Saturday, October 16, 2010

School Premier

My school was closed since August. Now it has been about ten weeks of not schooling but it doesn't feel like I'm having a good holiday because tests and exams are spread out over three weeks and the time before that is all spent on burying myself in a pile of notes. Clearly, I'm not enjoying my holiday. What's more I'm stranded in this concrete island, that has probably lost its green appeal.

I'm quite crossed with my estate cleanliness. Bulk refuse. Dog pee. Vandalized lift. Dirty walls. Stale air in the lift. It had just been about three months since it's new paint and the hygiene is a total thumbs down. If I were to live on the lower floors, I would have skipped the lift. Jumping from a pent house is not an option.

Since primary school major exams are over, I'm laying back a little while before thinking what should I really do next since the next level in my life is more controlled by national obligations rather than what I really want to do.

This holiday was quite well spent for my case seeing my disability to really discipline myself during break period. I managed to complete my to-do list within a day most of the time! Hey, despite being 'Type A' organized freak, I do need to loosen up a little bit.

I think I will survive in the army because from what I heard, everything is so well organized and sharp. Even workout sessions, food, and activities will be organized. How cool is that! Somehow, a part of me is looking forward to all expenses paid trip to Pulau Tekong.

I'm going to miss all my movies, my books, and other 'projects' that I did during the holiday. When school resumes, my bedroom will just be like another hotel room. Neat, tidy, just for sleeping and eating and not living.

I love all the things that I do, and by that, that does not mean I love being instructed to do on what I love to do. It takes the motion of my hart to do what I love to do, so don't force on the things I love to do because then I won't love doing what I love to do.