Sunday, November 14, 2010

Living Royalties

This week is like royalty week. Not really, I'm kidding but yes, kinda feel like it because we were served with education on a silver plate and as for weekend hangout, I played Monopoly, and not your normal five stones and hopscotch. Duh, who does that these days anyway?

How does this make me look like Barbie's Ken?

So let's start with the daily routine of school. Apparently today my class was canceled because she would like to declare another day of Diwali for herself. Class was canceled because our Indian lecturer here fell ill. Get well soon yeah, you have yet to see our project report. It's so great you'll cry and you'll just want us to redo (seriously, hopefully not after all those effort). I guess presentation will be next week then.

SP Career and Education Fair
Attending this site visit is like killing two birds in one stone. Exactly two birds. Knowing your future prospect of your future study, and at the same time doing your school work based on that event. We were there and our hands were already too full of brochures and freebies. We got a lot of free pen, to the extend I think I won't have to go to the bookstore for the next five years. I mean it. If I don't share my wealth of low-value item (pens), it could last for the next three generation. I have a fist of pen on my study, another fist in the drawer, another bunch in my pencil case, and another bunch under my table, put in a box. I'm like the pen whisperer. Same goes for papers. I just wish I have to do million of workings already to make use of all my resources.

BMW World Singapore 2010
As part of school project, we had a trip to BMW World Singapore. It was eye catching, breathtaking and most importantly, full of substance. I didn't know my printer was engineered by BMW too! I love everything about the event and the best part is the freebie they gave. A pen, a lanyard, and a notepad. If only they give away cars for free, I will collect them so many that I would have called the authority to build me bigger car parks!

Monopoly Hangout
Since class was canceled, I thought it's a good time to hangout to loosen up a little bit. Went over to Funan with Nat for IT shopping, and then met Fiz. We were quite clueless where to go so we landed at Parkway Parade and we ended up playing Monopoly. I was on Glee at first, then turns out Monopoly has got ghostly hands pulling me to it. Now I love playing Monopoly. It is so awesome that Nat has got an iPhone 4!

Festival of Lights
Letchu is such a good host. Thanks for inviting me over to your open house, I am so glad that I was invited. Everybody else was drunk and dance to the tune of Indian music. I wasn't drunk, in case you need to know. I can't wait to be back soon! I miss them already!