Saturday, October 30, 2010

End of Great Things

We humans create our own journey in our lives. At times, some of us know where does our road lead to, while some are not so sure if the route is suitable enough or safe enough for them for every road taken there's a risk. There are even some who are willing to take the risk without seeing the ordeals that may come but I am sure that all of us have experienced all those three 'prophecies of life'. At times we are sure, at times we are not and at times, we just feel like doing it on trial and error basis.

For the past two years, there are many things that happened to me that I've experienced personally that made me grow a little more mature than any of my own age. Some are shared, while some are just personal successes and failures.

Those days were rich with memories and experiences which I took responsibility for in every success and failure of it. At least I know, I'm answerable for every action I took. It's just a matter of wanting to answer it or not.

Let's just begin with yesterday. Last night was the final night of doing one of the many the things I love to do, enlightening someone with knowledge. It all started three years ago, and yesterday was the last one. I felt satisfied getting a chance to arm them with what they need for their war. I would like to wish all of them all the best in every aspect of their life, may they see the sunny side of life always. I know, I may not be the favorite, I may not be the nicest, that probably left some swearing, crying and whatnot, but believe me, it's for your own good, kiddos.

First week of school had been taxing, with school work piling up, and Final Year Project report that's due I don't know when, and all the site visits and events we have to attend, I've decided it's best to leave all else aside except school. For the next few months, I will be devoting myself to school. I miss getting paid just to smile to people and being well taken care of.

Despite deciding to concentrate just on school, I do have my 'life's project' that has to continue. Like other normal human being, I make plans too. I've yet to talk to my 'sifu(s)'

NAPFA this evening ached my entire body. I will be needing my recovery sleep soon. It was awesome to run in cool weather.

For every ending there's a new beginning.

Ada pepatah yang berbunyi "Sekali kena, dua kali mahu. Kedua kali cuba, hari-hari mahu." tetapi nampak gaya, bagi saya, "Sekali kena, dua kali malu. Kedua kali cuba, sudah pasti jemu."

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chocolate for the Heart

It was after his work. It was after our boring day at home, rotting, not knowing what to do. But we have something for him, Hafiz.

I told him I wanted to get my boots since my parents did manage to find it in Perth. After his work, with his tired, worn out feet, he dragged himself to meet me at Marina Square. My task was to stall him while Nat comes from the back and blindfold him suddenly. That failed. Nat wandered and somehow didn't find us. It's okay, there was a backup plan. A last minute plan, uncalled for. Fiz took the bait, somehow. I don't know if he sensed anything fishy already. Since things didn't go as planned, we met Nat, and asked him to take his glasses off.

The plan was plain and simple. The catch was the blindfold. The thrill of walking a blind person is exhilarating. We did it again, only this time, on him.

We didn't reveal where we're going but he's scared out of his wits. Knocking my hand softly onto his head freaked him out while the fact is, there's nothing in front. He walked as though there's a drain on front of him, trying to figure out what's in front of him.

We faked crossing the road, faked crossing the drain, and faked walking on dirty pile of trash. The smell and sounds he heard made him believe whatever we said.

When we reached, we asked him to sit and have a taste of something we put into his mouth. Then he knew, we're at Max Brenner's! Happy birthday (though belated)! Hope you had a good surprise, heh. I'm not going pour my hearts out here, but you know what you mean to me. For 8 years already!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

School Premier

My school was closed since August. Now it has been about ten weeks of not schooling but it doesn't feel like I'm having a good holiday because tests and exams are spread out over three weeks and the time before that is all spent on burying myself in a pile of notes. Clearly, I'm not enjoying my holiday. What's more I'm stranded in this concrete island, that has probably lost its green appeal.

I'm quite crossed with my estate cleanliness. Bulk refuse. Dog pee. Vandalized lift. Dirty walls. Stale air in the lift. It had just been about three months since it's new paint and the hygiene is a total thumbs down. If I were to live on the lower floors, I would have skipped the lift. Jumping from a pent house is not an option.

Since primary school major exams are over, I'm laying back a little while before thinking what should I really do next since the next level in my life is more controlled by national obligations rather than what I really want to do.

This holiday was quite well spent for my case seeing my disability to really discipline myself during break period. I managed to complete my to-do list within a day most of the time! Hey, despite being 'Type A' organized freak, I do need to loosen up a little bit.

I think I will survive in the army because from what I heard, everything is so well organized and sharp. Even workout sessions, food, and activities will be organized. How cool is that! Somehow, a part of me is looking forward to all expenses paid trip to Pulau Tekong.

I'm going to miss all my movies, my books, and other 'projects' that I did during the holiday. When school resumes, my bedroom will just be like another hotel room. Neat, tidy, just for sleeping and eating and not living.

