Friday, November 26, 2010

Ready, Set, Go! In Many Ways

Class Photo
If you think this is an adaptation of the Thai horror movie, Shutter, you're so wrong! Half-truth, I'm the ghost who annoyed a bunch of 19 people. I'm sorry class, I just want this to be perfect because this will be in our year book for your entire life. You wouldn't want to regret about your looks would you?

I know my annoyance was short lived and I bet everybody had fun. I know I did, at least. Once class ended we headed to Sherm's house to chill and get ready for the 'showdown' and they were busy trying dresses and putting on make up while I try to add cavity on my teeth by munching on Ferrero Roche and Kinder Buenos. Oh, and snap some preliminary round of 'acceptable' photo shots using Huiting's camera. Turns out, her camera is full of my face already.

The weather was then cloudy, we figured it would rain but we didn't expect it to be right before we go back to school. So the drizzle damped our outfit a little and going to the Admin Block worsen the situation because it was so warm with no air change and little air movement. I'd rather be in swimwear then but the phrase 'suffer for fashion' sticks with me at that time so I stick to that outfit. Hey, I look preppy okay! A look that's so hard for me to pull off or even create because I don't have time for shopping (final year simply sucks out all your free time) and with little resources I have, I manage to get a fresher (if not new) look with my stale clothes. My wardrobe is a fashion suicide. I didn't know clothes with labels expires so fast until I start wearing them again. I guess being naked is timeless after all.

So under the rain, my class pose for the year book. We braved through the rain to get the best shot. We brought class photo taking to a new frontier! I really hope no other class did what we did - standing in the rain.

Life on a See-Saw
For the past few weeks I think I've lost momentum on my daily life, especially when my favorite TV shows starts to kick back into my life. Honestly, I've lost track of shows like 90210, Gossip Girl and whatnot. Only for the past few weeks I've been catching up again otherwise I'd just be a vegetable. Full of nutrition, but not-so-nice. The final-year syndrome is so hard to avoid.

If not for all these distractions and brain-consuming work, I would have been damn disciplined with myself to do what I want to do. Some distraction is good in this case. Exceptional! Somehow my bed tend to be so possessive that I don't feel like rising from bed. It's just unhealthy to sleep so long and wake up still feeling tired. I figured something is wrong, somewhere. So I decided to go for a massage and meet my inspiring 'sifu'.

My aunt who is a professional massage therapist said I have a lot of air in my body. Orang Melayu kata badan saya banyak angin. Which is true, there's like a lot of air in my body that I keep farting and my aunt massages me as though I'm some kind of bubble wrap squeezing the air out! Thank goodness the spa was well scented that the smell over empowers my fart (if ever there's smell at that time! Hoho!) I'm gonna have a follow up soon.

PSLE Result Day
PSLE result was out yesterday and I received mixed feelings about their result. Some did well while some don't. First of all, pass or fail, it's part and parcel of life. Even the economy is not that perfect.

As far as I am concerned, whatever result that you got must have been the result of your own effort and I know all of you had done your best.

You can have the best tutor in town but ultimately you determine your own destiny. It's like no point having the best car with a reckless driver. It will just lead you to the path of destruction still. Final word, good luck!

I've gotten myself several good news these days, thanks to the Almighty.