsa. Hidup kita dikelabui duka dan nestapa, dan dinodai arus jiwa yang lara. Ayuh kita sama-sama memeriahkan suasana raya dengan menggembleng tenaga, berjabat tangan, dan beramah mesra sesama manusia. Sepuluh jari disusun rapi, maaf dipinta kalau jiwa teruji, segala silap harap dimaafi, dari hujung rambut hingga hujung kaki. Yang baik diambil sebagai teladan, yang buruk kita ambil sebagai sempadan. Gunakan sengketa lama sebagai iktibar dah bukan mancis permusuhan.Tiada hari yang lebih murni daripada Syawal ini untuk kita membuka lembaran baru dalam kehidupan kita.

Setelah sebulan menahan lapar dan dahaga, menepis segala hawa nafsu, beribadah dan beramal untuk membantu, bermakrifat tentang kehidupan dunia dan barzakh, inilah masa yang sesuai untuk kita menyedut segala bisa dan noda kehidupan  dan memulakan dengan langkah yang baru.

Sebagai ciptaan tuhan, tiada yang terlepas daripada kesilapan dan segala ketidaksempurnaan walaupun luarbiasa. Setiap perkataan yang dihembuskan, setiap langkah yang dilakukan dan setiap gerak-geri yang kita lakarkan, kita tidak akan terlepas daripada tohmahan dan sangkaan buruk orang lain. Oleh itu, mari kita gunakan hari suci ini untuk merenung kembali kesilapan yang kita lakukan, dan memperbaiki jiwa kita. Bersalah atau tidak, tidak elok kita hidup bermusuhan sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit.

Secara peribadi, saya ingin memohon maaf dari hujung rambut, hingga hujung kaki, zahir dan batin daripada keluarga, saudara-mara dan sahabat-handai. Mereka yang telah menjadi nadi dan naluri kehidupan saya dan telah menyemarakkan kehidupan saya. Sungguhpun saya tidak sempurna, mereka yang menegur dan sentiasa berdamping walaupun ditimpa hujan dan badai. Semoga ukhuwah dan persahabatan kita dapat diperutuhkan lagi. Minta maaf kalau terkasar bahasa atau tersinggung hati apabila bergurau senda.

Tidak terkecuali, maaf dipinta daripada anak-anak murid saya serta keluarga mereka. Sekiranya saya tertinggikan suara atau terlampau cara, harap dimaafkan sebab sebagai pendidik (dalam segala bidang), kita manusia yang juga membuat kesilapan.

Kepada yang lain-lain yang saya kenal tetapi jarang bertemu atau berbual, maaf juga diharapkan sekiranya kalau terserempak tidak bertegur, kalau berbual terlanjur, dipanggil tidak bersahut. Saya harap tahun ini silaturahim kita dapat dieratkan lagi.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, maaf zahir dan batin kepada semua! Halalkan juga segala makan minum. Diharapkan bulan ini diisikan dengan pengampunan dan pengeratan silaturahim agar dapat diberkati malikuljabbar.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The 10 Things I Love

I'm bored because I have free time, at this hour before I head to sleep and my mind is never empty you should know that. I just want to share the 10 things I like to do. Read if you want because I''m here in my own space to kill time before drowsiness kicks in.

1. Myself
I bet everybody does. As you grow up you'll appreciate life more especially when you think you know what the future has for you. As a teenager I don't think we can determine how bright our future will be by judging from our current position in education/work alone. It takes effort to be where you are, and so far I'm loving it because whatever effort I made comes with a reward: self-satisfaction.

2. Gym
Common place for most boys and some girls. To be honest, running rounds, carrying weights and time keeping is not something I'd love to do when working out but I think with this practice you can be more disciplined. I don't know how far you can go, but so far going the pool and gym has been fun with my mates. Good way to socialize, and at the same time get fit. It's like killing two birds with one gun. Anyway, it's the fasting month and don't think I'd laze around. Doing house chores for spring cleaning is a form of exercise too!

3. Wardrobe
My wardrobe is like Narnia... When you enter it brings you to another world: the fashion world. Okay, kidding, I was being dramatic. I have a humble collection of clothes but I do love them because this is where I see my money hanging. I have a variety of clothes, so don't judge my collections! I love seeing myself as a knight in shining Armani. LOL! Although, I'd prefer style to fashion. Style over fad.

4. FadPad
Thinking of iPad? Think FadPad. This can't get any lamer! What I mean is my bedroom. When I moved into this house, I wanted a bigger room but because of my late grandmother and siblings, I'm given a smaller room, but to myself. I can't afford my own bachelor's pad because I'm not wealthy, so getting a bedroom to myself is a privilege! I feel that a person's traits is pasted all over the walls of their home just from the looks of it and I think it's true. From the looks of my arranged bookshelves, draped curtains, non-dusty frames, what can you tell about me? This is the place I feel safe where I connect with people without getting any disease passed down, or shop without have to walk and concentrate on the things I do.