I love all the things that I do, and by that, that does not mean I love being instructed to do on what I love to do. It takes the motion of my hart to do what I love to do, so don't force on the things I love to do because then I won't love doing what I love to do.

Monday, October 11, 2010

SEX: Sleep, Eat, Excercise

Read all religious text and you'll realize what you need in life is balance. Watching Eat, Pray, Love starring Julia Roberts reminds me of Dr Ernest Wong's course I went 3 years back, that tells us to have a good sleep, eat good food, and exercise in order for us to have a balanced and well-maintained body. These days, with unbearable and undecided weather, it is important to keep ourselves healthy. True?

The movie was good to me because its humour is not so intense where you can't get a break from laughing, neither a boring romance movie that bore will bore you to tears. I enjoyed myself very much especially since I'm accompanied by Fiz, and Fifi.

It was quite long though. It's like flying from Singapore to Bali. Heh. Headed to Spize Supper Club after movie and thanks for the dinner treat! Couldn't help laughing at Fifi's smeared lipstick.

Today we went over to Fifi's house for an event, and I love the buffet. Chapati, Fried Laksa, Yong Tau Fu, and fruit cocktail is so appetizing. Gosh, now I'm hungry again. When you get into her house, there's more, spring rolls, layered cakes, birthday cake, drumsticks, and some cheesy sandwich. So if you happen to be there, you'll never die of hunger. The kids were wonderful playing all the classic games like London Bridge and Musical Chair. I had a great time.

I have a busy week since it's the final week of my school holidays and my physical test is coming soon. Wish me all the best!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Double Surprises

"A true leader always keeps an element of surprise up his sleeve, which others cannot grasp but which keeps his public excited and breathless."
-Charles de Gaulle

I'm not a leader, but I do have elements of surprise up my sleeve. Don't underestimate what's under these short sleeves. Kidding! Credits to one of my best friends H.Y for the jump start on what surprise should we give to one of our best friend, N.Y.

So here goes the surprise from H.Y (Hafiz) and Z.Y (myself) to N.Y (Nat). This surprise has been thought through since March. We told Nat we had thought of something and she was head over heels wanting to know what is it. But the plan was labeled "Surprise" so we kept it a secret.

Seven months later, she finally knew what her surprise was.

This afternoon she accompanied me to my interview recording at Sinema Old School. I was late. I apologize to all those affected, heh. The interview went well. It was not as lengthy as I thought.

Then on we went to Raffles Place where we met Hafiz. Told Nat I had to get a camera which I rent from a rental company, so she bought that story.

"Eh, what time are you taking your camera? You said you're late right?"
"Errr, actually, we're here for your belated birthday surprise. You have to be blindfolded, take off your glasses."

From Raffles Place to Boat Quay we walked pulling Nat, carrying her heavy stuffs. Royal treatment! All eyes were on us. Weird stares. When we were crossing the road, it's like helping the blind to cross. The best part was, Nat was petrified. She's afraid of falling into the drain or walking through the wall.

People who're drinking along Boat Quay were staring and some were saying "Girl, I'm not telling you where you are." but they were ignored by her because her ears were stuffed with Siti Nurhaliza's and Eid songs, which she don't really like. She had to dance to the tune of our music.

Even when all the aerobic participants sang her a birthday song, she was clueless. At least 200 people where right in front of her to sing her a birthday song. It's like having a surprise at every turn.

She was still blindfolded even before her surprise boat ride. We prayed hard the boat won't sink, I'm saying this in the name of joke Nat. You've beaten me enough, haaha. Everyone who took the same boat asked "Can she get onto the boat?" , "Isn't it dangerous?" I've told Nat, if she were to fall she can sue me. That was a tricky card I played to get her blindfolded!

Her second surprise was after we went to Tiffany & Co. for her open-heart bracelet. She's blindfolded again, (I ended up giving her those bandanna because it stinks of her sweat) She was turned like a gasing and she was brought around Marina Bay Sands. Again, the looks we get along Chanel, Dunhill, Gucci and everywhere else. The best part was putting her in front of Gucci store, and asked her to exclaim "I'd die for Gucci!" and she didn't know who else was in front of her after that.

Going down the escalator, we showed her a picture we just took in front of the store.

"Look, who's this?"
"Eh? Where is she?"
She turned round and round like another gasing but she's nowhere to be found.
"Nat, tell her you love her."
And she did several times. Louder each time when there's no reply. When Fazlun appeared, she was so elated to see her. They hugged. Awe!

That's a perfect end to a perfect day. I really hope she's well surprised by the two surprises she got because I'm tired pulling her.

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