5. Notebook
My notebook is a stone age notebook but it's still as good as new. My friends and relatives would have known and commented on it because it's clean and it's shiny. What's more, it's efficient! Annoyed with several scratched though. I have this habit of checking for viruses and defragmenting my disk every now and then. Uninstall any applications not needed and delete any obsolete files. So if they say this brand I'm using is lousy, probably the user is. Just kidding!

6. Wallet
It's not fat, but it's full of beautiful membership cards and whatnot. I like flipping through my card holder and browse the Polaroid pictures given by my friends too if I'm bored. The most personal unique card I have is my license because the date I got it is exactly 10 months from my birth date.

7. Organizer
It's like a quest map for the year, month and day. I'll lose track of the things I want to do and enjoy if I don't keep and eye on it. Trust me, ignoring that book will make me wander what should I do for the day and for the next few days. Will I hangout or will I have another plan? I will feel better if I have a lot of things to do and this does not mean work, just so you know.

8. Perfumes
A collection of it for different day and occasions. My favorite is Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani but I'm finishing up other bottles before getting that one again. I've smelt so many people using it, so I guess it's not only my favorite.

9. Traveling
I know! Out of all things, an interest is stuck here. It's not even a thing! The best part of traveling is the flight and sight seeing. Taking flights it's like a fetish! With traveling all other interest kicks in, DUH. Photography. Shopping. Sigh seeing. Writing. Just name it.

Now all my social networking tools is under one roof. Text. Facebook. Twitter. Skype. MSN. Google Talk. BBM. Phone calls. Read documents. Push-mail all in one and reachable within several clicks. All I need is an internet connection. I know these days all other phone has these functions too but I know what makes mine tick! Kidding! =P

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Last Supper

School Drools...
Today is simply awesome because good gracious was I late for my test but the test have not started! There was this massive jam at ECP and along Parkway Parade, it was estimated that I will reach Buona Vista in half hour. How can I not be panicked? I tried contacting school, the BE office and whatever means of communication. If only there's smoke signal and Morse code to send, saying that I'm unavoidably late... If only life is that simple.

It's the holidays, cum exam season. Tough choice!

After which my dad fetched me to choose my blinds. I think I need them because pasting newspaper on my bedroom window to prevent the direct sunlight is a 'so-not-me' thing to do but I won't deny, it's the most creative thing that I would do in times of desperation. Being the non-artistic person I am, I don't like messy stuffs like newspaper to be pasted all over my window. Neatness, cleanliness, tidiness is my thing. I'm quite square.

Once done, I headed back home and canceled on my hair appointment since people commented it's still short, and I'm tired from the 2-hour staring game with my notebook this morning. I decided to take a nap and wake up to get ready for dinner. Choosing my outfit for tonight was so troublesome. How often do we have to do wardrobe maintenance?

Then comes dinner...
This is the last grand supper for the week because the rest of the days I'll be back to square one: staying in.

One of my best friend owe me a ride but because of the last minute changes on his part, I was disappointed. I will not deny that because I didn't even bother to bring my ez-link card but loads of thanks to his dad that we managed to cabto The Grand Hyatt for our dinner. In the cab as compared to being driven by a friend: it's different experience.

In my experience when driving with my buddies, we have all the freedom to switch on our loud music and don't bother about what other people think of our music collection because there is simply no one else in the car (unless you're talking about something supernatural) whereas in the bus or in the cab, you can't say whatever you want, you can't 'curse' whoever you want and you can't listen to the music you want loudly.

Back to the dinner, finally I get to meet Fifi after ages of her missing in action. I wonder what has she been up to but tonight was three of us reunite with sumptuous buffet dinner in front of us.

We celebrated our birthdays. The belated one and the upcoming one because we didn't have the chance to celebrate it together so this is the first time having dinner together and hang out. Otherwise we would be spending our time at my house slumbering.

You know, when I'm full, I feel like I won't have to eat forever but when I'm hungry, I feel like I can eat forever. Himbotic remark but I bet this applies to all of you.

What's next?
Currently apart from blogging, I'm munching on potato wedges and fish. I just feel like munching even when I'm full! Tomorrow: Study. I hate being a cliche but as a student, I can't run away from it. I also need to tidy up and clear away some dust in my room, and freshen up the air. Need to open up the windows and let all the stale air out. I guess tonight is the pre-revision for my F&B because of the food I 'dunked' myself into. I feel like a puffer fish. You must know, buffet dinner is not a eat-it-all dining restaurant. The humor from F&B lectures still linger in my head. Till then, I'm off.